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December 20, 2011

ChaosMen: Kent barebacks Jake Lyons

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Kent wanted a chance to really FUCK a guy. Ya know, go fast and furious. Enter Jake L., an eager bottom willing to please.

Jake was quite happy to suck on Kent’s over-sized cock, and I do believe Kent was impressed with his ability to suck his big cock.

To get started fucking, Jake likes to be pretty much laying on his stomach- it just seems to break him in and loosened up for some big cockage. The problem is, you just can’t see penetration. The dude’s balls usually hang down and though it is natural position for us gay guys to fuck in, it’s just not conducive for filming porn.

But we tried it anyway, and I actually got some good angles of the penetration.

After that, Jake was ready to get fucked in all sorts of ways, and we even get some spooning action, which is dang hard to do unless the Top has a long dick AND stays hard. I love it ‘cuz we get to see everything at once… two hard cocks, penetration, and even their faces.

Another great thing about working with Jake and Kent is both stay hard, and Kent could fuck a rather demanding bottom like Jake till Jake nuts. He must love that feeling of being pounded while jerking his cock. He sure unloads a lot!

Kent matches him in the DNA dispersal department, juicing his ass and fucking him with his cum.

These two guys definitely worked well together, and it shows!”

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December 20, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Power-top Jean Franko fucks Tavor Wolf up the ass deep in “Auditions 43: Euro Guys”

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi closes out this round of auditions in Ibiza by talking to tall, hunky Hispanic man Jean Franko and the handsome, demure Tavor Wolf. Jonathan’s talk gets these two hot guys ready for sex, and in this sexy romp it’s Jean who is taking control.

Tavor is going to be his bitch, and he starts out by running his hands all over Jean’s impressive body. Tavor’s mouth is hungry for cock, and Jean’s hard, uncut piece of meat is alert and ready for oral alert. Tavor sucks and swallows on Jean, who can’t get enough.

Tavor likes to be dominated, so Jean smacks and slaps his bottom’s ass, getting it ready for the ultimate punishment. Jean hammers away at Tavor when he’s ready: his massive, uncut dick takes no mercy on Tavor’s backside, who submits his ass totally until their orgasms are complete.”

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December 20, 2011

MenAtPlay: “Load Release” with Will Helm

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MenAtPlay.com writes:

“24 year old Will may have seemed like an quiet and unassuming young man when he first turned up at the Menatplay studios dressed in his jeans and specs, but as soon as we got him suited up and styled by our expert Matt Jordan the boy instantly transformed into a man, oozing with sex appeal from every pore. And nowhere is this more evident than in his debut solo where he poses for our cameras with the confidence of a seasoned pro.

And the more he got into the filming the sexier he became, undoing his shirt and revealing his muscular physique with just the perfect amount of body hair covering his chest and abs. And we could tell he loved every single minute of it, showing off for our cameras and getting our crew a little hot under the collar especially when he takes out his rock hard, uncut dick and starts stroking slowly for the cameras (and let me tell you this is one of the most perfect dicks we have seen in a long time).

And if you think that wasn’t enough, just watch this man cum. You will be amazed! If you dont like to get showered in cum stand far back, but lets be honest who doesnt… well our cameraman didn’t complain.”

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December 19, 2011

Falcon Studios: Trystan Bull bangs Andrew Jakk in “The Guys Next Door, Part 2”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Trystan Bull applies sunscreen and massages into his naked exquisitely defined body. He’s a vision: muscled and handsome with a movie star face, plump lips and a cock worthy of worship. Rubbing himself down with sunscreen gets him excited and leads his hands to his dick, which he strokes to attention. Then he realizes he missed his back side and he applies more, rubbing it into his hard ass cheeks, which moves him to stroke himself some more.

Andrew Jakk notices that Trystan is flying solo from the other side of the pool, and he can’t leave him to take care of himself. Andrew wants to help out, so he quickly makes his way over to Trystan and wraps his lips around the Bull’s horn. Andrew blows Trystan’s horn so well that he inspires a symphony of moans.

Trystan wants to see how Andrew’s mouth performs on his ass, so he gets on all fours, and Andrew laps away. Trystan groans in approval again, but he really wants to see if Andrew can truly take the Bull by the horn. He bends Andrew over on all fours and inserts his humongous cock into Andrew’s tight butt. Andrew certainly can take it – every inch.

Once Andrew passes the test, Trystan lies on his back and lets Andrew really ride the Bull, reverse cowboy style – letting you see every bit enter Andrew as Trystan thrusts his hips up into Andrew and Andrew bounces up and down on his cock. Andrew shoots a hot load out while sucking on Trystan’s cock and that sends Trystan over the top as he shoots on Andrew’s face.”

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Falcon Studios
December 18, 2011

College Dudes: Bryan Cavallo fucks Devin Adams

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Bryan Cavallo is back! After a year of absence, we were thrilled to find out that Bryan wanted to come back for some more ass-pounding, so we called up Devin Adams and had these two studs in bed together quicker than a jack-rabbit!

