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December 12, 2011

Cocksure Men: Samuel Colt and Mitch Vaughn’s hot flip-flop fuck

CocksureMen.com writes:

“It doesn’t get more intense than this. Super Star Samuel Colt makes his debut on our site and flips with Cocksure Men discovery Mitch Vaughn in a sizzling scene.

Both studs are top-of-the-line cocksuckers and swallow each other down to their balls. Samuel punches and paws at Mitch’s enormous pecs and then switches gears down to Mitch’s tasty ass. Samuel tongues Mitch deep, and then rubs his cock over Mitch’s hole, teasing him for what’s to come.

Mitch spreads wide and Samuel thrusts his thick dick deep inside slamming Mitch fast and hard. In both missionary and doggie, Samuel makes sure Mitch takes every inch. With a devilish grin Mitch exclaims “Now it’s your turn!” flipping furry Samuel on his back.

Mitch rams Samuel fast and furious, returning the aggressive fuck he received just moments earlier. Feeling Mitch’s cock up his ass causes Samuel to cum all over his hairy belly. He licks some of his own cum off his fingers and that sends Mitch overboard. Famous for his massive streams of cum, Mitch sends multiple loads flying all over Samuel. Sam fingers and licks up Mitch’s cum, too.”

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December 12, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: “Top Service”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“The hot, hard, and horny guys of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, expect the best “Top Service” the Sunshine State has to offer! There are plenty of pool boys, repairmen, and gardeners ready to work and sweat long and hard.

Pornstars Michael Lucas and Matthew Rush have hot, intense sex for the first time.

TV repairman Alexander Garret flip-fucks with Sean Xavier. Ridge Michaels services pool boy Valentin Petrov’s thick, uncut cock. Maintenance man Al Carter sucks and rides Derrick Vinyard’s dominant dick. Gardener Devin Adams and Diego Vena squirt loads of cum.

The “Top Service” of Florida’s studs has never been so sexy!”

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Lucas Entertainment
December 12, 2011

Next Door Studios: Rod Daily gets fucked by Joe Parker in “Private Daily’s Homecumming”

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“This is the story of a brave soldier who risked it all, and found out what it takes to be a real, American hero. Even though Rod Daily knew he was leaving behind the softest lips he’d ever tasted, he had a duty. The calling was too strong. He just hoped he’d feel Joe Parker’s cock in his ass again.

After a harrowing tour in Afghanistan, Rod’s back and hungry for hard dick. The first place he goes once in the states is Joe’s apartment. All the time he spent crouching in foxholes, he was thinking about Joe stuffing HIS hole. And now he’s right where he wanted to be, back with Joe, feeling his throbbing cock in his mouth and then taking it deep into his ass.

Joe’s giving Rod a much deserved hero’s welcome home and Rod’s actually looking forward to this explosion.”

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December 10, 2011

JocksStudios: Valentin Petrov fucks Marc Dylan in “Right Here / Right Now”

JocksStudios.com writes about this hot scene:

“Valentin Petrov and Marc Dylan are weary after lugging a heavy ice chest. With all their muscles straining, they stop to rest. Valentin kneads his buddy’s neck and shoulders, but Marc needs a lot more. Before long, he’s got Valentin’s balls cupped in his hand as he sucks his gigantic, thick, uncut cock. The horny Russian pulls off his sweatshirt to reveal his perfectly muscled body and Marc eagerly bathes the ripped torso with his tongue.

The men switch positions and Valentin works his oral magic on Marc’s swollen dick, making the big man’s big pecs and washboard abs bulge. Then he rims Marc’s ass, licking the hole and juicing it up.

Marc braces himself against the tree and Valentin fucks him up the ass charging in and out non-stop. Encouraged by his partner’s pleas for more, Valentin continues plugging away as Marc lays back on the ice chest. Finally standing side by side the jocks jerk themselves off. Valentin is the first to cum and Marc quickly follows, blasting a hefty wad.”

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December 10, 2011

Falcon Studios: D.O. fucks Connor Maguire in “I Want You”

Falcon Studios writes:

“Basking in the warm sunlight overlooking the forested valley, D.O. and Connor Maguire find comfort and pleasure in each other’s strong embrace.

The two men kiss passionately until Connor slides down onto his knees to face the hefty treasure sprouting from D.O.’s loins. The hungry jock’s head bobs back and forth as he swallows his man’s meaty sword, deepthroating its enormity.

D.O. then has Connor bent over so he can munch and lick his sweet asshole. He blows and spits into the clenched crack between long lingering slurps and pokes a couple of fingers inside, exciting them both. Connor balances himself on top of D.O. and bounces up and down on his thick cock.

They reposition so D.O. can fuck Connor up the ass from behind, and every thrust in and out has both men reeling with desire. Finally ready to blow, D.O. pulls out and jacks himself off onto his man’s chest; and Connor responds by squeezing out his load, blasting his cum all over.”

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Falcon Studios
December 9, 2011

ChaosMen: Vander barebacks Logan Sparks

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Well, you know I just had to get these two guys together.

Vander loves to fuck fast and furious, and the Logan Slogan is, “The Bigger the Better!”

We utilized the massage table so Vander could get maximum penetration… which he did.

Logan doesn’t just love a big dick up his ass. I think he finds it a personal challenge to deep throat a giant cock too.

In the meantime, Vander is trying to get as many fingers up Logan’s ass. While not technically fisting, it is pretty damn near close.

