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September 8, 2014

Next Door Ebony: Draven Torres gets pounded by muscle studs Max Chevalier and Marc Williams in “Posing for Pleasure”

Next Door Ebony: Draven Torres gets pounded by muscle studs Max Chevalier and Marc Williams "Posing for Pleasure"

NextDoorEbony.com writes:

“Imagine this: the impeccably chiseled Marc Williams, posing in his underwear, flexing, moving, looking deep into your eyes. Now enter Draven Torres and Max Chevalier, two gorgeous men, hungry for warm, Ebony flesh.”

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March 26, 2013

Men of Montréal: Max Chevalier fucks Christian Power in “Clash of the Titans”

MenOfMontreal: Max Chevalier fucks Christian Power in "Clash of the Titans"

MenOfMontreal.com writes:

“500 lbs. of pure muscles and 16 inches of powerful cocks!! Like an aircraft carrier, Max Chevalier and Christian Power, together, displace a lot of water. Christian blames his size on eating all his vegetables when he was a kid. And, when Max observed during the interview with Marko Lebeau that “I thought I was a big guy, but I just discovered I’m nothing…” it was clear that next to Christian’s 6’3” towering stature, he kinda dwarfs in comparison.

Nonetheless, as the top in this scene, Max still ends up being the one in charge. Christian however was, in this scene, more comfortable than we’ve ever seen him yet. He appeared comfortable, even when taking his largest cock yet up the ass!

Christian’s size can sometimes be a problem for guys who are fucking him… even when they have big dicks. With his huge bubble butt, there aren’t a lot of positions that allow for clear and deep penetration from him partners. Max did his best when fucking Christian sideways, but he really got into his element when he got our Men of Montréal exclusive on all fours. Even when they did a 69, Christian’s sheer size hid Max from our cameras.

After lapping each other’s cocks generously, Max rammed Christian’s ass and started calling our Zeus his “baby”. Try as I may, I can’t recall ever seeing a 275 lbs. “baby” being pummelled from behind.

Max went from 0 to 60 within minutes and being so turned on, he pulled out, removed his condom and came on Christian’s butt, then rubbing his cock around his ass and on his bottom’s hole. Christian then ramped up himself and shot his load on Max’s chest. Max sucked the remainder of Christian’s cum of his dick and being the horny dude he is then got up and topped everything off seductively French kissing Christian… All in all, a pretty good time!”

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Men of Montreal
November 8, 2012

Next Door Studios: Marko Lebeau gets fucked by big-dicked bodybuilder Max Chevalier

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Come away with Next Door Studios and experience the beautiful Canadian countryside!

You’ll meet up with natives, Max Chevalier and his companion Marko Lebeau as they lounge near the pool. When you arrive, you’ll find them just gearing up to get right into some hot action. Max is just coming over to Marko’s sun chair to give him a nice taste of his fat cock.

Marko is very eager to get his mouth around Max’s hard piece. You’ll notice Max’s very muscular physique, Marko’s ideal body on a guy.

After enjoying this nice treat, Max is going in for a bit of Marko’s chubby dick. He sure does suck passionately! Then he’s having a nice few lickings of Marko’s tender ass, loosening it up for what’s next.

You don’t wanna miss this journey to the friendly land to the north, where muscle bound Max is pounding sweet Marko’s tight hole under the warm, partly cloudy sky. Enjoy!”

– Download the full-length scene at NextDoorStudios.com

Next Door World
February 28, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: “Newcummers”

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Lucas Entertainment is expanding its studio northward where there are plenty of sexy, hot ‘Newcummers’ to warm up the chilly Canadian landscape.

Uncut, tattooed Lucas exclusives Edji Da Silva and Johnny Venture suck and fuck until they cum in each other’s mouths.

Sexy power-bottom Brandon Jones rides Nick Ford’s hard cock.

Lucas exclusive Adrian Long relentlessly slams and pounds Hayden Colby’s tight ass.

Latin stud Nikko Brave takes a ride on worked out muscle-hunk Max Chevalier’s big, uncut dick.

And back in the states, young and horny pornstars Franco Ferarri and Kyle Quinn suck cock and flip-fuck before lapping up each other’s cum.

Let the ‘Newcummers’ show you they have what it takes to be best sex stars around!”

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Lucas Entertainment