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April 17, 2012

ActiveDuty: Thomas, Axl and Dallas’ hot threeway

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“You may remember Dallas from a while back where he did some really hot scenes, including one of my personal favorites with Dorian in Double Time 5. So, when he contacted me saying he was ready to work again, I was excited. I showed Dallas’ photos to Axl, who thought he could have a good time with that sweet bubble butt. Axl also admitted to having a sweet spot for sexy Thomas, and was curious about what that big rod would feel like inside him. Hence, this super hot trio was born.

The guys start out with smiles as they talk about former scenes they’ve done, including Thomas’ award winner Rear Gunners 2. Before we know it, everyone has a job in oral land. Then, Axl saddles up to ride Dallas as Dallas works on Thomas’ monster.

Next, Axl sits on Thomas’ lap and manages to get the big rod in with Dallas’ help. Finally, all three guys shoot impressive loads.”

– Download the full-length scene at Active Duty

September 22, 2011

ActiveDuty: Bric’s first time topping meets Thomas’ second time bottoming

Active Duty writes about this hot scene:

“Active Duty is back with something really, really special in their Videos Of The Week section that I’ve been waiting to see for nearly five long years now. Fan favorite Thomas has returned to the Active Duty fold after a long absence. About a year ago he was diagnosed with “Athletic Heart Syndrome” from all the intense sports he’s played over the years and the strenuous workouts he’s endured. Even without stepping foot in a gym for that entire time, he’s still looking delicious if just a little on the beefy side. His doctor has cleared him for a new fitness and workout routine and he’s back in the gym now, “getting that body back, baby” as he told Dink on his recent visit. Personally, I’ll take Thomas any way I can get him because he’s such a stud any way you cut it.

I’m not sure if he did a lot of thinking during that downtime or some fantasizing and experimenting, but something gave him an itch to give bottoming another try and this time it was an epic event. Many of you will remember his first time on bottom in Fire in the Hole 2 where Elijah did the honors and took his man cherry. Well, Thomas vowed then that he’d never do it again, but things have a funny way of changing and today we’re going to see just how hungry five years worth of waiting can make someone.

This scene also marks another first for Active Duty’s gorgeous new stud, Bric. He mans up and takes the next challenge, fucking Thomas like there’s no tomorrow. That big, beautiful uncut cock is just what the doctor ordered for Thomas’ hunger and Bric takes the task on with serious fervor. Thomas ends up liking that cock so much that he starts pounding back on it at one point, fucking it himself as Bric meets him in the middle. I think you’ll be amazed at how into the moment Thomas was and just how damn horny this made him.”

– Watch the full scene at ActiveDuty.com

September 6, 2011

ActiveDuty: Thomas fucks Dustin’s tight hole

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“We are really excited about the scene we’re sharing with you in the Videos Of The Week section this week. Two things about it are really great. First of all, our beloved Thomas returns after a long break.

Secondly, Dustin returns and this time he’s ready to try something new and what a BIG step this is considering what he’s up for trying and who he’s trying it with. Thomas and his big cock take the reins on our little trooper and fucks him six ways to, well, Sunday! And here we are.

Now, before you all think that I’m just some cruel-hearted, cold-blooded monster without a conscience at all, I must admit this is not Dustin’s first time bottoming. That’s in another hot threeway that we have in the pipeline with he, Austin and Carson. And that was one smoking fucking scene that we’ll see very soon, but I could not wait to share today’s scene with you.

Watching this little trooper get manhandled by Thomas and his huge cock was just too hot to hold. We were afraid that if it sat next to his first bottoming scene with Carson and Austin that the two might melt each other. So, today we are seeing just how far this daredevil is willing to go with just one bottoming scene under his belt. I think once you’re done watching this you’ll agree we have another Damien on our hands with Dustin. I’m still dumbfounded.”

– Watch this hot scene at ActiveDuty.com

February 14, 2011

ActiveDuty: “Pullin Rank 3”

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Kaden gets filled by two of the biggest cocks in the AD stable: Randy’s and Thomas’ … and, Dorian and Diego double-down for some serious action together.”

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January 10, 2011

ActiveDuty: “Alpha Tango 2”

ActiveDuty: Jake pounds DJ in "Alpha Tango 2"

In Active Duty‘s “Alpha Tango 2” Thomas returns, joining Shawn and DJ… and Jake teams up with DJ… and Jake gets a solo turn.

– Watch the full-length movie this week at ActiveDuty.com

October 11, 2010

ActiveDuty: “Pullin’ Rank”

This week at ActiveDuty: Thomas fucks Colt in "Pullin' Rank"
This week at ActiveDuty: Colt, Kaden, Brian and Trent fuck each other in "Pullin' Rank"

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“This week, we’re treating you to the full-length streaming debut of Pullin’ Rank, which features five fellas all ready for action. Not only does it have an eye-popping four-way with Kaden, Trent, Brian and Colt, but it also boasts an almost-too-hot-for-TV scene between Thomas and Colt. (We’re pretty sure Thomas didn’t know what hit him, as bottom boy Colt is so demanding and forceful with his desires in this scene — it’s just one of those things where you stop and go, “alright, who the hell is in charge here?”)”

– Watch this movie at ActiveDuty.com

June 9, 2010

ActiveDuty: Thomas, Shawn and DJ’s and hot threeway in “Alpha Tango 2”

Active Duty writes about this hot scene:

“Active Duty’s newest release, Alpha Tango 2, brings us a smokin’ scene with “fun size” Shawn getting to know two of Active Duty’s most hung studs, Thomas and DJ. These two Active Duty veterans give this newbie, Shawn, something he won’t soon forget.

Alpha Tango 2 is loaded with hot moments and one of the hottest is when Shawn climbs atop Thomas’ horse cock and starts to ride it as he sucks DJ’s huge meat in unison. Shawn’s an eager pup and he’s been thrown in the pen with two hungry dogs. He’s getting his ass plowed and his throat swabbed and moaning like he’s died and gone to heaven the whole time.

All this moaning has Thomas getting close to the edge but the real kicker comes when Shawn starts begging him to cum in his ass. Thomas gives him what he wants and blows his huge load in the condom and pulls it out and squeezes the hot jizz out all over Shawn’s open hole as DJ and Shawn take the cum on their fingers and shove it into Shawn’s freshly fucked pink hole.

The rest of the scene is equally satisfying as the threesome has the time of their lives.”

– Watch the full-length scene at ActiveDuty.com

May 10, 2010

ActiveDuty: “Caught in the Crossfire 2”

DJ is a new Active Duty recruit straight from the Marines. Kaden, Thomas and Elijah get to know him and his thick 9″ cock real quick.

– Watch the entire movie this week at ActiveDuty.com

March 1, 2010

ActiveDuty: “Caught in the Crossfire 3”

This week at ActiveDuty: "Caught in the Crossfire 3"

Active Duty writes:

“Mega-hung Miles makes his video debut, topping Gage and getting fucked by Spencer! It also stars Kasey, Domenic, Brock and Thomas.”

– Watch the entire movie at Active Duty

January 11, 2010

ActiveDuty: Horny soldiers fuck each other “Bulletproof 2”

In Bulletproof 2 super cute and super hung Randy gives up his ass to Elijah and new guy Trent gets plowed by Thomas. Also features Kaden, Gage and Cash.

– Watch the complete movie at ActiveDuty.com