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January 14, 2011

Next Door Studios: Brad Star fucks Marcus Mojo

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Marcus trains hard and it shows. He’s in the gym today with his pal Brad Star, showing him some sweet martial arts techniques Brad can use on the street when shit goes down or just on his own for conditioning. They’re hitting the bag a little and even goofing around. As Marcus will tell you, the best way to stay in shape is to train in good spirits, with a smile on your face and a laugh in your belly. Today Marcus is in an especially good mood – it’s his birthday!

Brad can’t wait to party with Marcus in celebration, but first he wants to give him a present. I’ll bet you can’t guess what it is. It’s long, thick, hard, and juicy. Spoiler alert – it’s Brad’s cock!

When Brad sticks it through the hole that is serendipitously in wall of the bathroom stall, Marcus grins from ear to ear before sucking it like the dick loving hunk he is. Marcus is happy to get such a great gift, but that’s not all Brad has in mind. He’s gonna fuck Marcus like every birthday boy deserves!”

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January 12, 2011

Next Door Studios: Samuel O’Toole fucks Gavin Waters

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“It’s a school night and diligent Samuel O’Toole is studying hard. He’s in the middle of reviewing his class notes when Gavin Waters comes a knocking. Gavin’s a little embarrassed, but he has a serious problem many young men often face. Gavin is super horny with no porn.

Samuel knows this issue well. In fact, he was getting a bit aroused himself, reading his notes about how gorillas in the jungle sometimes stroke each others cocks for days at a time. Samuel doesn’t have any porn, but he’s got two hands, a mouth, and a nice, hard dick of his own.

He’s happy to help his friend Gavin get off! After sucking him, he takes the liberty of face fucking young Gavin. And after that, it’s an ass pounding he’ll be daydreaming about in class.”

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January 11, 2011

Randy Blue: Diego Sans pops Roman Todd’s ass cherry

Randy Blue writes:

“Roman Todd has a little surprise for Diego Sans. Well, not so little. He needs to practice for an upcoming bottoming scene and what better way than with a real live cock? Especially if it comes attached to the incredibly sexy Diego Sans.

So Roman offers up his smooth milky white ass to this hot Latino sex machine for some hardcore interracial good old fashioned butt sex. But not before giving Diego a blowjob that would curl his toes. Then Diego goes down on Roman’s college jock cock and then rims his beautiful bubble butt.

When the ass fucking starts it’s no surprise that Roman didn’t need much practice. He’s such a horny stud who loves cock and once Diego gets done with the first round of hole hammering he practically leaps on top of his thick rod and rides it so hard he shoots his load all over Deigo’s smooth chest. And once he’s done, Diego shoots a load that goes all the way up his six pack abs and hard pecs and it almost hits him right in his adorable face.”

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January 10, 2011

Falcon Studios: Landon Conrad fucks Jake Steel in “Hot Property”

FalconStudios writes:

“Landon Conrad hires photographer Jake Steel to shoot some pix of the hot property he’s trying to unload. But after a few snapshots throughout the residence, the real estate agent and the shutterbug stop to develop a more intimate and erotic picture of their own. Finding themselves in the master bedroom the two men quickly get to work. Jake’s lips and mouth travel hungrily up and down Landon’s muscled torso, tasting his sweet flesh and nibbling his jujube tits. Then he lands onto Landon’s erect cock and swallows it down in continuous gulps.

Before long, they fall onto the bed and Landon gets freaky in the sheets as he sucks the photographer’s hefty tripod before rimming the buried aperture between his asscheeks. Jake mounts Landon, slides down onto his pole and rides him hard.

They twist into different positions as Landon continues fucking Jake, the excitement and thrill accelerating with every thrust until they both shoot their loads.”

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Falcon Studios
January 10, 2011

StraightGuysForGayEyes: Gavin Waters fucks a chick

SG4GE.com writes:

“Gavin Waters is a bartender from upstate New York who freely admits that, when it comes to downtime, he’s “pretty much up for anything.” Hot blondes really get Gavin going in the sexual department so we helped him make a new friend in Addison and sat back to see what kind of sparks would fly. Almost instantly Gavin’s playmate had his shirt off, revealing his muscular chest and six-pack abs. You never know how much of a package a man has tucked away but in Gavin’s case, it was a nice surprise when Addison pulled his cock out to lick and suck and found a good 8 inches of thick man meat to work on.

Gavin seems right at home on all fours, his jeans around his ankles, moaning with pleasure as his butthole gets a little tongue action. Our stud soon moves into the driver’s seat, expertly using his tongue and fingers to stimulate his partner. (Check out the overhead shot of his butt flexing as he slithers across the sheets). Once he slips on his rubber, he’s definitely a guy that likes to drill pussy long and hard. Holding back all that love juice couldn’t have been easy judging by the amount of cum he releases at the end.”

