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July 31, 2009

Sean Cody: Fuller bangs Keith

SeanCody: Fuller bangs Keith

Sean Cody writes:

“This film was shot shortly before my trip to Hawaii. That was were Keith got fucked by Matt.

I said in the write up for that film that I had kind of used Hawaii to grease the wheels a little with Keith. But, I hate flying someone half away around the world only to find out they can’t take a dick in their ass (yes, that’s happened before!). As part of that arrangement, I wanted Keith to get fucked here. So this film is actually where Keith loses his cherry (on film at least).

Fuller was out for the weekend at had finished fucking the hell out of Kurt a few days earlier. I knew Fuller would give Keith a good work out and he did. He used every damn muscle in his body and even gave Keith a good facial!”

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July 31, 2009

TommyDxxx: Tommy’s poolside jack-off session

tommypoolside_tommydxxx_02 tommypoolside_tommydxxx_04 tommypoolside_tommydxxx_07 tommypoolside_tommydxxx_09 tommypoolside_tommydxxx_15 writes:

“Today TommyD will be brushing up on various techniques in and around the swimming pool. It’s important that you pay close attention to this demonstration. He’ll begin with a nice, even breaststroke. From there, he’ll find a good area to warm up with a dick rub. Once he gets in the groove, he’ll demonstrate a long, deep cockstroke. Take note of his textbook form here; this is Tommy’s specialty.

And you at home can follow along. Before you know it, you’ll realize that swimming with TommyD can be real fun!”

– See more of Tommy and his fuck buddies at
– More photos from this shoot in the gallery

Next Door Studios
July 30, 2009

Next Door Studios: Christian Wilde fucks Justin Jameson

Next Door Studios: Christian Wilde fucks Justin Jameson

NextDoorWorld writes:

“Justin Jameson is a newcummer and Christian Wilde is helping him get acquainted. The guys are washing up in the bathroom when Christian decides to heat things up. Justin is no stranger to getting sexy in bathrooms. He loves jerking off in public restrooms whenever he gets the chance. Luckily, he has Christian’s rock hard cock to play with this time.

Even though Justin has a fresh face, he can suck and take a dick like a seasoned pro. And Christian Wilde is making sure Justin gets broken in by fucking him nice and deep.”

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July 30, 2009

Randy Blue: Eddie Renzo shows off

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RandyBlue: Eddie Renzo loves showing off his hot tattoos

Eddie Renzo brings an amazing sexual energy to his debut jack off video on Randy Blue. And with his big dick and amazing ass you’re sure to lust after this hottie.

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July 30, 2009

ChaosMen: Carter gets serviced

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Chaosmen: Carter gets serviced

Chaosmen writes:

“I knew when I saw Carter that I wanted Elliott to work with him. Unfortunately I could tell Carter might only be down for a blow job, so even though Elliott had been up to bat a lot lately, I didn’t want to miss this double red head pairing.

And this is the epitome of straight guy oral Servicing! Stoic straight boy watching his pussy porn then surrendering to the oral sensations of a pro-cocksucker. Elliott is amazing as he keeps him hard, and I swear, a couple times Carter looks very serious, as if he is about to nut.

Every now and then I find guys who can only seem to nut sitting down or laying on their back. Some of them really want to do porn, but in porn, the guy is usually upright when he nuts ON TO something.

So I always struggle when a new guy comes along who has to lay down, but wont let someone else cum on them. It makes for a non-interactive cumshot. I’m not fond of the two guys laying side by side and nutting on themselves. Best Friends Vids…sure, but otherwise, there has gotta be at least a trade of DNA on to someone else!

Now Carter, he is just the opposite. Just like his solo, he wanted to be standing for the cum shot. Which is harder for most guys. So he is ahead in this game. Before the shoot I showed Carter’s jack-off technique to Elliott. That way, he would know how to handle Carter’s cock. An advantage I always get from filming their solo. So I showed him his milking technique, which Elliott uses at the end.

It’s kind of hot to watch Carter look at the TV then back at Elliott, then keep warning him he is gonna cum. He just kept tugging-n-tugging-n-tugging on him…till it all spills out!

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July 29, 2009

Falcon Studios: Mustang’s “XXX”

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Falcon Studios: Mustang's "XXX"

FalconStudios writes:

“Eight gruff and tough men roughhousing in TripleX action. Can you stand it?

Brutes and Demons storm through this TripleX feature with action so fierce, relentless, unapologetic and IN YOUR FACE! Watch these eight uberstuds degrade, delight, exasperate and unnerve, then finally release each other and discharge in four unforgiving scenes of manlove.”

– Watch the full-length movie online at FalconStudios

July 29, 2009

ActiveDuty: Behind the scenes of “Summer Recruits”

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Active Duty has a very special movie coming out this summer, and as usual, they are delivering to the member’s first! Summer Recruits is a special five hour movie with five sex scenes and tons of extras, including two hours of Behind-The-Scenes.

The Behind-The-Scenes footage not only gives you a glimpse of the real personalities of these eight gorgeous men, it also has jerking and sucking. All two hours of Behind-The-Scenes are streaming for members now at Active!