Then it is both of them in Top and Bottom Nirvana as the two pound and plow like professionals.

Logan normally stays hard while being fucked, but I think riding Vander’s dick was a hard on his legs as he tried to balance up on the table.

But when he puts his mind to it, and can ramp up, the dude just loves to get pounded hard till the cum goes flying out of his cock.

Despite Logan cumming, Vander wanted to fuck his hole right up until he cums. He has to do a little hand jerk to get him over the top, but he frosts Logan’s stretched and abused hole with a copious load of DNA.

Vander took special enjoyment in ramming in his cock over and over as cum oozes out, practically rocking Logan to sleep with his cock!”

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December 9, 2011

Randy Blue: Braden Charron fucks Brett Swanson

Randy Blue writes about this hot scene:

“We haven’t seen Braden Charron in a while so when he said he wanted to shoot again we were thrilled. He looks incredible with his smooth muscular jock body and sexy buzzcut.

And Brett Swanson is looking hotter than ever. Sporting a short haircut himself with a chinstrap beard he goes further and further from the innocent looking twink we first met. His body has become a finely sculpted mass of tight muscles, which is a nice contrast to Braden’s beefy bod that first took Randy Blue by storm a while ago.

Seeing these two in action is something else.

Braden swallows cock like a champ and from the look on Brett’s face as Braden rams his huge cock deep into his hungry hole he’s got skills at both ends. We love seeing Braden on his back pulling Brett’s body onto his rock hard dick like a human Fleshjack. And Brett’s chest is the perfect canvas for the huge load of creamy white spunk that these horny studs made.”

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December 9, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Cain and Scott fuck Jon

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Pete thought Jon looked a little nervous before his tag-team with Cain and Scott, since Jon kept pacing around the room. Jon laughed that off, saying he’s just ADHD. But he got his attention focused the minute Cain pulls him onto the bed!

Cain and Scott kiss and rub Jon, and get his shirt off. After Jon tells Cain how much he likes his jeans, he starts sucking on what’s inside those jeans – Cain’s big, uncut cock!

As Jon goes down on Cain, Scott goes down on Jon. Jon’s beard scratches Cain’s cock, but the big guy says it feels good. Cain smacks his cock against Jon’s mouth. Jon sucks on Cain’s nuts before swallowing that huge cock again.

Scott strokes his dick as he blows Jon’s dick. Cain pushes Jon’s head all the way down on his cock, making Jon choke.

Cain sits up to feed Jon his cock. Cain goes down on Jon, while Jon sucks Scott. Cain licks the head of Jon’s dick before spitting on it and shoving it down his throat. Jon sneaks a peek at Cain sucking him. Cain says, “We’re gonna ram your ass so fucking good.”

Scott stands up and face-fucks Jon. Cain tells Jon to choke on his cock, too. And Jon does! Cain swings Jon around, and pushes his legs over his head. Scott keeps feeding Jon his dick, and Cain spits on Jon’s hole and fingers it.

Cain rims Jon’s ass. He pushes a finger deep into it. Scott smacks Jon’s ass, making it tighten up around Cain’s finger.

Jon’s getting totally used from both ends! With Scott kneeling over him, pinning Jon’s legs and torso, there’s nothing Jon can do – except take all that cock!

Cain shoves his dick deep into Jon’s ass. Scott says, “I think he feels that!” How could he not?

After a few minutes of stuffing Jon, Scott asks Cain if he wants to try something else. Cain tells Scott to hold Jon’s legs up in the air. Cain dives back in, giving Scott a great view.

Cain drills hard into Jon’s ass. He angles sideways and jackhammers Jon. Jon moans loudly. Scott tells him how amazing it looks. Scott wants in, so he has Jon climb up on his cock.

Jon rides Scott’s dick. Scott drives his cock up into Jon’s ass. “Fuck that ass,” Cain says. Cain sticks his cock into Jon’s mouth.

Cain jerks Jon’s dick as Scott fucks him. Jon gets on all fours so he can get spitroasted. Scott pounds Jon’s ass while Jon blows Cain.

“I’m ’bout to come,” Jon says. He blows his load all over the bed. His cock is still at attention, and keeps bouncing up and down as Scott nails his ass.

Cain pulls his dick out of Jon’s mouth and sprays his hot cum all over Jon’s back. Then Scott dumps his load all over Jon’s ass and rubs it in with his cock.

“That was fun,” Jon says. It definitely kept me focused!”

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December 8, 2011

Next Door Studios: David Vic rubs one out

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“You’ll enjoy seeing this stud stroke his hard cock. This hot piece of Canadian man is called David Vic. His plump ass and well-built upper body will make your dick swell with desire. Watch him get comfortable as he removes his stylish, athletic attire and slowly rubs his chest and abs.

David’s large, uncut cock is something to be marveled. Join him as he jerks it with strong hands and stares longingly into your eyes. You won’t forget this guy anytime soon, especially after blowing hot, juicy loads together.”

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December 8, 2011

Dominic Ford: Race Cooper and Adam Herst flip fuck

DominicFord.com writes:

“This week the boys stayed home and the men came out to play. Race Cooper and Adam Herst have always wanted to fuck each other, but never have. Wow. You can tell they had a lot of pent up sexual energy, because the scene is incredible. It is super intense and passionate. The guys flip fuck over and over. Race even fucked Adam after he already came because Adam wanted more. Enjoy! They certainly did.”

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