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April 27, 2013

Falcon Studios: Ryan Rose pounds Bobby Hart in “Guys Like Us: Just For You”

FalconStudios: Ryan Rose fucks Bobby Hart in "Guys Like Us: Just For You"
FalconStudios: Ryan Rose fucks Bobby Hart in "Guys Like Us: Just For You"

Falcon Studios writes:

“If you’re tall, dark and handsome like Exclusive Ryan Rose, you can sport a hard on and the studs come flocking. Bobby Hart sees Ryan, and he is on it. His massive bulge is present in his tighty whities even before all of his taut flesh, dark skin and a smile of anticipation are visible.

Ryan welcomes Bobby with a kiss and when Bobby straddles Ryan’s waist and sits, Ryan’s erection presses against those stretched cotton briefs, nestling into the crevice that awaits his cock. Ryan slips the briefs down to expose the hole that’s the intended prize, while he pulls Bobby forward, completely swallowing Bobby’s fat uncut cock.

The skin on both of them is smooth and rippling with muscle. Bobby blows Ryan, wrapping his tongue and lips around the cock that beckoned him, then he straddles Ryan’s lap again — this time without the briefs.

Ryan’s cock slips in like a key to a lock and Bobby gives him a gyrating lap dance before Ryan takes the lead, dropping Bobby into a shoulder stand and pummeling him from above until Bobby shoots all over his own face.

Ryan carefully squirts his load into the saucer of Bobby’s ass, lapping up his load.”

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November 1, 2012

Sean Cody: Pierce and Pavel’s hot bareback flip-flop fuck

Sean Cody writes:

““It’s good to have you back!” I said to Pavel after giving him a big hug.

“Thanks, I’ve missed you guys!”

“You are looking more like a hairy daddy today!”

“I’m being more casual,” he said. “Letting things be more natural!”

“I can tell,” I said. “You seem more playful.”

I was excited about what was in store. I knew that Pavel’s hairy body was going to look really good against Pierce’s smooth, muscular build.

The guys talked about what they wanted to do. They decided to take turns fucking each other.

“I noticed when you were here before your eyes would roll back when you get fucked,” I said to Pavel. “Does that still happen?”

“It does,” he replied. “Yeah it’s just fucking intense. I get all dizzy!”

Pavel can’t deny it… he loves to fuck!”

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September 14, 2012

Sean Cody: Dalton barebacks Pierce

Sean Cody writes:

“I’m not sure that Pierce was prepared for someone like Dalton!

“I think he is going to be a lot to handle!” Pierce said with a little giggle as we were walking down the beach.

“Why do you say that?”

“I don’t know… I guess I’ve just never seen a guy this excited,” he said. “Usually I’m the hyper one, running around bouncing off the walls!”

It was true. Dalton was very excited. It was almost as if, for him, everything was too much to process.

“See this is how you do it!” Pierce said, taking the lead and pulling Dalton against a big rock. They started making out with the waves splashing against them. Dalton was grinding his crotch against Pierce’s.

“Um guys…” I said hesitantly. “What if someone walks by?”

I didn’t really care but I wanted to see what they would say!

“I told you,” Dalton said with a big smile, “I love awkward moments, and that would definitely be a score!”

I could tell this was going to be an adventurous day!

We piled back into the car and before we had our seat belts fastened Pierce had Dalton’s dick out.

“How about some road head?” Pierce said, not waiting for a response as he leaned in.

Dalton was really enjoying it, until we pulled up next to a bus and were full-on busted!

Of course, looking at the bus driver, Dalton’s eyes lit up.

“This is fun! I’m ready to fuck!””

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July 8, 2012

Sean Cody: Dane barebacks Pierce

Sean Cody writes:

“”Again,” Pierce said. “How am I always the bottom?”

He was trying to make us believe that he was frustrated, but we knew better. He kept stealing little glances at Dane that gave him away. He wanted to get fucked!

“Look at that ass,” Dane joked. “I totally understand why everyone wants to fuck it.”

Dane was in great spirits. He was looking beefier and he’d grown a beard.

“You’re looking kind of like a daddy”, I said. “Like a DILF…”

Pierce started rubbing his shoulders.

“Yeah, look at how big his muscles are!” Pierce said, excitement in his eyes. “I’d totally let him fuck me.”

They both laughed. They’d had some time out at the park throwing a football around… they’d gotten to know each other and the sexual tension was high!”

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June 10, 2012

Sean Cody: Calvin and Pierce fuck each other bareback

Sean Cody writes:

“”This place does something interesting to you when you’re here!” Calvin said to Pierce as they were warming up.

“Oh yeah?” Pierce responded. “What’s that?”

“It makes it so you feel comfortable doing new stuff… so you can experiment… it’s really weird!”

Pierce smiled and nodded. “Yeah, it does!”

I was not surprised to hear Calvin say that. He has had some amazing fucks with us, and I could tell he was really excited to get with Pierce.

