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December 31, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Will Helm seduces Damien Crosse in “Men in Love”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Masculine beauties Damien Crosse and Will Helm make love against the shores of Ibiza — as the raging waters crash on the jagged rocks below, Damien and Will press and mash their bodies into one another. They kiss deep and wet; their lips smack and their eyes are closed as they loose themselves in one another. The boys have excited hands matching their passion for one another, and they are frisky touching and exploring every inch of their muscles.

Damien moves down Will, kissing his abs and licking his chest before pulling back his underwear and sliding Will into his mouth, playing with his foreskin and worshipping the shaft of his cock. Will then samples Damien’s dick, sucking on it to bring his partner romantic pleasure. But Will takes power in the relationship and prepares Damien to service him by offering his ass to him.

Will penetrates Damien, sliding his dick deep inside the bottom, in and out slowly while running his hands along Damien’s tense and excited body. Damien props himself on his knees and cranes back, kissing Will as he fucks him slowly and with care. Damien flips onto his back and wraps himself in Will’s arms as he takes care of his bottom man, showing him both love and pleasure until they reach their hot reward.”

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Lucas Entertainment
December 30, 2011

ChaosMen: Curtis, Darius and Vander fuck each other raw writes:

“Curtis. Darius. Vander. All I am gonna say is, this is an amazing way to End/Start the Year!

It’s a big file, but there was so much good stuff happening, that it is likely the longest video to hit the site. Worth every second!

Happy New Year!”

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December 30, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Campbell fucks Scott – “Best Buds 2011”

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Longtime members of Corbin Fisher will no doubt remember the epic days of TJ and Ben. TJ modeled for us first, then his best friend Ben decided to apply to us as well. Of course, I was hoping I could convince them to get together … and over time, they did!

It was some of the hottest, most mind-blowing sex we’ve ever filmed. I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t had the fantasy of kissing and touching a hot best friend – especially if they’re straight! I’m always telling the guys that if they know someone, they should have them apply …

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve had a similar situation. When Scott started working with us this summer, he was so enthusiastic and so much fun (and not to mention that wrestler’s body, those sultry eyes ….yum!) I asked if there were any more back home like him.

He mentioned his friend Campbell. They’d been best friends for about a year, worked together sometimes and when I saw the pictures of Campbell, I said, “Get him in here!”. Scott even joked that he figured Campbell would be more popular than him.

Campbell came in right in time for our Halloween Bash, and his solo and scene with Olivia went up on the site a couple of weeks later to great ratings. Campbell’s Southern drawl, handsome face and killer body made him an instant star.

While Scott and Campbell were in the studio, they cracked each other (and everyone else) up! And they became fast friends with Cameron. They are fun, but I’m not sure we can ever put the three of them in the same room again … no one would get any work done!

So, I knew Campbell was having a great time. But he wasn’t too sold on doing guy/guy stuff. And doing it with Scott made him even more nervous. Scott was more open to the idea, only because he’d been with us longer. When I mentioned the prospect of having him and Campbell do a scene together, Scott just looked at me and chuckled and said, “I knew you guys were going to ask that!”. Well, we did! Scott and Campbell both agreed to give it a shot! And this video is the result!

I really worried that Campbell’s nerves and their natural playfulness would get in the way. But after the first kiss, MY nerves disappeared! Campbell responded passionately to Scott, even though his wide smile showed he was on the verge of giggling nervously. Once Scott started kissing all over Campbell’s muscular torso, Scott relaxed.

Scott eagerly went down on his buddy’s cock. Campbell enjoyed the blow job, then stood up to feed Scott his dick. Scott kept asking if Campbell liked it. Once Campbell said, “I know you can take more than that, bro,” Scott knew Campbell did.

Scott pushes Campbell down to get his first taste of cock. Campbell sucks and strokes his bud’s dick. He even licks Scott’s nuts. Scott strokes their dicks together and they kiss, before Scott climbs on top of Campbell’s cock.

It takes Scott a minute to slide down all the way on Campbell’s big dick. Once he does, he rides his best friend’s cock for all he’s worth! Once Campbell gets Scott on his back and fucks him missionary-style, he rams his dick even deeper into Scott’s ass!

Campbell fucks Scott doggy-style and before you know it, Scott blows his load … hands-free! He stroked a few times and I saw a few drops come out … but a huge stream of cum shot out of his dick while both hands were on the bed!

That makes Campbell have to pull out and blast his load all over Scott’s back! He rubs it into Scott’s ass cheek with his cock. The guys kiss and then take a shower. Campbell says he likes it, but he still’s not sure if he’s completely comfortable with the guy/guy stuff.

But that was hot! I hope if I can get Campbell to bottom for Scott next…

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December 30, 2011

Sean Cody: Paul fucks Grayson

Sean Cody writes:

“It was a battle of the comedians! Grayson and Paul both admit to being class clowns when they were in school. So, when they met up it was apparent that they wanted to outdo each other!

I kind of think that Grayson might have won. He was literally bouncing off the walls!

Of course, there were some serious moments.

The two of them were sitting on the sofa talking about what they wanted to do that day.

“I was just seeing if there’s anything you haven’t gotten in a while,” Paul said. “Well, I haven’t been fucked in a while,” Grayson said. “And no one has ever licked my ear!” “I could do that for you today.” “That’s what I’m talking about,” Grayson replied. “That actually turns me on.”

Now, Paul gets pretty intense when he fucks. And so does Grayson. He kept telling Paul: “Fuck me harder!”

I think Grayson might have won there, too!”

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December 30, 2011

Broke Straight Boys: Conner fucks Bobby writes:

“The ever popular Bobby and Conner are in bed together today. They were relaxing with their shoes off and I couldn’t help but stare at how big Connor’s feet were and of course, I just had to know what shoes size he wore. Obviously used to getting this question all the time, nonetheless, he rolled his eyes while stating that he wore a size 13 shoe.

As Conner is going to be topping Bobby, I said that Conner might as well take the lead as the height and weight difference between the two boys meant that Conner could literally pick Bobby up and toss him around the room, so it was going to be an interesting shoot.”

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Broke Straight Boys
December 30, 2011

Raging Stallion: Heath Jordan gets pounded by Bo Dean writes:

“Hunk Bo Dean’s got an itch down below and the burly warehouseman tugs and pulls at his crotch, finally freeing his throbbing cock so he can start jerking off. Peeking round the corner is co-worker Heath Jordan who’s getting a rise watching him. He’s on big Bo in a flash sucking on his dick, almost gagging on its solid hugeness.

Then with Bo laying across a bed of packing boxes, Heath climbs aboard for a ride.”

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December 29, 2011 Cliff Jensen fucks Marc Dylan in “Working Hard”

Str8 to Gay writes about this hot scene:

“Cliff Jensen works from home, but that doesn’t mean he’s slacking, in fact Cliff has been working such late hours that his buddy Marc Dylan hardly ever gets to see him anymore. Cliff was supposed to meet up with Marc and a group of friends for a drink at the club tonight, but it’s been over two hours and Marc is pretty sure that unless he physically forces his friend to come out he will just work all night. Marc decides to visit Cliff to remind him why he should be going out on a Friday night and not staying in…

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December 29, 2011

ChaosMen: Kaye’s hot solo session

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“Kaye is an intriguing dude. He says he is bi- split 50/50 between girls and guys. I dunno, I think he might be leaning towards guys. We’ll see if he really IS Bi or just working his way to playing on our team full-time. You just never know.

I finally got some Bi-porn for the bi guys to watch, so the timing was good. Though he really didn’t watch the video much. Kaye dances at night clubs, and gets off on being watched. The guy-guy-girl video was largely ignored.

Kaye has a clothing fetish. He is very fond of thongs- the skimpier the better. I had some on hand but they were more like jocks which he said were, “OK.”

So we went with some underwear I also had on standby. I actually spend a lot of money on underwear ‘cuz there is only so much basic underwear I can bear- and I am pretty Under Oblivious! But he found some that turned-him-on, despite them not being thongs. He was playing with them in both photos and video. If you like underwear, the photos and video might be a little treat for you.

I also tossed in a jerk-off sleeve to see if he would like the sensation. He sure did! Several times he needed to slow down or risk cumming too soon.

Kaye’s asshole is perfect too. I think if he ever comes back for oral or sex, he might be more inclined to bottom, though I am basing this only on the fact that he likes it when guys rim him (but not girls!). He does a great job showing off his ass and fingers himself ever so slightly. (More evidence! LOL)

His cumshot is awesome, and he clearly blows every bit of DNA out of his cock. He is in a mental fog at the end it was powerful.

Clearly, this guy had a lot of fun doing his solo.”

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December 29, 2011

NakedSword: Dark Alley Media’s “The Real Pump N Dumps of New York City”

Dark Alley Media writes at

“Welcome to The Real Pump N Dumps of New York City, our fourth collection of raw, anonymous, real sexperiences, from RawFuckClub.Com.

We give you an uninhibited look into the dark minds of our cum-thirsty bottoms, waiting with their eager holes open wide and twitching for seed.

Four fucktastic scenes featuring the hottest raw men of NYC in action, and our candid Cumwhore Interviews, giving us a glimpse into their sweat-soaked world of manjuice drenched pump-n-dump fantasies.”

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December 29, 2011

Randy Blue: Hayden Clark fucks Jayden Tyler

Hayden Clark fucks Jayden Tyler’s hot hungry hole with his huge hunk of monster meat at!

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