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September 4, 2010

Pride Studios: Aiden Lane bangs Parker Brookes

Pride Studios writes:

“Crank up the A/C, it’s gonna be a scorcher this week on CircleJerkBoys.com. As if summer wasn’t hot enough; we’re bringing you one hell of a Holiday update. Hot and Hotter are in the house as Aiden Lane and Parker Brookes share a set.

Aiden Lane is 22 years old and originally from Los Angeles. He now calls South Florida home. Parker Brookes is also 22 and he’s from Alabama. We’ve wanted to get these two together for a while now; and it looks like stars will finally fall. Who knows? They may even write a song about it.

Parker starts off doing sit ups when Aiden walks in and offers to spot him. It isn’t long before they’re giving each other the look. You know the one. They start making out as Aiden starts to undress Parker and explore his smooth chest. He undoes Parker’s jeans and tugs them off. Parker then returns the favor as Aiden moves back to the incline bench. Parker slips Aiden’s rock hard cock out of his briefs and goes down on him. Aiden gasps as Parker wraps those sexy full lips around his throbbing pole.

They go back to making out for a bit before Parker wants some help on his own meat. Aiden gladly obliges as he goes to work on Parker’s pole. Parker’s cock was already aching with anticipation as Aiden gets that skilled mouth on it. They both want more cock so they get into a hot 69 on the bench as Parker sucks Aiden’s cock and Aiden tastes the sweet ass he’ll soon be inside of. Parker’s writhing in ecstasy as Aiden tongue fucks his hole. Aiden’s tongue + Parker’s hole = Trouble!

Parker straddles Aiden’s cock as he slowly impales himself on that hard cock. Once he’s ready, Parker start riding that dick as Aiden helps bounce him on his cock. Aiden then bends pretty boy Parker over and takes him doggy. He slams away at his ass as Parker takes it like a champ. Aiden then moves the party back to the bench where it all began. He lays Parker back so he can get that cock in him and fuck him missionary. Aiden’s thick cock continues to stretch Parker’s hole.

It’s getting them both closer to climax. “You gonna cum for me?” Aiden coos. Who could refuse such a request? Parker jacks his cock faster as Aiden pounds him deeper. It doesn’t take much for him to explode all over his sexy happy trail. Aiden then pulls out and sends his own batch flying way over Parker’s head and coating the rest of him in the process. Happy Labor Day, Boys!”

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August 29, 2010

ImAMarriedMan: Parker Brookes fucks Nikko Alexander

ImAMarriedMan.com writes:

“Nikko Alexander’s wife is out shopping till late and what better way to celebrate than a boy’s night with friend Parker Brookes. While the guys discuss the evening’s potential events, conversation turns to Parker’s crush on Nikko. Being the nice guy that he is Nikko agrees to fulfill Parker’s years-long fantasy.”

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August 5, 2010

Pride Studios: Parker Brookes fucks Parker Perry

Extra Big Dicks writes:

“We have a Parker Brothers extravaganza on ExtraBigDicks.com today! Well, these two aren’t really brothers; but just go with it.

The first is a recurring favorite who last had one hell of a time taking Addison Andrew’s huge cock. We’re glad to see Parker Brookes back with that sexy face, sweet smile and that ass that doesn’t quit. Originally from Austin, Texas, 21 year old Parker Perry makes his debut and is here to show us just how BIG they grow them in Texas. (Wait for it)

They start to make out as they break the ice. Parker P. gets Brookes on his back as he undoes his shorts and goes exploring. Brookes is already rock hard and Parker P. wastes little time before running his tongue along his cotton-clad cock. Brookes gasps as Parker P runs his tongue on his knob. Parker goes down on that cock and starts to bob his head on it as he takes every inch of Brookes’ cock deep.

Then Brookes wants to return the favor as he sits before Parker and slowly undoes his shorts. As he pulls down his briefs we get our first view of his thick, 9” mammoth cock. He wasn’t kidding—they REALLY do grow ’em big in Texas. Brookes wraps his mouth around as much of it as he can as it gets harder and harder. Brookes works that cock like a pro as he manages to get most of it in his hot mouth. Parker P. not only has a man size cock but a sexy hairy chest and abs to boot.

Brookes plays with his smooth balls as he continues to nurse on that thick meat. They then maneuver into a hot 69 position with Brookes on the top nursing that fat cock while Parker P sucks his cock as well as eats that smooth ass.

When these two are ready for more, Parker gets bent over as Brookes slides his rock hard cock inside that hot hairy ass. Parker groans and moans for more as Brookes pounds away at that ass. “Yeah, take it!” Brookes orders as he claims that ass. Brookes then sits back as Parker P sits on his cock and rides him for more. Brookes bounces the hung Texan on his meat before fucking him missionary.

Missionary proves too much for Parker P. who gets the cum fucked out of him as he explodes all over his hairy chest and abs. Brookes then pulls out and unloads his thick load all over Parker’s cum-drenched, uncut cock.”

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August 2, 2010

Pride Studios: Parker Brookes fucks Damon Audigier

Pride Studios writes:

“CircleJerkBoys.com welcomes back Damon Audigier and introduces a fan favorite from our brother site, ExtraBigDicks.com, Parker Brookes.

Damon kisses Parker; licking Parker’s chest and nips as he makes his way south to the tent that’s popping those boxers. Damon then kneels before him and officially unveils that thick meat. He licks along the shaft before engulfing it inside his hot mouth. Parker slowly fucks Damon’s face as Damon deep throats his aching cock causing him to gasp and groan.

Parker then returns the favor as he pulls out Damon’s 8” cock. He services that dick as Damon watches. Parker uses his hot mouth and hand as he strokes Damon’s thick meat. Damon’s naturally hairless and keeps all his parts just as smooth. Parker is ready for more as he bends Damon over. Parker moves in for a closer inspection of that hot ass.

He spreads open his beefy cheeks exposing that tight, smooth ass he’ll soon get to dick. He fingers that ass which just makes Damon hornier. Parker then gets Damon on his back and slowly slides his thick dick inside. Parker’s pole slices into that hot ass with ease as he starts to pick up the pace. Damon takes all the dick he’s given like a champ.

Parker pulls out and gets Damon on his feet. He bends him over and fucks him doggy. Damon grunts as he gets his ass fucked. Parker then sits back and tells Damon to sit on his dick. Damon slides that hot ass back onto that dick and starts to ride that cock. Parkers cock hits Damon’s prostate just right and as Parker pounds him from below, he explodes. Damon shoots al over himself with Parker still buried inside. Parker then takes care of his own dick as he unloads all over his sexy happy trail. Happy Happy, joy oh boy!”

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