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October 20, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: Edji Da Silva has bareback sex with his husband Timo Dylan

Lucas Entertainment: Edji Da Silva has bareback sex with his husband Timo Dylan
Lucas Entertainment: Edji Da Silva has bareback sex with his husband Timo Dylan

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Edji Da Silva is one of the hottest, sexually charged, and most popular Lucas Entertainment Exclusives the studio has had in recent memory, so it wasn’t a tough choice when he asked to film a gay bareback sex scene with his husband Timo Dylan.

The studio caught up with them in Edji’s native Paris where the hot gay couple discussed their relationship, how they met, and what they like to do in bed. But why talk about what they like in bed when it’s best to show off what they’re into.

The passion between these two guys is apparent from the onset of their rough lovemaking: when Edji and Timo make out and suck dick, they mean business, and the rougher the better! Edji loves eating ass, so he goes to town when Timo gets on his back and spread his legs — if he’s going to handle a pounding from his husband, he’s got to prep him beforehand.

Edji’s cock is always ready and hard, and without a condom on, he slides right into Timo and every second he’s inside his partner the feeling is more incredible. Slow and soft is something Edji just isn’t capable of: he’s a rough top, but Timo is up for the ass-pumping challenge.

But the question is this: can Edji take Timo’s raw uncut cock up his own ass bareback? Judging by how much he bounces and slams down on Timo’s lap, the answer is yes!”

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September 30, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: “Surrender to Love”

Lucas Entertainment: "Surrender to Love"

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“There’s no greater expression of strength and affection than when the Lucas Men leave everything behind and “Surrender to Love.”

Kayden Gray offers both his body and heart to Woody Fox during a passionate morning of lovemaking.

Demian Holt travels to the United States to experience romantic ecstasy with Michael Lucas.

Darius Ferdynand passionately enters Edji Da Silva from behind for the first time on Lucas Entertainment film.

Adriano Carrasco and Tony Rivera prove that Latin love is the best kind.

And Hans Berlin escapes to England with Jonathan Agassi for a passion-filled weekend.

Run away with the Lucas Men and “Surrender to Love”!

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August 26, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: Darius Ferdynand and Edji Da Silva flip fuck in “Surrender to Love”

Lucas Entertainment: Darius Ferdynand gets fucked by Edji Da Silva in "Surrender to Love"
Lucas Entertainment: Darius Ferdynand gets fucked by Edji Da Silva in "Surrender to Love"

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“There are two core rules Edji Da Silva understands perfectly: breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Darius Ferdynand is the object of Edji’s eye — he’s never loved someone the way he loves him, and he wants to surprise him with breakfast in bed. But Darius is always watching his weight so Edji only makes him some fresh orange juice.

It is such a kind gesture that Darius shows his appreciation the best way possible: with some deep fellatio and anal sex! But Darius answers Edji’s desire to bottom, something he only does with men he truly cares about. Darius is more than happy to enter Edji from behind, experiencing his iron-fisted anus!”

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August 6, 2013

Lucas Raunch: “London Showers”

LucasRaunch.com writes:

“The cold and rainy streets of England quickly turn steamy and golden when the weather report calls for “London Showers”!

Tomas Brand shows off his topping skills by dominating piss slut Jonathan Agassi.

Young British sex stars Sam Barclay and J.P. Dubois get raunchy with pissing, fucking, and cum.

Lucio Saints shows Ethan Rezzo who is in charge with his hard uncut cock.

Edji Da Silva and Scott Hunter get sloppy with water sports in the bathroom.

And Jonathan Agassi returns to bottom in a puddle of piss for Damien Crosse!

Let loose and get wet, because we’re calling for “London Showers”!”

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December 3, 2012

Lucas Raunch: Edji Da Silva and Taylor Scott piss and fuck in “The Wetter the Better”

LucasRaunch.com writes:

“Edji Da Silva and Taylor Scott snuggle up to each other during the morning before Taylor decides to hop out of bed and fix breakfast for the both of them. Edji wakes up shortly after and calls over the balcony of their house for Taylor. He appears and Edji whips out his dick, sticks it through the railing, and starts unleashing his piss all over Taylor from the second floor.

When he’s emptied out Edji walks downstairs and opens up his mouth for Taylor’s own hot urine. What was supposed to be a charming breakfast turns into a raunchy sex fest, all thanks to Edji’s own twisted lust.

Edji and Taylor squirt and spit piss, such each other off, eat out tight man hole, and splash their morning meal all over each other.

Their fuck culminates in Taylor crawling onto the dining table and spreading his hole for a steady, deep, and aggressive fuck from Edji. The Arabic power top shows off all of his sexual energy as he pounds Taylor into submission and shows him who is boss!”

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December 1, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: D.O. and Edji Da Silva’s hot flip-fuck

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“D.O. sneaks away from his white-collar job for a cigarette, and his place of choice is a fire escape overlooking the back alley of his office building. But Edji Da Silva, a new hot shot around town, is already there. He and D.O. share a cigarette before taking advantage of their seclusion.

The guys make out before taking of their jackets and feeling up their packages. Edji takes a seat on some boxes and yanks out his fat cock — D.O. hasn’t had sex in awhile, so he can’t hold out from sucking on what Arabic businessman has between his legs.

He gives his mouth a solid workout before standing up and showing Edji what he’s packing in his pants. D.O. whips out his huge cock, and Edji swallows it right up and gives him a deep and wet blowjob.

The guys eat out each other’s holes before Edji rolls on a condom and pounds D.O. out, showing him what he has to offer and what he’s capable of. D.O. bends over and takes every thrust like a champ. Afterwards Edji offers his ass to D.O., who fucks him with the same aggression and intensity!”

