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February 7, 2013

LucasEnterainment: “Sexteriors”

LucasEnterainment: "Sexteriors"
LucasEnterainment: "Sexteriors"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Lucas Entertainment highlights its hunkiest “Sexterior” landscapes along with all of the hot guys working up a sweat in the great outdoors!

Will Helm and Damien Crosse have passionate sex on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Adriano Carrasco gives Jay Roberts a fucking he will never forget in a secluded woodland grove.

Zach Alexander services Rafael Alencar and his legendary uncut monster cock while exploring the beaches of Fire Island.

A relaxing boat ride turns into ass-pounding action for Adam Killian and Christopher Daniels.

And Trenton Ducati sneaks away with Jonathan Agassi to fuck each other on the rocky shores of Greece.

Enjoy outdoor sex with some favorite Lucas Men and their best “Sexterior” action!”

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Lucas Entertainment
February 1, 2012

NakedSword: Dragon Media’s “Tales From Last Summer”

Ray Dragon writes at NakedSword:
“Seven hot men, six sizzling scenes, & a whole lotta summer heat!”

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June 1, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Lawson Kane plows furry sex-pup Zach Alexander in “Auditions Volume 39: Fresh Meat”

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“There’s no way out: baby-faced cutie Zach Alexander is going to bottom for newcomer Lawson Kane, a beefy, black muscle stud from Michigan. Lawson looks at the face of a guy first and his ass second before he decides who he is going to fuck — and when he sees Zach, he had no complaints at all!

After Lawson talks a little bit about his life growing up and coming out, he and Zach move into some intense, sensual kissing. Lawson runs his lips and tongue up and down Zach’s tight, fuzzy chest before unzipping the twink’s jeans and sucking on his uncut, 9-inch cock. Zach laps up every second of it, closing his eyes and biting his lower zip as he gyrates his hips, slowly face-fucking Lawson.

When it’s Lawson’s turn for some steamy attention, Zach begins by licking Lawson’s chest and sucking his nipples before wrapping his lips around his stiff, thick rod, gobbling up all 8 inches of it. The two lovers swap blowjobs and smack lips before Zach positions himself on all fours so Lawson can prep the twink’s tight hole with his slippery tongue!

The more Lawson feasts on Zach’s tight ass, Zach begs for his top to finally slip his dick inside of him for the fucking of a lifetime! When Zach is worked up enough, Lawson finally penetrates him: at first he screws him slowly and sensually, but soon after he mounts and fucks him like a wild animal!

Lawson enjoys diversity, so he wrangles Zach into all different kinds of positions, who is moaning and crying out until Lawson delivers his hot, steamy load all over Zach’s face!”

– Watch the entire scene at Lucas Entertainment

March 28, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: “Desire”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“What do you want? What will satisfy you? What do you desire? We go deep into the passionate fantasies of fucking to find out what men really want. Close your eyes and feel every inch of a thick throbbing cock inside you. Eat the bubble ass of that sweat-dripping muscle stud after he worked out. Fuck your boyfriend harder than ever and get covered in cum and desire!”

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Lucas Entertainment
November 25, 2010

Next Door Studios: Samuel O’Toole and Nate Kennedy fuck Zack Alexander

NextDoorWorld writes:

“Samuel O’Toole is teaching his buddy Nate Kennedy how to release his power animal. You see Nate’s new to porn and he needs to loosen up a little. Samuel’s been harnessing the power of the animal kingdom for quite some time now and bringing his intensity to the NextDoorBuddy scenes.

Today Nate will attempt to unleash his inner beast on Samuel’s other buddy, Zack Alexander. By taking Nate under his wing, Samuel has eased Nate’s nervous energy. The Chi is flowing and the boners are raging. Nate is quite eager to share with Samuel in ravaging the cock-hungry Zack. They enjoy cramming both their fat dicks into his mouth first. Then they take turns going cougar on his tight asshole like angry, caged beasts. Don’t miss these guys releasing hot loads of Chi all over Zack’s waiting face!”

