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May 17, 2010

Falcon Studios: Leo Giamani and Tommy Defendi’s hot flip-flop fuck in “INNtrigued”

FalconStudios: Leo Giamani and Tommy Defendi's hot flip-flop fuck in "INNtrigued"

Check out this hot scene from Falcon Studios‘ latest flick “INNtrigued”!

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Falcon Studios
May 17, 2010

LucasKazan: Diego Frondi’s xxx casting

LucasKazan: Diego Frondi's xxx casting

LucasKazan.com writes:

“Diego Frondi is built like a brick. At 27, this hot Sicilian manages to work out every day and to attend classes at the University. He makes no secret of his escorting career – which pays for both his graduate studies and the gym. “Many customers want me to top”, Diego says. “Oftentimes, they aren’t really looking for sex. They’re looking for someone to talk to”. That may be true, but Diego sure proves he can bottom in his porn debut.”

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Lucas Kazan
May 16, 2010

TommyDxxx: Tommy bangs Chad Con

TommyDxxx: Tommy bangs Chad Con

TommyDxxx.com writes:

“We’re sure you can tell that TommyD likes to work out. Something you may not have known is he’s a part time personal trainer. During this last shoot, one of our newest performers, Chad Con, wanted to be shown how to really pump iron.

During their training, Tommy got a bit turned on while Chad was doing some lifting while bent over. This led to some hot making out and stripping, which of course, turned into blowjobs and some major ass fucking.

After the session was all said and done, both of them agreed; it was a great workout!”

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May 16, 2010

Randy Blue: Nicco Sky and Chris Rockway fuck in “Text, Lies and Video Part 1”

RandyBlue: Nicco Sky and Chris Rockway fuck in "Text, Lies and Video Part 1"

Randy Blue writes:

“In the first installment of Text, Lies and Video, Nicco Sky’s character, Andy, has a hot hardcore fuck date with local stud Travis, played by Chris Rockway. But when Travis pulls out a video cam, little does Andy know he’s whole world is about to change.”

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May 16, 2010

Sean Cody: Muscle jock Brian

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SeanCody: Sexy muscle jock Brian

Sean Cody writes:

“Brian has a hot little muscle body with a nice hairy chest.

“Have you always had muscles?” “Yeah, I guess,” he said. “They came in pretty early.”

He said he spends two hours a day in the gym with his training partner. “I’m a bit stronger that he is,” Brian said. “He has a great attitude though.”

The best thing about Brian… he’s a shooter! Check out how far the cum goes. We’re talking at least seven feet!”

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May 16, 2010

Cocksure Men: Tyler Saint and Nick Moretti fuck each other in “Easy Riders”

CocksureMen: Tyler Saint and Nick Moretti fuck each other in "Easy Riders"
CocksureMen: Tyler Saint and Nick Moretti fuck each other in "Easy Riders"

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Furry Nick Moretti and smooth Tyler Saint sport big muscles and even bigger cocks. Tyler is prepping a motorcycle, wondering how much he can get for it while Nick is busy wondering how long before they are going to fuck. Already half undressed, the guys whip out their massive members and get each other hard and ready.

Tyler is the first to get his smooth ass pummeled but Nick’s hairy hole isn’t far behind. Each guy begs for more as the flip-flop back and forth on top of the bike. The hottest action yet is watching Nick’s huge tool bounce as he sits on Tyler’s super-thick dick. The studs finish off standing over the bike, leaving their cummy mark all over the seat.”

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May 15, 2010

ChaosMen: Bastian barebacks Ransom

Chaosmen: Bastian barebacks Ransom

Chaosmen writes:

“Could these two look anymore perfect for each other? They look like military brothers, or heck, big and little brothers.

This was Bastian’s first time full-on with a dude, well, other than the Edge video and that was very brief and quick, and mostly one-sided. He blanched when I asked him if he would suck Ransom’s cock. So I just told him Ransom would make it available and if he wanted to reach out and jerk him, then go for it.

I really shot Ransom blowing him in real time as Ransom tried to get Bastian hard. Once he got him going, Bastian’s attitude changes from passive to seeking out Ransom’s dick. And eventually, he tentatively, then eagerly starts sucking Ransom off. I love it when they get turned on enough to suck dick back!

After a little 69 action, Bastian starts fucking Ransom, who has actually been eager to get fucked. With most models, the Top goes soft and we have to stop and get hard. “CUT!” But for some reason with Ransom, the Top stays hard. However, but Ransom is always jumping off of the cock ‘cuz he is about to cum. It’s the opposite of what I am usually dealing with.

The cumshots in this video are perfect. Bastian fucks the cum out of Ransom, who shoots himself in the face. Bastian pulls out, ramps up and glazes Ransom’s hole with tons of cum!

If you like your boys military-esque, with a touch of cream pie, you will love this video!”

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May 14, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Dru fucks Dawson

CorbinFisher: Dru fucks Dawson

Corbin Fisher writes about this hot scene:

“Well, as many of you know, we’ve been having some naughty fun in Costa Rica! A whole gang of CF models journeyed off to Costa Rica for loads of fun in the sun and sand, wild times at the beach, adventures through the jungle, and hardcore fun in bed! Of course we had to include loads of that last one!

