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December 24, 2010

College Dudes: Muscle jock Blake Autry fucks Josh Slyman

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Blake Autry was really gung-ho to be busy with another guy for his first time. Since Josh Slyman is a cock hungry, deep-throating, beautiful assed dude, we decided this would be a perfect pairing.

Josh tries to put Blake in the right state of mind by giving Blake a hot massage, and after a bit of muscle work, Josh gets down on the exact muscle he was looking forward to. Josh goes down on Blake like nothing we have seen in a long time, and Blake gets very into it. Blake takes turns with Josh, too, sucking and slurping Joshs nice dick. Then after some fingering to get Josh good and ready, Blake starts pounding away at Joshs beautiful ass.

Blake admitted that he almost came inside his condom several times during the shoot. Now that is one hot fuck!”

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December 23, 2010

Next Door Studios: Parker London, Samuel O’Toole and Rod Daily’s hot threeway

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“What a crazy trio of guys! Parker London and Rod Daily have arrived to meet up with Samuel O’Toole, only to find him peering through his telescope while beating off! They burst in on him to find out Samuel has been watching his neighbors have sex. Rod and Parker take a look and quickly see why Samuel is aroused by the amorous activity “next door”.

Rod and Samuel know that it feels better when a friend tugs your cock, so they help each other out until Parker realizes he should join in. He tastes both cocks before Samuel shoves his thick erection into Parker’s tight asshole.

Seeing this makes Rod’s ass hunger for cock too. And the good Mr. London is happy to pound him like a gentleman and good buddy. It’s always wild hijinks, big laughs, and super hot fun when these three goofballs pal around!”

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December 22, 2010

Sean Cody: Brodie bangs Chris

Sean Cody writes about this hot scene:

“Remember those two jock guys in high school that were always together? They partied, took the same classes, played all the same sports? Inseparable. Best friends. Possibly fucking each other but no one would know except them because there was “no way” such macho studs could possibly enjoy rolling around naked together. That is exactly what Chris and Brodie reminded me of.

I didn’t expect such playfulness and energy out of these two. It was like they were long lost buds reconnecting after years of not seeing each other. Right off the bat, they started talking about what routines they followed to stay in shape. I wasn’t going to waste any opportunity to see the two of them get all sweaty and worked up, so we stopped at a park for a semi-naked workout. Let’s just say that a straight couple having a picnic nearby got an eyeful!

Then they got into a wrestling lesson of sorts — pointing out the homoerotic elements of the sport and joking about the “top” and “bottom” positions as Chris wrapped Brodie in a hold and reached his hand into his shorts.

And then Brodie took control of Chris and pinned him down — literally. Both naked. Both riled up from the wrestling. It might have been a bit difficult at first, but once Brodie opened up Chris’ hole, the fucking was deep and non-stop. You could see the full impact of Brodie’s dick as Chris bounced up and down on it. By the time all was said and done, Chris was thoroughly fucked!”

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December 22, 2010

Randy Blue: Patrick Dunne fucks Caleb Strong

RandyBlue.com writes:

“Caleb Strong and Patrick Dunne were swimming in the beautiful LA sun one day. The heat of the day combined with the coolness of the water, not to mention being so close to each other and their hot sexy muscle jock bodies, had them both feeling super horny.

Pretty soon they were back inside and Patrick was working Caleb’s pole. He’s still new to sucking cock but with each video he finds himself getting more and more into it. It’s so hot watching him explore these new facets to his sexuality as time goes by.

Then Caleb goes down on Patrick, using his lips and tongue to worship every inch of his shaft, sucking on the head and using his fingers to reach the parts his mouth can’t. It’s a technique that’s made him very popular with the guys that he’s been with.

Soon Patrick is working his cock into Caleb’s hole, going so far as to fold up his smooth swimmer’s build into a more manageable position. And with all his athletic ability, Caleb folds up into Patrick’s personal fucktoy. Ready for his pleasure.”

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December 21, 2010

Next Door Studios: Austin Wilde fucks Gavin Waters

NextDoorStudios.com writes about this hot scene:

“Austin Wilde is definitely a party animal. Gavin Waters knows that too well. While taking a shower, Gavin cooks up a scheme to convince Austin to stay in tonight. He tells him how he can save a few bucks, relax, and conserve his energy. But as you might’ve guessed, the mischievous Gavin has a hidden agenda.

