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July 31, 2011

Next Door Studios: Connor Maguire fucks Marcus Mojo writes:

“So tonight is the big party the Marcus Mojo has been waiting for: “An Evening of Sin”. Nothing is going to keep him from being there. That is, something comes up. It seems his ride to the party, Connor Maguire, has a pretty big problem rising. A problem that is too hard to solve on his own. So not being a man who gets what he wants, Marcus comes up with a solution, and the two of them come to the conclusion that two heads are definitely better than one.”

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July 30, 2011

Sean Cody: Liev fucks Calvin

Sean Cody writes about this hot scene:

“I have to say I was impressed (and a bit shocked) that Liev was very open about his sexual curiosity with other men. It really was something that I did not expect initially. There was a glimmer in his eye about finally getting to do more than just kiss another guy!

“How do you feel about your first time having sex on camera?” I asked.

“I’m excited! Let’s do it! This is just another step…trying something new,” he replied. His face was practically lighting up the room with excitement. Calvin was just as excited and that made Liev even more comfortable.

They compared their bodies. Liev was impressed with Calvin’s chest and butt and the second Calvin saw Liev’s cock, there was a bit of shock.

“Damn look at that thing! What is that? That thing is huge. I am kinda nervous!” he joked.

Liev’s competitive side started showing through and he didn’t hesitate at all to kiss Calvin. Liev loved it, and so did Calvin. It was time for me to get out of their way and let them fuck!”

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July 30, 2011

Randy Blue: Danny Harper pounds Johnny Hazzard

Randy Blue writes:

“When porn superstar Johnny Hazzard decides to take advantage of the hottest new mobile app, GuyFinder, red headed hottie Danny Harper nearly falls right into his lap. And when you have a hot muscle stud like Danny knocking at your door with his furry chest and chewable nipples you know you’re in for a good time.

Watching these guys kiss is hot enough but Danny going down on Johnny’s huge cock is even hotter. And if you like 69 then how about Johnny sucking Danny’s dick while Danny rims Johnny’s ass.

But it’s all just preparation for the hardcore ass fucking that’s coming when Danny lays Johnny out and rams him over and over with his rock hard dick.

And you’ll be so hot watching Johnny dump a huge load all over Danny’s hairy chest but don’t cum yet. Wait for Johnny’s breathy coaxing of Danny to shoot his own load and you’ll find yourself cumming right along with him.”

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July 30, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Johnny Maverick and Alexy Tyler fuck each other in “Auditions 40: Rafael Carreras’ Uncut Canada”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Johnny Maverick oozes charm and boy-next-door sex appeal, while Alexy Tyler screams “bad boy” with his sculpted body and olive skin. The duo first answers some interview questions, but what they’re really after is not information — but each other!

Johnny and Alexy have strong chemistry from the onset: they turn each other on, and from the start they swallow each other with some hot 69 action, slurping and sucking on each other’s rock-hard dicks.

But Johnny wants to pay special attention to Alexy’s body — he worships his muscles and nurses his hard-on and balls, much to Alexy’s moaning delight.

After all of the oral action is over, Alexy rims Johnny’s anxious hole, preparing it for the fucking of a lifetime. Watch Alexy’s bubble-but pump back and forth as he hammers away at Johnny, who takes in all of his partner’s cock with pleasure!

Afterwards, it’s Alexy’s turn, so he takes a seat on Johnny’s ready dick, who hammers and digs into Alexy until they both reach climax!”

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July 30, 2011

Falcon Studios: Donny Wright fucks Christopher Daniels “Big Rock Cove” writes:

“Donny Wright and Christopher Daniels hit Big Rock Cove for a sex-packed getaway. The two studs hunker down as soon as they cross the threshold, wrapping their arms tightly around each other to mack down. In one swift move Christopher is on his knees swallowing Donny’s picturesque uncut cock down to its base. He sucks the length and girth of the fleshy pole, inhaling the musky scent of his buddy’s crotch.

Donny then clambers atop Christopher in perfect position to 69. But while he’s blowing his lover, the hungry blond is busy rimming the tasty asshole staring him right in the face.

Donny begins fingerfucking Christopher’s asshole, sliding one digit, two and then three inside.

Having prepped the puckered cleft enough, he jams his swollen cock deep inside, fucking his eager partner like a madman while Christopher groans with pleasure. Donny finally pulls out and blasts his load and Christopher’s quick response is a matching splash of his own milky cum.”

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July 29, 2011

College Dudes: Buddy Davis fucks Alexander Greene writes:

“Buddy Davis has been keeping himself very busy for a while, so we were thrilled when he let us know he was up for some more fucking! Alexander Greene is the lucky guy in this sexy vid.

Buddy and Alexander are so hot together – when they begin making out you can sense the heat. As they are kissing, Buddy starts grabbing at Alexanders cock, and Alexander, excited, starts grabbing back. The hard cocks are practically ripping out of their pants, and when Buddy’s raging hard-on pops out, Alexander is down on it in no time. Alexander and Buddy trade some wet delicious blowjobs before Alexander gets stuffed.