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January 10, 2011

Next Door Studios: Rod Daily busts a nut

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“It’s that magic season again, fight fans. It’s time for some hot, sweaty action in the NextDoor Cage! This time, in a much anticipated battle of bulge, it’s Rod “Dangerous” Daily taking on his own rock hard cock.

Watch him wrestle this thick, meaty boner with sharply honed skill. He’s displaying his finely tuned technique as he grabs on tight, stroking this pulsating erection methodically. It’s a show of physical agility as he bends low, spreading his luscious ass cheeks to stretch open his tight, pink hole. And just when you think the dick might take home the heavyweight title, Daily executes a devastating blow, putting this one in the books forever.”

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January 9, 2011

Cocksure Men: Drew Cutler bangs Shane Frost

CocksureMen.com writes:

“A word to the wise: if you owe Drew Cutler an apology, be prepared to give your all before he’ll forgive you. Of course, if you’ve ever laid eyes on his huge cock you’ll know that saying you’re sorry ain’t such a bad thing! Shane Frost is smaller in stature than big, bad Drew but when it comes to sucking dick he knows how to open wide and say “ahhh.” Rarely have we seen someone as cock-hungry as the studly Shane is, and who can blame him when he’s got Drew’s super-sized dick to work with?

There’s not enough time to describe all the hot scenes in this video but we especially loved the way Drew tossed Shane onto the bed for a lengthy round of 69 action. And when he preps Shane’s sweet ass with his tongue and long fingers, well, it’s what HD was made for. It feels like an eternity before Drew finally jackets up his fuck stick before sliding into Shane’s waiting hole. The head needs lots of room but much to Shane’s credit he’s able to loosen up and enjoy a plowing unlike any he’s ever had.

Off course, all good things eventually cum to an end but in this case you’ll get to see this duo spray their loads up close and personal.”

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January 8, 2011

Stag Homme: “30 Loads of Facials – The Sequel: Episode One”

StagHomme.com writes:

“The world’s nastiest series is back!!! Stag Homme returns with another 30 anonymous straight men to shoot their fat loads all over Francesco and Damien’s faces!!

When the hugely popular “30 Loads of Facials” came to an end we were bombarded with requests from our members to give them a sequel…so we did! Watch all the uninhibited action unfold starting today with the first episode.”

– Download the full scene at Stag Homme

Stag Homme
January 8, 2011

Falcon Studios: Mitchell Rock fucks Landon Mycles in “Big Wood”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Burly Mitchell Rock is getting quite a workout splitting logs, his muscled arms flexing firm and strong with every swing of his ax. Landon Mycles is drawn to the hunky woodsman and ambles up close to him with mischief on his mind. Mitchell is equally intrigued. He’s anxious to get more familiar with the young man and even put the screws to him, so they start to rock’n’roll.

They suck face before Landon goes down to suck cock. Mitchell plants his hand firmly on the back of Landon’s head forcing him to bob open-mouth back and forth on his pole.

Then Mitchell gets his chance to nurse on Landon’s swollen cock and he savors every slurp up and down the dick shaft and then all around his bunghole. Ready for more Mitchell splits his pal’s asshole with his cock, fucking him faster and faster, harder and harder. Landon is soaring with pleasure and they carry on until both men explode with spurts of messy mancream.”

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Falcon Studios
January 8, 2011

Pride Studios: Gavin Waters and Sebastian Keys’ hot flip-flop fuck

Pride Studios writes:

“We at CircleJerkBoys.com couldn’t be happier with the two studs we have sitting before us this afternoon as we kick off 2011. Mr. Gavin Waters is back in the house; but wait—there’s more. Sebastian Keys is also here to help spice things up.

Gavin comes over looking for his friend to find Sebastian home alone. They start to kiss as Sebastian peels off Gavin’s shirt and licks his nips and chest. He pulls out Gavin’s uncut cock through his fly and starts to nurse on it. “I hear you got a big ol’ dick” teases Gavin as he soon positions himself to find out. Gavin’s mouth waters as he starts to suck on Sebastian’s cock.

Sebastian then moves into position as he pushes his thick dick inside. “Fuckin’ tight hole” coos Sebastian as his cock starts to stretch that hot ass. Gavin just moans as he gets that ass fucked. From doggy the party moves over to the chaise where Gavin suits up and watches as Sebastian sits on his meat.

Sebastian is rock hard and jacks his rock hard cock as he bounces on Gavin’s thick meat. Gavin then moves him over to the couch where he slides his meat back in for more. He holds Sebastian’s legs up as he fucks that hole missionary. Sebastian jacks his cock as Gavin slams deep inside him faster and faster. Sebastian jacks his cock and explodes all over his chest and abs as Gavin pounds him. Gavin then pulls out and shoots all over Sebastian’s cum covered frame.”

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