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October 27, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Edji Da Silva and Mathew Mason take turns fucking Jonathan Agassi’s ass in “Awake”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“After Jessy hitches a ride back to his hotel, Jonathan confronts Jessy and the aggressive blowout begins. Jonathan storms out of the fight and finds Edji Da Silva and Mathew Mason and coaxes them to drive him as far away as they can. Once Jonathan lures Edji and Mathew up into the lighthouse, he lets them both know what he’s after.

He totally wants to let go, and the only way he knows how is total submission to two hot guys, and Jonathan couldn’t have two better candidates in Edji and Mathew. The kissing is hard and powerful, the way men kiss when their testosterone is boiling. More and more clothing is removed as Jonathan lures Edji and Mathew deeper into his sexual desires: Edji takes Jonathan by the front while Mathew grabs hold of him from the back.

Mathew and Edji unbuckle their pants and present their cocks to Jonathan; the Israeli bottom wags his tongue and drops to his knees. He switches between Edji and Mathew’s big dick, licking and sucking the shafts and heads. The guys all gasp and moan during the hot blowjob action, and the tops even smack their dicks against Jonathan’s face while his mouth is open and tongue bared.

Jonathan leans against the railing of the lighthouse’s interior and bends over to show off his puckering asshole. Edji and Mathew take turns settling in between his cheeks and eating out his hole. Jonathan loves when his ass is shown a proper amount of attention, and these two sexy men know what they’re doing to get him all worked up.

Edji is the first to bend Jonathan over while their both standing up and slip his cock inside: Edji isn’t know for taking it easy on his bottom guys, and Jonathan is no exception. Jonathan gets slammed hard, and he knows he has to take it! Mathew moves in next and shoves his long fat dick inside Jonathan and shows as much gentleness as Edji did.

The threesome moves to another room and Jonathan rides Mathew like a cowboy as Edji jerks off watching the two go at it. The sex reaches its climax when Jonathan settles in between both Mathew and Edji and takes their cum with hungry, open mouth!

The temptation ends where it began at the lighthouse. A structure meant to guide people to the right path but will the light shine through the dark madness or will it all collide into destruction as everyone becomes AWAKE.”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

October 22, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: “Auditions 47: Greece My Hole”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Lucas Entertainment’s forty-seventh round of auditions features some of the sexiest Lucas Men overseas, and they’re all ready to “Greece” their “Holes”!

Marco Sessions begins the interviews by working on Rafael Carreras’ uncut Cuban cock with his mouth and hole.

Vito Gallo and Trenton Ducati flex their Greek-god bodies as they flip-fuck each other.

Lucas Entertainment’s exclusive Arab power-top Edji Da Silva bends Tony Axel over and shows him who is boss.

Adrian Long and Miles Racer blow wads of cum after a long round of sex.

And Adam Killian and Jessy Ares work and wear out each other’s muscular asses.

Once these hot guys “Greece” up their “Holes,” there’s no stopping them!”

– Watch all scenes from this hot movie at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
October 2, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Tony Axel bottoms for Edji Da Silva in “Greece My Hole”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“There’s a language barrier at the beginning of this interview: Lucas Entertainment’s exclusive Arab power-top Edji Da Silva and Tony Axel both speak French. After some translating the porn stars talk about their sexual appetites before they move in for the kill with some heavy kissing.

Tony moves down Edji’s torso with his tongue and lips and Edji breaks open his belt. The Arab’s cock pops out through his underwear and shoves it down Tony’s throat; doesn’t complain with Edji’s hot cock wedged down his throat — but how can he when he can’t speak? Edji opens up his throat for Tony, who forces his long cock down the tops throat and pumped hard.

Edji gets even with Tony when he lays on his stomach and slams his cock into Tony’s hole and slams. Edji never disappoints when he’s fucking a bottom, and Tony gets treated like a cheap whore — he can barely handle it when Edji starts long-dicking him. Edji totally thrusts into Tony, and then out again.

With such hot sex, their cumshots are explosive, which Tony smears all over his body!”

– Download the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

April 7, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Edji Da Silva hammers Brandon Jones’ ass in “Open Bar”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Montreal’s gay nightlife has a flashy tradition of lavish dance clubs and open bars loaded with alcohol. But the real fun happens behind the scenes as DJ Brandon Jones teaches us when the dark, sexy Edji Da Silva steals him away from the dance floor and pulls him back stage.

Edji slams Brandon against the wall, holds his arms above his head and starts kissing him, whispering that before too long, he’s going to fuck Brandon hard.

They take their shirts off and compare chests: Brandon’s body is gorgeous, lean and toned with every muscle sculpted. Edji is thicker and stronger, which matches his dominant personality.

Edji pulls Brandon deeper into the darkness of the backstage where he takes off his pants and presents his erection to Brandon. Instead of returning to the floor, he opens up his throat and swallows Edji, servicing every inch the Arabic Parisian has to offer.

Edji finds an empty booth after the club shuts down and bends Brandon over, eating out his ass before rubbing his erection along Brandon’s ass crack, teasing him with what’s to come.

Edji stuffs his fat cock down Brandon’s throat again before slipping on a condom and bending the toned DJ over and smearing his ass with lube. Brandon wants Edji to give it to him, and he does just that. Edji doesn’t hold back as he starts thrusting deep into Brandon.

Each thrust causes the bottom to moan; Brandon’s made it his job to please Edji, and when he rolls onto his back with his legs spread eagle, the Arabic top penetrates him deep, only to pull out and enter again. All of the fucking and sucking brings Edji to climax, and he blasts his cum into Brandon’s mouth!”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

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