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April 17, 2013

TitanMen: “Hung – The Best of David Anthony”

TitanMen: "Hung - The Best of David Anthony"
TitanMen: "Hung - The Best of David Anthony"

TitanMen.com writes:

“TitanMen legend David Anthony is one of the most iconic TitanMen ever to grace the screen! His handsome face, muscular body and big cock make him one of the most requested TitanMen superstars of all time!

Now for the first time ever his very best performances are gathered together in a limited-edition DVD.

HUNG features six scenes of big hard cocks and hours of ass-pounding action starring TitanMen exclusive David Anthony and other hung studs from TitanMen’s stable of men… Christopher Saint, Philippe Ferro, Scotch Inkom, Bryan Slater, Jock Hudson, and more!

Don’t forget to also pick up the David Anthony Realistic cock, molded directly from David’s own hard cock!”

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August 31, 2011

TitanMen: “Overheated”

TitanMen On-Demand writes:

“Temperature rising. Sweat building. Biceps burning. You’re Overheated, and you need some fluids fast. Fear not: TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares, Philippe Ferro and Hunter Marx run to the rescue with a pack of hot and horny hellions ready to help you recover. So lay back and soak up the sensual sun as relief rushes to every inch of your body.

After sharing a suck session with smooth beauty Cavin Knight, hairy Hunter Marx plows Ethan Hudson over an outdoor bathtub as the buds bask in their own juices.

Dreamy Jessy Ares takes turns sucking with trim and hairy Philippe Ferro, the two then bending over for each other in an uncut anal assault that gets sweatier by the second.

After deep-throating each other’s monster cocks, Adam Killian and Damien Stone fill both of Cavin Knight’s holes in an aggressive fuck that has them grunting and groaning.”

– Watch the entire movie online at TitanMen On-Demand

August 19, 2011

TitanMen: Jessy Ares and Philippe Ferro pound each other in “Overheated”

TitanMen.com writes:

“Shirtless Jessy Ares and Philippe Ferro kiss before a beautiful landscape as their jean bulges meet. They devour each other’s meat, soon continuing their seduction on a patio.

Jessy licks his mate’s toned, hairy body, then releases his monster cock again for Philippe to suck. Jessy moans, face-fucking his bud as he spits down. Jessy returns the favor as Philippe whips his red, uncut knob on the smooth stud’s tongue — pulling his balls and foreskin down to show off his steel shaft.

The two squirt, Jessy then offering his ass as he leans against a post. Philippe fucks the muscle hunk, Jessy grinding his ass before the top rams him faster (“Fuck me hard! Yeah, motherfucker!”). Jessy gets fucked on his back, then works up a sweat as he fucks the tight-abbed Philippe before two more wads soak them.”

– Watch the full-length scene at TitanMen On Demand

August 15, 2011

TitanMen: “Impulse”

TitanMen.com writes:

“It’s that instant attraction that sends the signal, blood coursing from your brain to your bulge as you eye his imposing image. The twitch hits like lightening, imploring you to act on your Impulse.

Come closer… TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares, Dario Beck, Philippe Ferro and Hunter Marx lead a cast of throbbing bods ready to help with your urge.

After impressive underwater oral action, Jessy Ares and Adam Killian take turns plowing Shay Michaels by the pool — leading to a fuck chain and an intense, body-quivering climax.

Outdoor workout buds Philippe Ferro and Lawson Kane drop their dumbbells and their shorts, spotting each other’s cocks before Ferro bends over the bench.

Hairy and handsome Hunter Marx works up a sweat, his handstands catching the attention of Dario Beck. The two exchange sucks before the rock-hard Dario sits down on his hung bud.”

– Watch the entire movie online at TitanMen On Demand
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July 28, 2011

TitanMen: Lawson Kane fucks Philippe Ferro in “Impulse”

TitanMen.com writes:

“Smooth Lawson Kane and hairy Philippe Ferro take turns spotting each other as they do dumbbell flys. But shaved-headed Lawson has other ideas, rubbing his partner’s chest and kissing him before feeding him his giant boner from above. Lawson reaches over to stroke Philippe’s uncut cock, then sucks his standing bud as his own throbber grazes Philippe’s leg — a great low shot looking up at the action.

Philippe fucks Lawson’s face, then sucks him again before the two come (coating Philippe’s furry chest). Lawson tongues Philippe’s hole, soon sliding his dick inside as his toned body clenches.

The bottom then sits down on Lawson, a big load soon flowing out of his pulsing cock as the top hits the spot. Philippe gets on his back for more, squirting out a third wad before Lawson impressively shoots up on his own chest and stomach.”

– Watch the full scene at TitanMen Video On Demand