August 20, 2017

TimTales: Joaquin Santana gets pounded by big-dicked Vadim Romanov

TimTales: Joaquin Santana bottoms for big-dicked Vadim Romanov writes:

“Timtales insatiable bottom boy is back for more cock. And this time, he takes Vadim Romanov’s huge cock with such pleasure. A big Russian cock hitting all the right spots.

Joaquin is in pure ecstasy the whole time. His eyes keep rolling back as Vadim massages his inside. These two really liked each other. I’m sure you can feel the passion :)”

– Download the entire scene at

One response to “TimTales: Joaquin Santana gets pounded by big-dicked Vadim Romanov”

  1. Bernie Sanders says:

    This Joaquin boy needs to get on PReP and stop ruining TimTales videos with condoms. So dumb.

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