“So, I’m planning on fucking you fast, then slow, then fast again,” he told Pierce.

Pierce laughed. He really liked Calvin.

“Well, I don’t want to get assaulted,” he said. “But OK!”

Calvin turned to us and said, “Just make sure you watch the whole thing!”

Their fucking turned out to be very primal, very animalistic. We were only into it for five minutes and Calvin already had scratch marks on his back!

After two good rounds of fucking, we took a break. Calvin came over to me and said quietly, “Maybe I can bottom for him? He looks like he likes to fuck… Plus, it’s been a while since I’ve had cum in my ass!””

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June 2, 2012

Sean Cody: William barebacks Pierce

Sean Cody writes:

“William and Pierce were comparing the same “USMC” tattoo that they both had on their right triceps. Of course, Pierce’s was bigger.

“How much do you weigh now?” I asked. Every time I see him he has more muscle. “206,” he replied.

“And how about you?” I asked William. “About 145,” he said.

Wow, that’s a weight difference of over 60 pounds!

But William was going to show that he was in charge: “I just made sergeant,” he said proudly. “I just got my certificate in the mail.”

“So you can pull rank on him?”

We weren’t sure so we asked Pierce. When he found out that William was a sergeant he said, shyly, “corporal.”

William had a huge smile on his face. But I don’t think the rank mattered to Pierce, who has confessed that he is becoming more and more of a power bottom! He had his ass up the air without having to be told!”

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May 9, 2012

Sean Cody: Marshall barebacks Pierce

Sean Cody writes:

“”Every time I leave here,” Pierce said. “I leave with a sore asshole!”

“You love it and you know it,” I said. “Wait until you see what Marshall is packing!”

“I can’t tell if I am excited or really excited!”

“I think I know!”

“Yeah, so do I,” he said. “I’ve already seen him on the website.”


“I’m REALLY excited!”

I think it’s funny that when we first met Pierce he said he was a top.

“You guys have turned me into a total bottom in every way!” he said.

I knew that he and Marshall would get along famously. They’ve both been in the military, they’re both really nice, and they’re both ripped!

Once they met, I asked them what they liked most about the other. A quick ice breaker!

“His tan!” Marshall quickly answered. “It’s pretty hot!”

“All of it,” Pierce said, eyeing Marshall subtly. “Every part of it!”

After Pierce had had a chance to ride Marshall’s big cock, I asked him what he thought.

“It’s big,” he said. “And it gets bigger in the middle. I can feel every inch of it. Best sex toy ever!“”

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March 22, 2012

Sean Cody: Jeffrey barebacks Pierce

Sean Cody writes:

“”Ah shit, you’re sensitive with the nipples huh?” “Slightly,” Pierce said with a coy smile.

He and Jeffrey had been playing with each other’s nipples. We thought it would be fun to add some ice!

“I’m feeling kind of sensitive today!” Pierce said as the cold water from the ice ran down his abs.

His nipples weren’t the only thing to be affected. Jeffrey worked Pierce’s hole with his tongue and the response from Pierce was pretty loud!

Jeffrey mounted Pierce and it quite the spectacle… Pierce is quite a bit bigger than Jeffrey!

Both of them blew nice big loads…

“You got a lot of cum on your face… whose cum is it… yours?” “More than likely,” Pierce responded. “Do you actually care at this point?” “No!”

Pierce looked completely dazed… in a good way… like he’d just had the shit fucked out of him!”

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March 6, 2012

Sean Cody: Curtis barebacks Pierce

Sean Cody writes about this hot bareback scene:

“”You have a little crush, don’t you?” “I do,” Curtis replied. “I like him.” Curtis was really, really into Pierce!

He’s the most beautiful model I’ve ever seen“, Curtis said.

Pierce was equally smitten. “You’ve seen the website?” “Of course.” “So you know how big his dick is?” “It’s huge!” Pierce said with wide eyes.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pierce smile so much.

“Is this what love feels like?” “Yes,” Pierce said, with a big grin.

Now, Curtis usually likes to bottom. He loves stuff in his ass. But today, he wanted to fuck.

“I’ve almost cum five or six times with his dick in my ass!” Pierce said…”

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February 19, 2012

Sean Cody: Allen barebacks Pierce

Sean Cody writes about this hot scene:

“I hadn’t seen Allen since last summer. When he’s in school, he’s always busy. He’s dedicated like that.

I never really determined what Allen’s “story” is. He said he’s into girls, but he seems to like guys as well.

I definitely know what Pierce likes. He’s got both a girlfriend and a boyfriend.

I like fucking my girlfriend while my boyfriend fucks me,” he said. “I like to be in the middle!”

Now, even though he’s a hard-working student, Allen can be a little bit of a bad boy. And he admits it! “I like to have fun,” he said.

He was definitely excited about fucking Pierce. “I’ve never fucked without a condom before!” he said.”

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