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July 29, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Cole fucks Ty

CorbinFisher: Cole fucks Ty

Corbin Fisher writes:

“With two of our newest horniest, and most sexually energetic guys here at CF, the ingredients were in place for a scorcher! That’s definitely what we got, as well! Cole and Ty waste no time getting into some deep, intense making out and are all over one another from the very start! Not only were they clearly into having some fun and getting off with one another, but both of these guys are just thoroughly and totally into sex and of itself so neither holds anything back here!

There was so much action between the two, in fact, that this video is a two-parter! In the first is all of the hot foreplay, with the second being full of all the hot fucking (as well as some extra footage of the guys in the shower after they both got off). As for the foreplay, it’s as deep and intense as the kissing! The guys were really having fun with one another, and seeing Ty’s dick gradually get harder and harder as Cole works it over with his mouth as the guys keep talking to each other and urging one another one was incredibly hot to film and watch! Cole looks like a man on a mission as he sucks Ty’s dick and Ty looks like he couldn’t possibly be enjoying it more. The only way Ty was able to get Cole off of his cock – or be willing to have him release it from his lips, for that matter – was to push him back on the bed and get on top of him so the two could make out and kiss some more.

Beyond the kissing, Ty clearly had a plan when he pulled Cole’s mouth of his cock – he wanted to get Cole’s dick in his own mouth! He promptly does just that, eliciting moans and groans and some great facial expressions out of Cole as he blows him! These guys are so expressive and into it that it was actually quite stressful filming this scene! I was convinced either of these two could blow their loads at any second and so was on edge making sure I’d be able to react in a split second and capture it on camera if that happened! Thankfully, they manage to hold out – likely ’cause they both know there’s some fucking in store, and neither wanted to miss out on that!

If the kissing and sucking weren’t intense enough, Cole really goes to town rimming Ty’s ass and driving Ty wild in the process!

“Does that feel good?”, Cole asks Ty between tongue-ing, sucking and slapping his ass. Obviously, it was a rhetorical question as Ty’s pants and moans and writhing around on the bed made it pretty obvious it felt damn good already! Were it not for the fact that they had some fucking to look forward to, they probably could have gone on for hours with Cole eating out Ty’s hole!

I love being able to watch a guy slowly slide his cock into another’s ass and Cole and Ty give us a great view of that as they start to fuck. With each of them moaning their approval, Cole’s dick is soon balls-deep in Ty’s hole as he prepared to start pumping and thrusting. Tight and defined, Cole’s body is looking hotter than ever as he thrusts in and out and we see every muscle flex in the process.

I have to confess – I sometimes find the old “slap the bottom’s ass while you’re fucking ’em” thing to be a bit cliche and usually have to refrain from giggling a bit (if not cringing) when I see it. But these two seem to really enjoy it! Cole slapped Ty’s ass early on, while rimming him, and got quite the response out of Ty when he did it. With Ty on his hands and knees, getting fucked from behind by Cole, he’s actually asking Cole to keep slapping him and thoroughly getting off on it every time Cole does! They’re really doing all they can to not only be as intense with one another as possible, but also as playful!

If there was any doubt Ty was totally loving Cole’s dick in his ass, that’s long gone by the time we see Ty sitting on Cole’s cock as Cole pumps up into him. His big dick is as hard as could be! As they move over on to their sides, they do all they can to make sure Cole’s dick stays deep in Ty’s ass – neither wanting the fucking to stop.

By now, it’s totally clear we’re going to see at least one of these guys spraying a load soon! Sure enough, Ty’s the first one to blow! You can see Ty get that look on his face and he’s then totally overcome with a powerful orgasm that has him writhing and bouncing all over – and Cole looks like he enjoys it as much as Ty!

When you get a hot fuck like this, someone has to end up with a face covered in cum! Ty happily ends up that way for us, as Cole fires off a massive load all over his face and into his mouth and, again, Ty looks like he enjoyed Cole’s orgasm as much as Cole did!”

– Download this hot scene at Corbin Fisher

July 29, 2009

NextDoorHookups: The Studding twins fuck Rani Fairis

NextDoorHookups: The Studding twins fuck Rani Fairis

NextDoorHookups writes:

“Rani Fairis is so conniving! She brings ice cubes over to the Studding Twins, Matt & Dave, and tells them the ice will ‘cool them down.’ HA! Good thing the twins weren’t born yesterday. They know Rani just wants to heat them up and get double-stuffed by their throbbing, twin-turbo cocks! Lucky for Rani, the guys are hot AND horny.

They’re gonna show her how real bros team up, high fives and all. So get comfortable and cum along…when it’s all over, you’ll be seeing double!”

– Download the entire scene at NextDoorHookups


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July 28, 2009

Sean Cody: College jock Chet

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SeanCody: College jock Chet

Sean Cody writes:

Chet is 19, and he’s a hot college jock! He plays lacrosse, and he’s something called a “defensive short stick middie.” (Yeah, I had to Google it too and I still don’t understand it!)

He’s a butt man, and can’t resist slapping a girl’s ass, especially if she’s Latina. “Do you wear condoms?” we asked. “Uhhh,” Chet responded, like he was going to get into trouble. “I’d rather not.” “No?” “Yeah,” he said. “There’s nothing like busting your nut up a girl’s warm pussy!”

Well, with the amount of cum this boy produces, it’s probably dripping out of her for hours!”

– See more of Chet at SeanCody