When Austin agrees to stay in with Gavin for the evening, Gavin knows it’s sexy time! Austin is insatiable and Gavin’s hard cock is just the thing for him. Austin doesn’t waste any time wrapping his juicy lips around it and slurping it down. Then Gavin gets what he’s after when Austin stuffs his enormous man meat into his tight, pink asshole. Why go out when you can have this much fun staying in?!!”

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December 21, 2010

Falcon Studios: Luke Marcum bangs Tony Aziz in “Fit For Service”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Tony Aziz has his legs up in the stirrups so medic Luke Marcum can give him a rectal exam. Luke slips on his rubber gloves and probes Tony’s asshole. Then he stretches it wide open with a speculum to really check it out. But something still seems amiss so Luke slides a finger inside Tony’s ass to feel it up. Staring him right in the face is Tony’s cock so Luke leans forward and sucks it in.

Tony reels with pleasure as Luke labors over his meat and then works his tongue all around his puckered hole. Luke prescribes a new course of action and he drives his cock up Tony’s butt. They continue to fuck in a variety of positions just like the doctor ordered and finally finish with Tony sucking Luke to climax while he jerks himself off and cums.”

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December 21, 2010

Lucas Entertainment: Harry Louis pounds Mike Colucci in “Auditions Volume 37: Balls to the Wall”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“After a short but pleasant interview with the boys, Michael leaves Harry Louis with specific instructions on what to do with Mike Colucci unbelievably amazing Venezuelan ass and adorable face. The guys start kissing while undressing each other and it only gets hotter from here. As soon as Harry gets his cock out, he pushes it down Mike’s willing and able throat.

They finally manage to get each other completely naked and Harry doesn’t waste a second getting his tongue into that tight, tasty South American hole. Harry ferociously ravages Mike’s perfect ass, spitting and sucking along the way. Harry starts teasing Mike’s ass with his dick which turns into an intensely fierce make out and grind session.

Mike is so turned on and sick of all the teasing that he begs to be fucked which is enough to make you bust. Harry gives him exactly what he wants and Mike rides Harry’s cock like a champ before Harry starts pounding it mercilessly. Harry was told to fuck Mike in three different positions and he does just as he was told, without mercy.

After Mike’s ass takes a real pounding these two studs shoot their loads all over Mike’s ripped abs and that adorable face. Always eager to please, these two do exactly as they were ordered and the result is a super hot fuck scene that you can’t miss. THANKS BOYS!”

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December 21, 2010

Raging Stallion: Manuel Torres rims and fucks his real-life boyfriend Vin Costes

RagingStallion writes:

“Real-life porn star boyfriends Manuel and Vin trade blow jobs, rim jobs and a very nice loving fuck in this one-on-one. Starting with cuddles on their bed, the encounter is an intimate look into the bedroom secrets of two of the industry’s finest performers.”

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December 20, 2010

Next Door Studios: Jimmy Clay pounds Marcus Mojo

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Looks like Marcus Mojo might be in some trouble with his friend Jimmy Clay. Marcus thought what Jimmy doesn’t know won’t hurt him but things did not come out that way.

Its been a long week and Marcus has just got out of a nice warm shower but than he hears his roommate Jimmy come stomping down the hallway. Jimmy has been gone all weekend but Marcus decided to take his car out for spin while he was gone. Well one thing led to another and Marcus got into a fender bender and decided not to tell his roommate.

Jimmy confronts him right out of the shower and he’s only wearing a towel to cover that gorgeous body. Pissed as hell Jimmy shoves him on to the bed yelling and screaming. He is so pissed off that he slurps down Marcus’s cock and than pounds that tight furry hole.

The anger cums out in more ways than one in this hot high tempered scene.”

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December 20, 2010

Raging Stallion: Tony Aziz and David Dirdam bang each other

RagingStallion writes:

“David Dirdam’s hands roam over his body, caressing his muscles and releasing his beautiful, uncut cock.

In comes Tony Aziz who works his way down Dirdum’s body with his lips, licking down to the water flowing off his cock. Tony then fucks Dirdum under the water, pounding his cock in his ass as the water rains all over Dirdum’s back. Aziz pounds him harder, deeper until the hard pounding makes Dirdum releases a load of cum all over his soaked torso.

Aziz now yearning to be fucked by Dirdum’s sill hard uncut cock, stands with his back to Dirdam and pushes his rear back to impale himself, on the thick piece of manhood.”

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