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August 16, 2016

Next Door Studios: Andre Donovan bangs Chris Harder in “Taking The Cake”

Next Door Studios: Andre Donovan bangs Chris Harder in "Taking The Cake"
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NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Andre Donovan always makes the most of his birthday. This year, he’s made sure not to invite any guests over to help him celebrate…except for one.

Chris Harder is a little surprised to find out it’s just the two of them. But when Andre explains that all he wants for his birthday is to ‘do’ Chris, it makes a lot more sense!”

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September 8, 2014

Next Door Ebony: Draven Torres gets pounded by muscle studs Max Chevalier and Marc Williams in “Posing for Pleasure”

Next Door Ebony: Draven Torres gets pounded by muscle studs Max Chevalier and Marc Williams "Posing for Pleasure"

NextDoorEbony.com writes:

“Imagine this: the impeccably chiseled Marc Williams, posing in his underwear, flexing, moving, looking deep into your eyes. Now enter Draven Torres and Max Chevalier, two gorgeous men, hungry for warm, Ebony flesh.”

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September 16, 2013

Next Door Ebony: Rob Lee, JP Richards and Tyson Tyler’s threeway in “Birthday Surprise”

Next Door Ebony: Rob Lee, JP Richards and Tyson Tyler's threeway in "Birthday Surprise"

NextDoorEbony.com writes:

“What a deliciously hot three-way! Rob Lee is having a birthday and his boyfriend, JP Richards, has decided to give him the gift that keeps on giving…pornstar Tyson Tyler!

When the blindfold comes off and Rob sees his special present, he can’t keep himself from going right for the goods.

Rob pulls down Tyson’s underwear and takes that famously sexy cock in his mouth. While Rob sucks deep, JP eats Rob’s tender ass in preparation for a hard fucking. Soon JP is sliding his firm dick into Rob’s hole. Watch him fuck his boyfriend good while Rob slurps on Tyson’s meat.

Then you’ll get to see JP get a taste of Tyson’s dong while Rob takes a turn pounding JP’s tight bottom. It’s a wild and sexy birthday none of these hot boys will forget. Join the fun!”

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Next Door World
May 5, 2013

Next Door Ebony: Derek Reynolds and Draven Torres flip fuck in “Trained and Banged”

NextDoorEbony: "Trained and Banged" with Derek Reynolds and Draven Torres

NextDoorEbony.com writes:

“Draven Torres is a gymnasium hot shot. He’s been helping all kinds of folks reach their personal fitness goals all summer. A guy named Derek Reynolds made an appointment with Draven for an after-hours session, when the gym is normally closed.

When Draven gets a load of Derek for the first time, he can’t help but pop a chubby in his workout shorts. Derek is a very hot piece of chiseled man. He’s hoping Draven can help him with some exercises on the mats.

When Draven notices Derek peeking up his shorts, watching Draven’s hard cock while he spots Derek on leg-ups, Draven knows Derek might be into some alternative style of exercises. Sure enough, Derek can’t get his mouth around Draven’s hard dick quick enough.

Watch him slurp with delight while Draven enjoys this hot guy sucking good. Then it’s a hot 69 session right on the mats. They’re going at each other like cock starved, testosterone fueled beasts.

They take turns licking assholes before Draven pounds Derek’s eager hole like an animal. And Draven’s not ending this fitness lesson without some good stretching… of his own tight hole!

Check out Derek as he bangs his trainer with intense passion. Talk about a hot, juicy workout!”

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Next Door World
March 28, 2013

Next Door Ebony: Big-dicked stud Sean Xavier sucks and fucks himself

NextDoorEbony: Big-dicked stud Sean Xavier sucks and fucks himself

NextDoorEbony writes:

“In the night, when you wake up in the middle of a hot sweat, your sheets are drenched, your mouth is parched and your cock is harder than granite, your dream comes rushing into your cognition like the floodgates broke.

It was him again. On the plain where you met and watched him, he told you his name was Sean. Sean Xavier. You watched him disrobe sensuously. Then he began to stroke his mammoth dick, gripping tightly. His skin and dick looked lathered with a rich cream. His eyes pierced deeply into your being. You’ll never forget the way he caressed his body, not only for your enjoyment, but also for his own.

When he kicked his legs over his head and sucked his own bulging cock, you found yourself breathless in awe. Then he rubbed his dickhead on his own asshole and you couldn’t believe you were here, seeing this, experiencing such incredible sexual energy.

Next time, you’ll hang on as long as you can…maybe long enough to touch dicks together or something hot like that.”

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Next Door World
March 10, 2013

Next Door Ebony: “Wake-up Sex” with Kiern Duecan and Jordano Santoro

NextDoorEbony: "Wake-up Sex" with Kiern Duecan and Jordano Santoro

NextDoorEbony.com writes:

“Is it Valentine’s Day? Is it their anniversary? Are they on vacation somewhere? No, it’s just morning! Kiern Duecan and his lover, Jordano Santoro, are insatiable for one another. Their sex together just seems to get spicier and hotter every time.