Buddy plants his cock deep inside Alexander and continues to pump away while Alexander is stroking his cock and enjoying the action. Buddy places Alexander on his stomach – ass out – and starts giving it to him deep and hard.

These college studs finish up on the floor, and Buddy fucks Alexander until he blows a creamy white load. Buddy can barely contain himself and immediately pulls out, rips his condom off and spurts a big juicy load before he leans down to give Alexander one last kiss. Hot Stuff!”

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July 29, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Connor drills Jon

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Connor shows Jon some trampoline flips. But not everybody is Connor .. and I don’t want him going and breaking Jon! After some 180°s, 360°s and then some wrestling moves (while bouncing up and down), I’m relieved they head indoors for some wrestling of a sexier nature!

Connor and Jon kiss. Connor pushes Jon down on the bed and feeds Jon his cock. “Yeah, go deeper,” he tells Jon. Jon sticks his tongue out so Connor can slap his big cock on it.

Connor goes down on Jon to give him a stellar blowjob. Jon strokes Connor’s dick, then leans back and enjoys Connor’s hot mouth on his cock!

Jon moves under Connor to 69 him. It’s great watching Jon swallow Connor’s big dick. Jon’s proving to really enjoy cock – and the bigger the better! His tongue moves to Connor’s tight ass. Connor moans like crazy as Jon rims him. Connor jerks Jon’s stiff cock.

Connor lays down and has Jon lean back onto his dick. He slides down onto it. Connor drills up into Jon’s tight, fuzzy hole. The guys kiss. Connor fucks Jon even harder.

Jon grinds down, taking every inch of Connor’s cock. Connor gets Jon off the bed and has him lift one leg up. He shoves his cock into Jon’s hole as they stand up. Connor pounds Jon so hard his shoulder starts hitting the window blinds!

Connor holds onto Jon’s shoulder and thrusts harder. He fucks a thick load out of Jon! Jon shoots his load all over the floor. “Oh my god, that’s so hot!” Connor says.

Connor pulls out quickly and shoots in Jon’s mouth. Jon sucks Connor’s dick dry – and it doesn’t look like he wants to stop. “Your cum tastes amazing,” he tells Connor, after kissing him and going down for one more taste!”

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July 29, 2011

Videoboys: Bobby Long fucks Luda Wayne’s tight ass writes about this hot scene:

“If there were a World Series of Videoboys, this would be it. Luda Wayne and Bobby Long have always been two of the hottest models ever, but the timing was never just right to put them together in a full on sex scene. Mostly because Luda and Bobby have been friends for over a year now and it’s gotten to a point where the idea of having sex together just seemed kinda weird to them. The other reason is that Bobby’s cock is so big Luda was afraid that it would hurt his almost-virgin ass. They’ve discussed it quite a few times but always managed to chicken out at the last minute.

But we think that Bobby has secretly always wanted to fuck his straight friend Luda but never really wanted to admit it. So finally they got together and we have to say, it was an exercise in endurance for Luda. Bobby, as expected was hard as a rock from the minute the clothes were off. Luda, in anticipation of Bobby’s hard 8 inches was tense but determined. A little bit of preparation of Luda’s hole went a long way to easing the entry. Luda tried Bobby’s cock in three different positions and we were impressed by how much of it he could really manage to take. Ultimately Luda was the first to cum and Bobby followed with a blast across Luda’s chest.”

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July 28, 2011

Machofucker: Carlito gets stuffed by Antonio Biaggi

Machofucker writes:

“Carlito`s hole gets brutally fucked once more. This time it is Antonio, who impales the slim Latino lad with his massive wood.

And he does not pull out when he cums. Take my nut, papi! ”

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July 28, 2011

ChaosMen: Isaiah barebacks Mason’s virgin ass writes:

“Mason has been doing straight porn, but his experience with dudes has been pretty limited.

I thought he would adapt faster, but he did struggle a bit with all the cameras and having to stop now and then for everyone to get hard. Shooting a straight porn…well…straight through, has been common for him. So he was surprised his dick wasn’t staying up the entire time. I wasn’t surprised.

Isaiah’s cock did stay standing at attention, though he did get a little wobbly while Mason rode his cock. But it is always nice to pair a ‘ringer’ with a new guy.

Special props to Mason who WAS indeed nervous taking his first cock and volunteering to bottom first time out. He just didn’t think he would stay hard enough.

Isaiah is so confident in staying hard, he just went nice a slowly. No terribly Ouchie moments!

During the first part of the shoot, Mason was getting fucked doggy-style, and a couple times he asked me “How much longer do I have to bottom?” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that we were just getting started.

But once Mason got on top of Isaiah and could control depth, a switch was turned. Then by the time we got him on his back, he was stunned that he kept getting close to cumming while being fucked. So much for him watching the clock the entire time!

In fact it did make him cum, muuuuch quicker than it did for his solo and oral videos.

Still, he is eager to Top, and asked for a flip-flop film next.

Isaiah delivers a massive load and juices Mason for his first creampie!”

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