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May 22, 2010

Sean Cody: Max gets his ass cherry popped by Alan

SeanCody: Max gets his ass cherry popped by Alan

Sean Cody writes:

“”We’re giving you quite a big mountain to climb here. You think you’re up for the challenge?” Alan laughed when we asked him that question. “You have no idea how big this mountain is!”

Of course, he was referring to Max, who was sitting beside him. “It’s a pretty beefy one, isn’t it?” “Yeah,” Alan replied.

“Have you climbed one this big before?” “I don’t believe I have!”

Max thought it was funny that they were referring to him a “the mountain.”

It was his first time getting fucked – ever. He seemed pretty calm about it.

“I’ll take good care of him,” Alan said. And he did!”

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May 21, 2010

Next Door Studios: Rod Daily and Phenix Saint fuck Adam Wirthmore

Next Door Studios: Rod Daily and Phenix Saint fuck Adam Wirthmore

Next Door Studios writes:

“What’s better than waking up next to 1 hot, hung guy? Waking up next to TWO studly young men, that’s what!

The other morning, Rod Daily, Phenix Saint & Adam Wirthmore were waking up after a night of hard partying. Since Adam is a total cock whore, he decided to take advantage of the groggy Phenix by sliding off his boxers and giving his half asleep cock a good sucking. Once Rod wakes up, things get hot and heavy! With a 3 way 69 and plenty of ass pounding, this wake up is better than a triple shot of espresso!”

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May 21, 2010

Sean Cody: Bi-curious muscle jock Max

SeanCody: Bi-curious muscle jock Max
SeanCody: Bi-curious muscle jock Max

Sean Cody writes:

“At the age of 25, Max is in what he calls a state of “transition.” “Just trying to be more open minded to things,” he said. “And to experiment a little bit.”

It was pretty obvious what he was talking about.

“You mean maybe experimenting with guys?” “Yeah.” “Have do you done it yet?” “I’ve had thoughts but I’ve never actually done it,” Max replied.

Well this could be fun! Max is a big, beefy, muscle guy with a lot of fur. He says he spends a lot of time working out.

“Do you check out guys at the gym?” “All the time,” he said. “So when do you think you’ll want to be with a guy?” “Give me a call,” he said with a big smile. “And we’ll see!””

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May 20, 2010

Pride Studios: Scott Alexander fucks Ryan Raz

ExtraBigDicks: Scott Alexander fucks Ryan Raz

Extra Big Dicks writes:

“Scott “big, black and absolutely beautiful” Alexander returns to ExtraBigDicks.com this week, taking Ryan Raz’s beautiful pink butthole, and that “purty” mouth hostage.

Before Ryan’s jeans have come off, Scott’s pulled down his briefs to taste that thick cock of his. Ryan sits back and watches as Scott devours every inch of his meat. Scott strips and stands before Ryan as Ryan gets to work on his thick cock. Ryan chokes down as much of it as he can, shoving Scott’s meat deep into his throat. He bends Ryan over on the couch and goes to work on that hot ass.

He slides his tongue deep into Ryan’s smooth ass which only makes Ryan buck back, wanting that hot tongue deep in that ass. He starts fucking that ass deep in no time, as Ryan moans and groans, having his sweet ass stretched.

Scott slaps away at that ass as he fucks it. He then switches things up by having Ryan sit on his cock. Then it’s Ryan’s turn as he starts to ride that dick like he’s on a bouncy ball. They trade off fucking duties until they migrate into a hot missionary position on the chair.

Scott slams that dick deep into Ryan, who loves the fucking he’s getting. Ryan’s cock explodes as Scott continues to give him dick. Ryan’s load cascades out all over his smooth navel. Scott isn’t too far behind, as he pulls out and jacks his load all over Ryan’s cock and balls.”

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May 20, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Dawson and Connor fuck Belami boy Ariel

CorbinFisher: Dawson and Connor fuck Belami boy Ariel

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Costa Rica was definitely a huge undertaking and a ton of fun for us, and Connor and Dawson were right there in the middle of all the fun! Both of these blond studs have done some traveling with CF before, though! Dawson and Lucas went down to Australia and got in to loads of mischief, which you can see in the DVD, “Lucas and Dawson Down Under”! Both Connor and Dawson were also along for our little trip out to Europe last year, and spent some quality time fucking Bel Ami’s Ariel while there!

And these guys most definitely fuck Ariel! Right from the get go, our buff studs just tower over Ariel and look quite imposing as they team up on him! Ariel’s clearly loving every second of it, though, and in the early parts of the action you can see the anticipation on his face as he can hardly wait to get totally manhandled by these two!

The oral action is particularly hot, here! Connor and Dawson take turns feeding their dicks to Ariel as he eagerly sucks on both their hard cocks, alternating back and forth between them. Some of the hottest moments are when Dawson and Connor lean in to do some sucking along with Ariel, two sets of lips and two tongues sliding all along hard dick and driving everyone wild!

Finally, it’s time for Connor and Dawson to take turns plugging Ariel’s hole, and Dawson is the first to bury his dick deep in Ariel’s ass while Connor’s cock fills Ariel’s mouth. Ariel looks like he’s in total bliss as he’s getting split by these two, doing all he can to handle them both!

Dare I say it, the cumshots here are some of the hottest I’ve seen! While on his back, getting drilled by Connor and sucking Dawson, Ariel gets closer and closer to the edge. He finally starts spraying cum all over his own chest as his ass gets pounded and he does all he can to keep his lips tightly wrapped around Dawson’s hard dick. The cum is still oozing out of Ariel’s cock when Connor pulls his big dick out and starts to fire off his own load! Mere seconds later, Dawson then starts to fire blasts of cum all over Ariel’s face and in to his mouth! Ariel then sucks the last drops out of Dawson’s still-stiff dick!”

