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November 25, 2015

ChaosMen: Jet and Silas flip fuck bareback

ChaosMen: Jet and Silas flip fuck bareback

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Watching new guys work their way through their limits is erotic in its own way, but there is nothing like watching two pros go at it.

I wanted a scene with two veteran ChaosMen models. Both Jet and Silas are totally versatile, plus Jet is basically an ejaculation machine.”

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July 4, 2014

ChaosMen: Palmer barebacks Silas

ChaosMen: Palmer barebacks Silas

Gay porn newcomer Palmer fucks a guy for the first time in this hot bareback scene with Chaosmen veteran Silas.

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July 1, 2012

Next Door Studios: “Good Kama” with Austin Wilde, Anthony Romero and Silas O’Hara

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Anthony Romero and Silas O’Hara are taking a world sex course at the community college. They figured it would be a good way to delve into some more exotic techniques.

While preparing for a presentation to the class, they discover the ancient practice of Kama Sutra is more complicated than they thought. None of the formations in their study material are beginner level. But when third study-group member, Austin Wilde, shows up with a book called ‘The Joy of Gay Sex,’ the creative juices start flowing!

Austin instructs Silas and Anthony to jump into a fun, easy position for starters. Austin suggests it might be a little easier to try this stuff without clothes, and the guys disrobe. Austin’s never a wet blanket, so his clothes hit the floor too.

Once the guys are in formation, Austin makes a grab for Silas’s already hard cock. If they’re going to be presenting this in front of a classroom full of students, they better know what the fuck they’re talking about. Only acting out the sexual techniques the way they were intended will truly prepare the three.

Silas slides his nice thick boner into Anthony’s mouth, just like in the diagram. Austin joins, giving Anthony a second meaty dick to enjoy.

Soon Silas is balls deep in Anthony’s asshole while Austin continues enjoying a sloppy blowjob from Anthony, sometimes leaning down for some passionate smooches.

Then Austin gets a in position for a pounding from Silas and Anthony shoves his dick into Austin’s mouth. But Anthony’s ass has been on Austin’s mind all semester and he’s not letting this study session end without getting a piece.

As the afternoon unfolds the boys learn and have fun in the process. But the most valuable lesson is that absorbing new information can always be a good fucking time! Enjoy!”

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December 26, 2011

ChaosMen: Jamison fucks Silas raw

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Silas is always eager to get fucked, and though Jamison is pretty versatile, he was wanting to top for a bit.

One of the things I like about Silas is he is not afraid to eat ass, and seeing Jamison’s bubble butt get munched on is hot. Some of the guys get tickled and are having a tough time trying to not laugh, but I was really surprised when I panned around to Jamison to see his dick standing firm. Maybe he is a bit more of a bottom than I figured!?

I liked seeing him suck cock while getting his ass rimmed. Cock all hard. Surely he was enjoying it!

Silas is also always happy to try something different, and doing some upside down fucking was something we both wanted to attempt. Jamison’s cock has got some “give” to it, so I knew he could aim down and fuck.

So we get a little different angles on this one. You can tell we had to recharge Jamison a couple times as it is kind of a challenging position. Plus the bed Jamison was using for support kept sliding away from him.

I didn’t count on Jamison being able to nut so easily in that position. I thought it would take him a while. But cum flies everywhere- from Silas’s ass cheeks to his face cheeks. You have to look quick as Silas scoops some up to his mouth and licks his fingers clean.

I of course always want to keep the furry chest fans happy and Jamison is still not keen on a facial, so Silas unloaded all over Jamison’s hairy chest.

Not sure how this video crept up to the 30 minute mark – but it’s hot to see these two boys go at it!”

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November 21, 2011

Next Door Studios: Austin Wilde fucks Silas O’Hara

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Silas O’Hara is in quite a pickle. Hammered, horny and stranded at a party, he is staring at the ass crack of dawn through half slits for eyes. When he calls his boy, Austin Wilde, for a ride home and a place to crash, he’s fairly sure the night is almost over. The thing is, Austin’s day is just beginning, and Silas’ phone call has basically jump-started Austin’s routine a half hour early this morning.

Obligingly, Austin is glad to ‘rescue’ Silas, but no good deed goes un-returned. So when the two of them return to Austin’s place, they’ve both got one thing on their mind: Silas just wants sleep and Austin just wants to bust his morning nut. Looks like Silas’ night just got a little bit longer, and a ‘hole’ lot harder.”

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July 17, 2011

ChaosMen: Dalton, Eli and Silas’ raw threeway

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Dalton is back for his first RAW scene, and this time he is taking on veteran dudes Eli and Silas.

My main goal was to finally get Dalton fucked!

He did have a fair amount of anxiety, but I knew Silas would go slow and easy on him for the insert. In fact it was a bit too slow, but Silas eventually gets some motion going. Be patient as Silas was trying a little too hard to be kind on his first try. Frankly I think Dalton could have handled more.

It was very hot to finally see Dalton getting fucked AND have Eli’s giant cock in his mouth!

I knew Silas and Eli would have really good energy, but Dalton has always been a bit reserved. But he was ‘in the moment’ and really kept busy, trying to keep his mouth, hands, or cock doing ‘something’ at all times.

Everyone gets sucked and fucked in this video and there is a bit of something for everyone. Even a bit of rimming.

Silas rarely gets to top, and he unloads onto Eli’s hole. He’s not quite mastered the “Cum at an angle so we can see you cum,” but there is plenty of juicing action and squirts so you can eventually see the shot. Thank goodness for multiple camera angles!