Bryan is looking great, as is Devin, and these two go at it with a passion that is almost indescribable. With each initial kiss Bryan and Devin get harder and harder, their cocks pressing out through their underwear. Devin decides to go first, devouring Bryan’s uncut cock. Bryan is in heaven as Devin works on his dick, and he soon gives it a go himself. Bryan is better at cock-sucking these days, with Devin being the satisfied beneficiary.

Devin wants the cock in his ass, though, badly. Devin hops on top of Bryan, and as they kiss Devin works Bryan’s cock with his ass. Bryan is loving Devin’s riding action, and he almost cannot control himself as he moves in to spoon-fuck Devin with gusto. Bryan pounds away as Devin gets even more worked up.

Before long Bryan is fucking the cum out of Devin, who has an amazing orgasm. Not to be outdone, Bryan produces the most spectacular cumshot of his life, completely drenching Devin from his balls to his face. Hot Fuck!”

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December 18, 2011

Men.com: Tyler St.James fucks Dereck Fox in “My Bitch”

Men.com writes:

“Tyler St. James and Dereck Fox are long-time friends, typically working together a few times a week at least but Tyler hasn’t been around lately. During todays session Tyler won’t stop talking about the club chick he met who is also the reason that he has been missing workout sessions with his friend.

Dereck tells Tyler that he fucked her too not thinking it was a big deal, but it turns out to be a HUGE deal sending Tyler into a rage. Tyler pushes Dereck telling him that the only way to make this up to him is to let Tyler fuck him…

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December 18, 2011

Falcon Studios: Marc Dylan and Jimmy Durano’s hot oral scene

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Marc Dylan is cleaning his amazing body in the shower, when Jimmy Durano enters the bathroom and watches without Marc realizing. Jimmy is taking video of him which is getting Jimmy’s uncut cock super hard, and he pulls it out and shoots some footage of Marc’s firm, stunning ass.

Once Marc does realize what’s going on, he shoots Jimmy a huge smile and asks him if he wants some help with “that.” When Jimmy says he needs some help, Marc gets right to business, swallowing the uncut monster cock as Jimmy continues to film.

Jimmy is one lucky guy, because Marc loves to throat a meaty pole and he gets really likes to show off his talents for the camera as it zooms in super close to the action.

Jimmy wants to taste the hot cock attached to Marc’s ripped body, and he returns the favor by letting Marc fuck his mouth. It’s not long before Marc takes his cock out and jerks a heaping load onto Jimmy’s chest, and then Marc gets down to take Jimmy’s hot jizz on his face.”

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Falcon Studios
December 15, 2011

Men.com: Jessie Colter gets fucked by Valentin Petrov in “The Doctor’s Office”

Men.com writes:

“Valentin Petrov has a problem, his dick is just too perfect and it should be studied for the sake of medical knowledge. Lucky for all of us nurse Jessie Colter is a professional and more than qualified to handle this sort of situation.”

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December 13, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Latin hunk Lucio Saints pounds Kriss Aston

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Hispanic lover Lucio Saints returns to the cameras of Lucas Entertainment in Ibiza to once again show off his skill as a power-top wielding a thick, uncut cock ready to fuck some tight ass.

The bottom prepared to handle all of the energy Lucio has to offer is French muscle man Kriss Aston, who doesn’t speak much English and is better off using his body to do his talking. Kriss sets out to service Lucio after only a little bit of kissing; Lucio is more interested in having his cock serviced, and Kriss has no problem opening up his throat. Kriss just doesn’t blow Lucio, but takes face-fucking pounds down his throat; he hangs his head over the edge of the bed so Lucio can dip his cock down Kriss’ throat.

In all of the different positions Lucio stuffs Kriss’ mouth with his cock, the French bottom has to open his mouth wide and gag — his face turns red and the veins in his head nearly burst out.

Lucio is only interested in so much dick-sucking, though, so he hops on the bed and with his dick tall and erect, Kriss sits right down on it. Lucio drills kriss’ muscle cheeks, pumping and railing away at his hole. Kriss eventually gets on his elbows and knees so Lucio can mount and fuck him. Because Kriss loves to bottom, he has no problem cumming, and when Lucio is ready, he unloads his own geyser of man-cream!”

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December 12, 2011

Randy Blue: Sean Zevran pounds Logan Scott

Randy Blue writes:

“How many times have you been working out with a gay jock buddy and the feeling of sweat and muscle overcomes you and you just have to jump him right there on the gym floor. That’s exactly what happened when Sean Zevran was working out with Tristan Scott.

It’s a good thing our cameras were around to capture it. Just seeing Sean and Tristan making out made us realize this was going to be one of the hottest interracial gay porn videos of the year.

Tristan goes down on Sean’s huge stiff rod and does his best to draw a huge load of cum from him. But Sean has other plans.

First, he rims Tristan like he’s never been rimmed before. And Tristan can’t get enough. Then Sean fingers then fucks Tristan, driving him totally wild. He fucks him all around the gym and they both get quite a workout.”

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