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May 20, 2010

Hot House: Tyler Saint pounds Craig Reynolds

HotHouseBackroom: Tyler Saint pounds Craig Reynolds

Hot House Backroom writes about this scene:

“Services begin in the Sanctuary when Craig Reynolds finds Tyler Saint standing guard at the altar, stroking his long, fat cock. Reynolds senses his Master needs assistance and worships Saint’s huge cock before taking his place, on all fours, on the dungeon table. Saint relentlessly fucks Reynolds’ hole until both men can’t take it any longer. Straddling each other on a Sanctuary bench the muscle-men jack off until they shower each other with loads of cum.”

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May 19, 2010

ActiveDuty: Kaden fucks Kevin

ActiveDuty: Kaden fucks Kevin

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Active Duty’s War Chest has a very, very special treat for us. Sexy Kaden is in his bedroom watching porn when a hot little sailor named Kevin gets to their place and Kaden’s roommate starts playing with the camera that’s already set up in the room. Strangely enough Kevin never really asks any questions about why the camera is in the room. He seems much more interested in the porn and maybe a little more interested in Kaden. Either way, Kaden tells him the camera is there because sometimes he makes videos of himself jerking off and sells them online for good bucks.

And from there Kaden lays the bullshit on thick. He gets Kevin all fired up about the idea and suddenly tells him he has to leave the room to answer his phone. While he’s gone Kevin decides he might wanna’ make a few bucks so he starts jerking to the porn while the roommate is standing in the corner filming him and Kaden is taking a call. This is where I got all excited. Kevin is very sexy in his own way. In that sailor kinda’ way that just gets you going as he seems so carefree with enjoying himself.

Kaden returns and makes small talk about his girlfriend calling and Kevin cuts right to the chase about continuing to watch the porn as Kaden comments he needs some sex. By the time Kevin is on the bed you won’t know who wanted to be there more. Kaden is proud to have been the seducer, but Kevin didn’t mind being seduced it seems. And from here things move right along like a perfect fantasy of two young, hot guys getting off together.

Kaden’s skills are to be envied because with a body, face and smile like his, who the hell couldn’t be seduced? I believe these were Kevin’s sentiments exactly and what happens next will tell the story. Kevin seems to be thinking so hard about what’s happening and so anxious for it to happen that in an instant he allows Kaden to take over for him and stroke his dick.

And Kaden could disarm a militia with his tenderness while you watch him totally make Kevin feel so wanted, so sexy and for sure horny enough to fuck a post. The melting starts here and half way through the game Kevin has let his guard down and is sucking Kaden’s hard cock. Kaden comments that Kevin has a nicer ass than his girlfriend and Kevin giggles.

It’s clear that Kevin is having no problems servicing Kaden’s beautiful hard on and Kaden is taking full advantage of it. I’ve about fell out here writing about it and I know what’s going to happen next. Trust me, you won’t believe it. There’s a lot more ground to be covered and by the time it’s all over, you’ll either think Kaden seduced Kevin or Kevin seduced him…”

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May 19, 2010

ActiveDuty: Muscle jocks Shawn and Kasey fuck each other in “Double Time 7”

ActiveDuty: Muscle jocks Shawn and Kasey fuck each other in "Double Time 7"

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Active Duty released the second scene from their new DVD, Double Time 7, and what a hot one this proved to be. It all begins with sexy “fun sized” Shawn in the shower and hottie Kasey comes along to help Shawn get all the tough spots clean. The kissing starts out almost instantly and these two steam things up with some really delicious kisses as they rub each other’s cocks and stroke up hard-ons.

It isn’t long before Shawn is on the shower floor servicing Kasey’s hard cock. Kasey takes his turn on the shower floor and works on Shawn’s huge cock like a pro. When they switch up again, this time Shawn is back on his knees behind Kasey eating his hot hole and giving it a good tongue cleaning as he licks and sucks and fingers it really good.

After Kasey has tongued Shawn’s nice, sweet hole, Shawn wants to get it fucked and Kasey is up to do the honors. Once he’s fucked Shawn’s brains nearly out, Kasey bends over to take his turn with Shawn’s big bat. Shawn’s working his cock in and out of Kasey’s hole like a jackhammer. Kasey blows his load all over the place while Shawn is pounding his hole deep.

Shawn ain’t far behind. He pulls out and blows a huge fucking load all over Kasey’s back and ass. What a fucking intense scene. They hop in the shower to clean off the manjuice and it’s a wrap! One last kiss seals the deal.”

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May 19, 2010

Randy Blue: Benjamin Bradley bangs Eric Pryor in “Text, Lies and Video Part 3”

RandyBlue: Benjamin Bradley bangs Eric Pryor in "Text, Lies and Video Part 3"

In part three of Text, Lies and Video, Andy and Mac go to visit their slutty neighbor Sasha, Eric Pryor, who tells them about the hot rimming, blowing and fucking he had with pornstar Benjamin Bradley.

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May 18, 2010

Randy Blue: Dallas Evans, Chris Rockway, Nicco Sky and Riley Price in “Text, Lies and Video Part 2”

RandyBlue: Dallas Evans, Chris Rockway, Nicco Sky and Riley Price in “Text, Lies and Video Part 2″

Randy Blue writes:

“Part two of Text, Lies and Video finds Colton the security guard, Dallas Evans, giving a hot blowjob to Travis, Chris Rockway, and Andy, Nicco Sky, going down on a hot date, Riley Price.”

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