– Download the full scene at NextDoorStudios.com

October 3, 2010

Hot House: Conner O’Reilly tops Zach Alexander

Hot House Backroom writes:

“Conner O’Reilly made Zach Alexander so horny he got naked before the cameras even started rolling.

Zach teased Conner by smacking him in the face with his big cock then went down on him. Conner finally got Zach’s fat one in his mouth but not for long – he wants to fuck!

Now it’s Conner’s turn to tease Zach’s hole with his tongue. Conner fucked the cum right out of Zach then pulled out and blew a huge load of his own.”

– Watch the entire scene at HotHouseBackroom.com

September 14, 2010

Falcon Studios: Mustang’s “Depths of Desire, Part 2”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Erik Rhodes and Steven Scarborough continue their co-directorial gambit probing the depths of desire.

Circling the drain and drowning in waves of leathery mansex, 9 hungry studs get busy taking each other on. Watch and see just how low they’ll sink to explore the intensity of their desires and see who will last the longest.”

– Watch the full movie at Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios
September 12, 2010

Twinks.com: Zach Alexander pounds Tucker Vaughn

Twinks.com writes:

“There’s no hiding the fact that ripped and fluffy Zach Alexander is my new favorite, but I think you’ll like him just as much as I do in this one-on-one video where he fucks Tucker Vaughn with that whopping great monstercock. Where’ve you been all my life Zach?”

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July 22, 2010

Falcon Studios: Justin Cox and Brent Biscayne fuck Zach Alexander in “Layover – Los Angeles, Part 2”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Justin Cox, Brent Biscayne and Zach Alexander look like three peas in a pod as they sit side by side with a wink and a smile, anxious to get things going. Brent leans over to gobble down Justin’s cock leaving himself and his meatstick vulnerable to Zach’s oral attack. Then Brent and Justin alternate sucking their buddy’s dick with an occasional tongue swipe of his balls.

The trio wheel around with Brent and Zach 69-ing while Brent eats ass. Then Zach ends up the middle of a 3-man sandwich getting fucked up the ass and in the mouth by Brent and Justin. With Brent still slamming his asshole, Zach’s body tenses up and he busts his nut. And then Justin, then Brent follow up with their own spurts of creamy jism.”

– Watch the entire scene at FalconStudios

Falcon Studios
July 12, 2010

Pride Studios: Jeremy Bilding fucks Zach Alexander

ExtraBigDicks writes:

“Jeremy Bilding & Zach Alexander explode this week on ExtraBigDicks.com in a jizz filled ending that a sperm back would be jealous of. The chemistry between these two was obvious even before we started so once they were let loose they immediately began to make out.

After kissing for a bit, Zach takes that tongue south as he licks and kisses down Jeremy’s smooth chest and abs. He licks at this cock through his jock strap; teasing him a bit before hauling it out. Zach swallows his cock deep as Jeremy groans in approval. Zach is definitely happy with the buffet today and he’s going to town on that thick Midwestern Meat.

Jeremy then decides it’s time to return the favor. Zach looks down to see Jeremy taking his cock deep as he looks up with those intense bedroom brown eyes. Jeremy isn’t one to tease without a payoff as he swallows every inch of Zach’s 9” cock to the hilt. These two then maneuvers into a hot 69 so they can get even more of those thick dicks.

Jeremy decides he needs to prep that ass and does so by sliding his tongue deep inside Zach’s hole. He licks and fingers that hole making Zach want it even more as he begs to get fucked.

Jeremy then lies back and watches as Zach impales himself on his dick side-saddle. He holds still as Jeremy starts fucking up into his hot ass. Brace yourself! Jeremy then bends Zach over and slides that cock in for more. Zach’s thick dick swings like a pendulum as he gets more dick. Just when Zach’s getting used to this position Jeremy switches things up and takes him missionary. In this position his cock is hitting all of Zach’s buttons. Jeremy knows exactly what to do and starts fucking him fast and deep making his own aching cock explode. He pulls out and bathes Zach in his thick load. Some guys have all the luck.”

– Download the complete scene at PrideStudios.com

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