Today they’re waking up, with boners as usual, and getting right into some crazy, steamy action.

Jordano goes straight for Kiern’s massive dick. He pulls the covers away to reveal the extremely hard member, waiting for Jordano’s warm lips and mouth. Then they move into some sexy 69ing so both boys can enjoy a fatty sliding in and out.

It’s not long before Jordano wants to fuck Kiern’s tight hole. Watch him slam Kiern’s beautiful ass with passion and power.

When they switch, you’ll see Jordano take Kiern’s unbelievable cock very deep and hard for a solid morning pounding. It’s a morning delight for these horny young lovers.”

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Next Door World
March 2, 2013

Next Door Ebony: Draven Torres, Derek Reynolds and Ace Rockwood’s hot threeway in “Alternative Payment”

NextDoorEbony: Draven Torres gets fucked by Derek Reynolds and Ace Rockwood in "Alternative Payment"

NextDoorEbony.com writes:

“When Draven Torres, a broke college student, moves into a new apartment closer to campus, he hires a couple movers from an ad in the university newspaper. Ace Rockwood and Deryk Reynolds do the work Draven requests promptly and efficiently. They work hard in order to build up a good word-of-mouth for their brand new moving business.

After the last item is moved, the guys tell Draven he owes them $150. Draven reluctantly breaks the news to them that he doesn’t have the money to pay. But he was hoping they would accept a decent trade. One look from Ace and Deryk knows exactly the only kind of ‘trade’ they’d take. Ace pulls out his cock and pushes Draven’s head down so he can get to work! Deryk is getting some nice sucking from Draven also. Ace and Deryk work as a team both when they’re moving furniture AND when they’re sharing a nice, warm mouth.

Then it’s time for the bulk of the payment to be made. Ace is bending Draven over give him a hot and hard pounding he’ll enjoy, while Draven slurps down Deryk’s fat dong all the while. I hope Draven gets his cash flow situation figured out by the time rent’s due. But hey, there’s always something to trade!”

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February 26, 2013

Next Door Ebony: Marc Williams fucks Jordano Santoro in “Picture Perfect”

NextDoorEbony: Marc Williams fucks Jordano Santoro in "Picture Perfect"

NextDoorEbony writes:

“Jordano Santoro is an aspiring artist and photographer who specializes in the male form. Marc Williams is definitely a special form of male, so when Marc agrees to model for Jordano at his studio, it seems like a perfect match. As Marc studies Jordano’s other pieces, he is impressed with the attention to detail Jordano displays. But when Marc disrobes and takes his place on the pedestal, Jordano’s attention shifts away from art, and his focus is on something much more carnal.

Marc can sense it as well, as his cock hardens slightly while Jordano shoots away. Eventually, the chemistry between the two becomes obvious, and as Jordano slips his lips around Marc’s cock, it becomes apparent that art will have to wait for another day. Marc responds to these advances by grabbing the back of Jordano’s head and pulling it in closer, choking Jordano with his cock.

Stepping down from the pedestal, Marc then bends Jordano over, teasing his hole with the tip of his dick, and then slipping it in as Jordano braces himself against a chair. Fucking him with perfect form, Jordano realizes that Marc is more than just a pretty face, and so he closes his eyes and lets Marc have his way.”

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January 14, 2013

Next Door Ebony: Marc Williams fucks Nubius in “Morning Groove”

Check out Marc Williams and Nubius’ hot morning fuck at Next Door Ebony!

December 28, 2012

Next Door Ebony: Yates bangs Kiern Duecan in “The Grand Tour”

NextDoorEbony: Yates bangs Kiern Duecan in "The Grand Tour"

NextDoorEbony.com writes:

“Yates is the type of dude that takes what he wants. As an interior painter, he comes across a good share of hot guys looking to rent apartments. Today he’s meeting Kiern Duecan, a muscular, athletic young man who’s interested in checking out the condo space.

Yates can tell that Kiern likes what he sees… and I don’t mean the condo. Yates uses an old trick to see if guys wanna hook up. He goes into the bathroom, making plenty of noise so the dude knows, but leaves the door open a little. Then Yates pulls his fat cock out and just stands there. If a fish is hungry, he’ll bite.

Kiern is definitely biting. He tries to slightly show interest by lingering for a fraction of a second longer than necessary after walking in on Yates. A few moments later, Yates walks into the empty master bedroom with his cock hanging out of his work jeans.

Kiern wastes no time getting low and putting his lips around the huge dong. After enjoying Yates’s throbber for a bit, they switch so Kiern can get his own boner wet.

But Yates doesn’t like to waste an opportunity, and this one’s as golden as they come. You gotta see the hard pounding he delivers to Kiern’s tight hole. Chalk up another one for the hard working Yates!”

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December 13, 2012

Next Door Ebony: Sam Swift fucks Derek Reynolds

Derek Reynolds gets fucked by Sam Swift in this smoking hot scene at NextDoorEbony.com!