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January 14, 2013

TimTales: Geoffrey Paine barebacks his boyfriend Joe Gunner

TimTales: Geoffrey Paine barebacks his boyfriend Joe Gunner

TimTales.com writes:

“Geoffrey and Joe are two horny sexpigs from France and a couple in real life.

Joe loves to take his boy´s huge raw cock, you can see that in his eyes. Geoffrey stuffs him in all positions till he releases a huge load in his boyfriend´s face.

Another intense bareback video!”

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January 13, 2013

Broke Straight Boys: Kodi gets fucked by big-dicked John Silver

BrokeStraightBoys.com writes:

“Today’s update is John Silver’s third vid. Like most of our models, he’s come back because BSB paychecks are a bit more reliable than what’s going on in the traditional job market.

“Jobs are hard to come by,” John says to the cameraman.

He’s applied for Burger King and tractor supply gigs but, fortunately for us, he’s not been able to get hired. Well, he’ll find today’s assignmenta bit less taxing than serving a Whopper. To tell the truth, he will be serving a lot of beef. He’s going to fill up Kodi’s hole with his lengthy rod!

For some reason, the ever reliable Kodi does jazz hands after the cameraman describes this vid’s plot (grin). As for John, he’s slightly apprehensive because this is his first go at man booty.”

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January 13, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: Adrian Long fucks Mathew Mason in “Man Handled”

LucasEntertainment: Adrian Long fucks Mathew Mason in "Man Handled"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“It’s been an exciting sexual game of cat-and-mouse between these two studs for quite a while: tall and handsome Adrian Long has had his eye on Lucas Entertainment’s hot Australian exclusive Mathew Mason for some time now, and he’s finally gotten his chance up in Canada to have his way with the guy.

Adrian is a well-known Lucas Entertainment top, and Mathew isn’t shy to bottom for the sexiest of porn stars. The Australian starts out by sucking on Adrian’s uncut Canadian meat, who then turns around and shows his partner how hot and horny he’s made him. Adrian manages to get Mathew’s big, fat cock in his mouth for some more oral action before Adrian flips him around and eats him out.

And overlooking a Montreal skyline by night, the exclusive bends Mathew over a chair and thrusts his cock deep inside for some sizzling prostrate-massaging anal sex that can only be experienced between two men!”

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January 12, 2013

Stag Homme: Francesco D’Macho gets fucked by Billy Baval in “The Escort”

StagHomme.com writes:

“Francesc D’Macho returns to being in front of the camera again in Stag Hommes’s latest feature, “The Escort”.

A very horny D’Macho in a suit calls up a hot Brazilian escort, Billy Baval, and waits for him blindfolded and on all fours with that winking pink hole impatiently waiting to get plowed.

“The Escort” contains scorching hot rimming, sucking, fucking and a facial.”

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January 11, 2013

ManRoyale: Luke Hass fucks Hunter Page in “Anonymous Hookup”

Big-dicked stud Luke Hass fucks Hunter’s tight hole at ManRoyale.com!

January 11, 2013

Raging Stallion: Tomas Brand drills Trenton Ducati in “The Woods: Part 1”

Raging Stallion: Tomas Brand slams Trenton Ducati in "The Woods: Part 1"
Raging Stallion: Tomas Brand slams Trenton Ducati in "The Woods: Part 1"

Raging Stallion writes about this hot scene:

“Trenton Ducati is the forest ranger in charge of the area being barraged with reports of missing persons and strange occurrences. His tireless efforts to get to the bottom of the mystery leave him exhausted. Trenton passes out to be awoken by a naked mysterious stranger, Tomas Brand.

Tomas stands at the foot of Trenton’s bed, and we’re left wondering, it’s not clear if he’s him playing bottom to mysterious Tomas Brand, a smooth, hot muscle daddy who makes Trenton levitate off the bed and come back down hard, horny and needing to be sucked and fucked.

Resistance is futile, not that Trenton could say no to Tomas’s hot mouth and his determination to make Trenton’s balls tingle and his nipples stand on end.

On his back, Trenton tucks his knees into his armpits, giving Tomas full access to his pulsing hole. Tomas presses his advantage with tongue, fingers and cock, milking Trenton’s hard on while preparing his ass for an invasion. First Trenton submits, then he takes charge in a sit-fuck that’s better than levitation. The spooge flies.”

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January 11, 2013

Randy Blue: Jorge Fusco gets fucked by Romeo Alfonso

RandyBlue: Jorge Fusco gets fucked by Romeo Alfonso

Randy Blue writes:

“Jorge Fusco and Romeo Alfonso were destined to do a scene together. Not just because they are two of the hottest Latino models around but because each of them possess such a fiery passion that the idea of putting them together was a given. From the day that Romeo caught a glimpse of Jorge and his sexy furry ass he just had to have him.

It was his first scene with another Randy Blue model and we wanted it to be something really special. And knowing full well that Romeo was going to fuck him like crazy, Jorge turned up the heat and got him going with a blowjob to end all blowjobs.

Romeo loves sex and getting to fuck someone with such amazing sexual energy like Jorge had him all boned up before he even got to the set. He enjoyed every second of it, from Jorge engulfing every inch of his cock with his soft, warm mouth to fucking his nice tight hole.

And Jorge was all about the hardcore ass action.

And when we were done the two of them were considering going back for a second round. It was just too hot.”

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– Solo pics of Romeo Alfonso in the gallery

January 9, 2013

Machofucker: Red drills T-Bone hard and raw

Machofucker writes:

“One of the sexiest couples I ever filmed with: T-Bone and Red. The tattoed DL-dude takes the next big MACHOFUCKER-dick up his sexy little ghetto butt. One of Red`s favourite things anyway – breaking in so-called total Tops. Enjoy!”

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January 9, 2013

Men.com: Bruno Knight tops Marco Sessions in “The Appraisal”

Marco Sessions gets fucked by hairy muscle stud Bruno Knight!

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January 8, 2013

Raging Stallion: Jessy Ares fucks James Ryder in “Stripped 2: Hard For The Money”

Raging Stallion: Jessy Ares fucks James Ryder in Stripped 2: Hard For The Money
Raging Stallion: Jessy Ares fucks James Ryder in Stripped 2: Hard For The Money

RagingStallion.com writes:

“That cop stomping through the club is not there to make a bust; he’s a stripper. Jessy Ares jumps onstage in full uniform and spins around the pole, jacking his nightstick and peering out under his aviator sunglasses to make heavy eye contact with James Ryder. James is one step removed from punk, with skintight jeans and tats along his arms. But James needs encouragement.

Jessy has a strategy: he peels off his shirt to expose his hairy chest and erect, dime-sized nipples, then he uses the shirt as a lasso to pull James onstage. Bewildered James is handcuffed to the dancers’ pole.

Jessy yanks the pants off him and commences a full-bore blow job, wrapping his lips and tongue around James’s pole, then swallowing it.

The assault takes a quantum leap when Jessy forces James to his knees and pile-drives his uncut cock into James’ mouth.

Soon James’s face is slick with drool and pre-cum. Jessy’s goal is James’ hole, so the cuffs come off. James goes down on his back, legs high, as Jessy massages his buns and flicks his tongue around James’s taint while fucking him with the nightstick.

That anal prelude shifts gears, to a full-fledged fuck, both men sweating bullets. James drops his load on the floor and takes Jessy’s load on his mouth.”

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