You’ll be seeing tons and tons of hot new content from our Costa Rica trip, but I wanted to make sure we got an early dose of the hot action to you since I’ve been getting e-mails from tons of fans asking when they might see some of the first material shot on-location. This first video is scorching hot – just like the weather down there was! – and features two of our studliest guys, Dawson and Dru!

These two are all over one another right from the start! Each one has earned themselves a reputation as being among our most energetic performers, and you can see just why here! They attack one another’s cocks, sucking them down deep as the room is filled with the sounds of gasping and moaning. Dru isn’t even out of his shorts before he’s pumping his cock in and out of Dawson’s mouth, as Dawson’s own dick twitches in response!

At the outset, Dru couldn’t help but marvel at Dawson’s body and comment on how incredible he thinks it is. He was insanely turned on by Dawson’s ripped, muscular build and you can tell he’s fired up and ready for everything that’s to come!

What’s to come is a wildly intense fuck, with Dru burying his cock deep in Dawson’s ass and pumping away! Dru can’t help but rim Dawson’s hole first, getting it totally drenched in spit as he dives his tongue in and out and licks it all over. For those keeping score, by the way, this was the first time Dru had ever rimmed someone! See what Costa Rica (and Dawson’s amazing hole) can bring out of a guy?

After Dawson’s hole has been thoroughly soaked in Dru’s spit, Dru lays back so that Dawson can get on top of him and slowly lower his ass down on to Dru’s cock! It’s been quite awhile since Dawson’s been fucked, and you can see in the look on his faces, as well as hear in the sounds coming from his mouth, that he’s feeling every single bit of Dru’s cock in him! He keeps lowering himself down on Dru’s dick ever so slowly until it’s in him balls-deep, and then starts to bounce up and down on it! Dru starts to pump upwards, both guys doing all they can to work Dru’s dick deeper into Dawson’s ass.

The guys keep fucking and fucking, going from position to position as Dru keeps drilling Dawson’s hole!

“Fuck the cum out of me!”, Dawson then yells as he’s on his back with Dru pounding his ass! He then starts to spray a massive load all over, Dru doing precisely what Dawson told him and pumping him hard and fast! By this point, Dru’s about ready to burst! He gets up on the bed so that his dick is right in front of Dawson’s open mouth, and starts to fire off his load all over!

And this is only the first of all the hot action shot in Costa Rica!”

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May 13, 2010

Pride Studios: Diesel Washington drills Ridge Michaels

ExtraBigDicks: Diesel Washington drills Ridge Michaels

ExtraBigDicks.com writes:

“Ridge Michaels will definitely remember this day on ExtraBigDicks.com after his smooth, jock ass gets officially introduced to Diesel Washington. Diesel: the man, the myth, the 9” python in his pants needs no introduction. At 39, Diesel has made himself quite the reputation as an accomplished actor in the adult industry.

They break the ice kissing softly on the couch as their hands begin to explore each other. Ridge’s curiosity gets the better of him as he slides off Diesel’s jeans. Diesel stands up and just watches as Ridge hauls out Diesel’s thick black cock through the fly of his boxers and goes to work. Ridge wraps that pretty mouth around Diesel’s 9” cock as Diesel moans and groans his appreciation. Diesel then wants some dick and goes to town on Ridge’s rock hard cock as Ridge writhes in ecstasy. Diesel uses his tongue all over that hot cock and balls before turning this Sarasota Stud around and getting that expert tongue up that hot ass.

Diesel buries his face deep in Ridge’s crack, as Ridge pushes his cock back towards Diesel’s mouth wanting more on his cock too. Diesel then sits back and groans as Ridge starts sitting on his thick cock. “Just have to get used to it” Ridge grunts as his ass slowly concedes. Once that hot ass is fully impaled, Ridge starts to grind his ass on that dick sending Diesel into a frenzy.

After a few minutes of taking that dick in a reverse cowgirl, Ridge wants a better view. He twirls around on that dick so he can face Diesel and get to make out with him as he gets that ass stretched. “Aww, fuck me” is all Ridge can say as Diesel impales that ass and even moves him from the couch and props him onto the chaise into a doggie position without ever pulling his python out of his ass. Show off!

Diesel then literally spins him around while on his dick into a missionary position then stands up with Ridge still attached to this cock and moves him back to the couch to fuck him missionary. Grandstanding we say! Diesel buries his cock deeper and deeper and soon they are both ready to explode. They dismount and unload as they jack their loads all over themselves before basking in the afterglow.”

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May 13, 2010

Falcon Studios: Tyler Saint fucks Andre Barclay in “Rhodes’ Rules”

Andre Barclay gets fucked by Tyler Saint

FalconStudios writes:

“Tyler Saint wanders the club looking for some action and soon finds Andre Barclay who’s busily entangled with a mechanical dildo which has been set up to drill his ass continuously. This unsettling but striking floorshow is intriguing enough to whet Tyler’s interest and draw him into play. He takes advantage of the immobilized Andre and feeds him his engorged cock. Getting plugged at both ends quickly has Andre wallowing in pig heaven. His appetite is inexhaustible and his energy unlimited.

After a spell, Tyler decides to take a crack at Andre’s crack, delivering the man-on-man interaction that the young buck’s sore asshole’s been missing. Every fierce jab up his stretched sphincter has Andre sighing and growling with throbbing pleasure. Then the two men disengage so they can jack themselves off. Andre is the first to climax and cum, followed quickly by Tyler who blasts his hefty load onto his buddy’s mug.”

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Falcon Studios