Since Silas is not fussy about cum on his face or mouth, I thought we would end with a double facial. Eli was supposed to wait until Dalton nutted, but he just got too close, and nuts first. Leaving Dalton way behind. I think most of Eli’s nut dries by the time he nuts. Plus, we had to wipe Eli’s cum out of his eye! Oh the burn!

There is still gobs of DNA everywhere and it is a great ending to a rather long video! (Be patient! It is a 30 minute video!)”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen.com

December 4, 2010

ChaosMen: Parker barebacks Silas

Chaosmen writes:

“I thought I would put Parker with someone who could really take a cock pounding. Parker has a lot of sexual energy and he really likes to ramp up and fuck hard.

Parker is usually hesitant to go full-force ‘cuz he is such a…well…baby about bottoming himself. His little adventure with a small toy and a couple times we have tried, he just has no tolerance to get over the pain.

The beginning of this video feels a little like Parker is about to get fucked, but I just wanted to showcase his ass, and Silas gets turned on eating a guy’s ass out. Parker didn’t seem to mind either.

Then the boys get down to it, with Silas riding on top of Parker’s big stick. It’s one of those challenging positions, but Parker has the stamina and energy to really fuck Up and Hard.

The two go at it for a couple more positions. Parker finally nuts, but he gets no distance and the cum basically falls on the blanket. How he missed being so well-prepared and sooo close to Silas’s butt hole is beyond my understanding?!

Fortunately he squeezes a few gobs of cum into Silas’s ass as he tells Silas tells Parker to breed him.

This actually makes Silas nut and I scramble to get out of the line of fire.

It’s hot because I get to pan out and see the last globs of Silas’s cum dripping out of his dick, while cum is still oozing out of his butt hole!”

– Download the full scene at Chaosmen.com

October 9, 2010

ChaosMen: Vander barebacks Silas

Chaosmen writes:

“I just couldn’t bring myself to break this video into two parts. It’s s rather long, with a run time of almost 30 minutes.

This video has everything, thanks to both Silas and Vander’s broad limits. It turns out Vander is a Dirty Boy! Dirty Talking, Dirty Sex, Dirty Mind!

He’s got a thing for the way a dude smells – that ‘oh so ripe odor’ and I made sure Silas was funky for him. We get to FINALLY see some armpit licking. I too love this scent and I think I had a boner the entire video.

Lots of bossy talk from Vander, and some mutual ass eating. I don’t think I have ever had both models eat each other’s asses out. Just another First I had to leave in.

We get some fun POV-CAM action on occasion, so you feel like you are There amongst them, helping Vander get his giant cock up Silas’s eager hole.

Top that off with some breeding followed by Vander eating Silas’s load and them sharing a cum-soaked kiss!

You will hate yourself if you don’t join nor wait for this incredibly long download time. It’s worth every second! ”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen.com

February 6, 2010

ChaosMen: Hagan bangs Silas bareback

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Wow! I just didn’t think this shoot would happen. After 2-3 oral videos, Hagan finally came around to doing full-on fucking.

He goes in my top 5 of Most Reluctants. He has a kick-ass body, 10-inch dick, and is gorgeous. He and I both figured the straight production companies would love to have him.

As it turns out, he got hooked up with one, got paid nearly nothing, and overall had a pretty negative experience. Thus he ended up back in my studio.

I was actually pushing him to do straight porn. His dick is pretty big, and with me having mostly straight guys, I have very few guys that wouldn’t take one look at his ginormous dick and turnaround and leave the studio.

But I figured I had a couple guys who always like a challenge. Silas being my first thought.

Silas sized him up and said he could do it. I asked around to a couple other models and they said they would be game too, though a few suggested that he should try bottoming himself. Which I will keep nudging him to do. He’s just been awful jumpy every time we have gone near his ass.

So this is Hagan’s first time fucking a dude and he did pretty good. I think he is always gonna be very quiet, and not much of a dirty talker. Silas threw some energy his way, but I think it bounced off of Hagan’s ripped exterior.

I also think Hagan needs to learn to fuck. I kept waiting for him to take long in and out strokes- his dick certainly was hard enough. But I suspect with a dick his size, he is used to taking it easy on the girls and just kind of finds a spot and gently fucks them.

REALLY nice cum shot on this one as Hagan pulls out and busts all over Silas’s hole, then shoves it in at out.. cum drippin out of Silas’s hole. Had to reset cameras cuz I was on th floor recording the Hagan’s cumshot, so barely caught Silas nutting after his hot creampie!

If you have been aching to see Hagan fuck a dude… it’s time to join!!!

– Download this super hot scene at Chaosmen.com

January 2, 2010

ChaosMen: Straight muscle jock Taylor fucks Silas bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“This is one crazy hot video with three cumshots! Facial, cum eating, and creampie!

Taylor is more relaxed and said he would kiss this time out. Still no cock sucking..baby steps! And he really amped it up. He is very dominate, and Silas is pretty passive. I think he loved having Silas worship his fat cock, and even got off to making him take it up the ass. Lots of dirty talk!

The energy is palpable and like I said, it builds to an amazing creampie, with Taylor breeding Silas at the end. Taylor then made Silas lick the cum of his cock, which immediately made Silas nut.

I did a few pans of the aftermath, and shut off my camera when Taylor said he thought he could nut again. I had my cameras on again in no time and he was stroking it back to full bone. And there is no mistaking that Taylor intended for Silas to eat every last drop of his cum. His aim is pure precision.

He surprises even me by bending down and licking the cum of of Silas’s chin, and then share a cum soaked kiss!

What a way to start a new year!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen