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January 31, 2012

Fratmen Sucks: Jasper and Marshall writes:

“On a bright afternoon, Jasper and Marshall decided to meet up for some sexual escapades.

Both of these boys have a little bit of duo experience under their belts, and they are looking to get some more with each other. Jasper is still pretty new to the joys he can experience with another man, while Marshall is slightly better versed in it.

After taking in the scenery together, Jasper and Marshall head to the bedroom where the mood heats up. Modestly hesitant at first, both of our frat boys get comfortable being naked together and progress to mutual blowjobs. It’s really hot seeing Jasper and Marshall enjoy the entire experience.

After their oral experimentation, they ease off and finish off by jerking their cocks side by side.”

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January 31, 2012

Broke Straight Boys: Jimmy pounds Aaron

There is no warm up chit chat as Jimmy and Aaron decide to get down and dirty right away in this hot scene at

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January 31, 2012

Falcon Studios: Landon Conrad fucks Dean Monroe in “Point & Shoot”

Falcon Studios writes:

“After the voyeuristic tour of their friends’ spirited sexploits, Landon Conrad and Dean Monroe are eager to make their own video to prove they’re just as capable and horny as their fellow visitors. Plus, they’ve got to release all the sexual tension that’s been building up by watching the hot shots.

Landon goes down on Dean as the camera rolls, capturing all the hot action. Landon slavishly works his lips up and down the stud’s tasty meat shaft. Then, Dean takes his turn servicing his lover with equal aplomb. The two move onto the couch and get more comfortable, so Landon can munch on Dean’s ass.

He licks the puckered hole with his tongue jabbing the tip inside and sending Dean soaring into new heights of ecstasy. Finally with his manhole all prepped and primed, Dean climbs aboard Landon’s dick and rides him. The two fuck and screw, working each other fast and furious, until they climax and cum with extreme intensity.”

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January 31, 2012 Bryce Star gets fucked by John Magnum in “Injured Pride” writes:

“John Magnum is a dick, a locker room jock bully who constantly finds a way to screw with Bryce Star. Finally after enough abuse Bryce snaps and comes up with a devious plan to get some payback – Bryce’s plan works, knocking out John cold! As it turns out John just really wanted to fuck Bryce but was unable to emotionally communicate his pent-up jock feelings!”

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January 31, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Jimmy Durano fucks Alex Andrews in “Stages of Sex”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Young party boy Alex Andrews loves to cruise the clubs, but he’s never actually hooked up on a whim before. But Jimmy Durano, both handsome and hot, knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take it. When he sees Alex he’s attracted to his cute face, blond hair, and tight skater body, and the two decide they need to use the bathroom. Without saying a word, when the pair of hot guys are at the urinals, Jimmy looks at Alex and moves in for a kiss.

They start making out as Jimmy’s cock gets hard in his pants. Alex knows what he wants, and that’s to service Jimmy: he drops to his knees and starts to suck the hunk’s thick uncut cock.

Jimmy takes his tank top off, and his muscular body stands tall above Alex as he sucks Jimmy’s cock and services his foreskin. Alex drops his own pants and Jimmy gives him a slow, attentive blowjob; he pays special attention to the head of Alex’s uncut dick. But in the end, Jimmy is a power top and Alex loves nothing more than to offer his ass to a sexy, dominant guy.

Alex props himself up on the urinals of the bathroom, exposing his tight hole in a position of total submission, and Jimmy loves it. With his pants still around his ankles, Jimmy slips his dick up into Jimmy and starts fucking the blond, who moans and groans with all of Jimmy’s hot and heavy thrusts. To avoid getting caught, the clubbers hide out in a private bathroom. Alex gets onto his back so Jimmy can start up again. Alex takes Jimmy uncut cock like a champ, and it ends in an explosive cumshot!”

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January 31, 2012 Phenix Saint bangs Christopher Daniels in “Unqualified” writes:

“Phenix Saint is at a job interview for a position that, according to his resume, he is clearly unqualified for. Christopher Daniels would like to hire Phenix, but first he is going to have to show how committed he is by eating out a qualified ass and sucking on qualified cock.”

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January 30, 2012

Sean Cody: Dennis and Pierce flip fuck bareback

Sean Cody writes about this hot scene:

“Dennis and I were sitting on a bed while Pierce was shaving in the other room. “What do you think?” I asked Dennis in a low voice, nodding my head toward Pierce.

“He’s a big boy!” Dennis said. “I love the Marine tattoos too.”

“Are you ready for him?” “Yes! This is going to be fun!”

Dennis loves to get fucked by the younger guys, so I knew he would enjoy this.

We started out in the hot tub, and Pierce was enjoying the attention. It was a cold but sunny day and they both the enjoyed the heat of the water.

After a relaxing soak they went inside. Pierce was eager to fuck Dennis.

After giving Dennis a good pounding, Pierce said he wanted to get fucked.

“I’m in the mood,” he said shyly, like he was doing something wrong!”

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January 30, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: “Men In Love”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Sex is brought to an entirely new level when you’re in LOVE. It’s a heightened experience for your whole body. There is romance, tender and slow caressing, eye contact and the intense chemistry of two men connecting beyond lust.

Watch boyfriends Jonathan Agassi and Issac Jones as they make passionate love. Handsome admirer Will Helm seduces Damien Crosse on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. Latin lover Rafael Carreras bathes and ravages Leo Helios by candlelight. Strong and romantic men Ben Brown and Scott Carter have sex amongst the waves. Powerful Jean Franko takes control over sensual bottom Jessie Colter and feeds him his load.

Take sex deeper than ever before and get ready to fall in LOVE.”

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January 30, 2012

Cocksure Men: Race Cooper fucks Trent Atkins writes:

“Trent Atkins was very excited when he learned he was doing a scene with Race Cooper. Trent’s a power bottom and couldn’t wait to get pounded by Race’s huge cock.

But first Trent and Race suck each other’s rods, with Race deep throating Trent’s pole. Race eats out Trent’s ass priming it for his massive meat. Trent, always ready, climbs on top and bounces on Race’s hard prick.

After various positions Trent shoots his load onto his belly followed quickly by Race’s spurt. Race bends over licking up all the cum and kisses Trent, snowballing both of their cum.”

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January 30, 2012

Randy Blue: Tyrese Hunter fucks Jay Stone

Interracial hardcore, hot 69 and plenty of rimming as Tyrese Hunter fucks Jay Stone wild at!

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