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June 30, 2012 Johnny Rapid gets double-penetrated in a hot orgy scene with Blaze, Rafael Alencar, Leo Forte and Brad Foxx writes:

“The soccer team suffered a humiliating defeat and the guys place the blame on goalie Johnny Rapid. Frustrated, the guys find a way to release some anger and Johnny fares no better at keeping his opponents from scoring.

Johnny manages his first double penetration including the massive cock of his Prison Shower costar Rafael Alencar.”

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June 30, 2012

ChaosMen: Chaz Riley barebacks Solomon writes:

“Clearly both Chaz and Solomon have amazing bodies, so I thought I would do a little body worship on the massage table with them. Chaz is definitely more experienced and easily took the lead by giving a very sensual massage to Solomon… right down to his prostate!

Solomon is looking extra furry, and one of my favorite moments is when Chaz climbs up on top of Solomon and they joust with their dicks. Two hot bodies with cocks rubbing! I love seeing Chaz’s cock wake-up just from rubbing his uncut dick against Solomon’s.

We knew Solomon was going to be bottoming, and we have learned that if we keep a butt plug in Solomon, he can stay stretched out and take a pretty good pounding. He pretty much does most of his bottoming scenes all “plugged-up” between ‘takes’.

Once plugged, Chaz gets a very good blow job from Solomon. Solomon couldn’t quite contain his need to give/receive pain, and put some crazy scratches all up and down Chaz’s body. Chaz didn’t yell, “Pineapple” so I guess he was into it!

It did put Chaz in the mind for revenge, and I think after the scratching incident he was not going to show Solomon any mercy when it came to fucking him. The dude has got some skills!

Solomon loves/hates the pain of being fucked. He seems to like to be rough and then be roughed up, going back-and-forth from submissive to dominant in a matter of seconds.

Chaz gives Solomon’s hole a major workout then he dumps his load inside, fingering all the jizz to soften the blow.

Once again, we are faced with Solomon’s extreme body tensing cumshot. Every muscle is locked in its maxed-out state. I don’t know how he nuts with girls? But it works for him.

Anyway, a very hot pairing with two beautiful dudes!”

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June 30, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Adam Avery and Nick Ford fuck each other in “Drain You Load”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“A jog under the hot sun doubles as a cruising opportunity for both Nick Ford and Adam Avery, two dark-haired men who cross paths at just the right time. Their jog turns into a follow-the-leader game as Kick lures Adam back to his apartment, where he tears into the young man the minute the door shuts.

Nick pulls up Adam’s shirt, pulls down his gym shorts, and lets the smooth and beautiful uncut cock hidden away pop out and into Nick’s mouth. Slowly and sensually Nick works on Adam’s meat, who grabs Nick’s head and shows him exactly how he likes it.

When Nick is ready for some service himself, Adam drops to his knees — it didn’t take him long to get completely naked — and Nick gets ready. With all of his clothes off too, Nick leans against the wall while Adam uses both his hands and mouth to swallow up Nick’s erection, slurping on it every second of his wet blowjob.

The oral sex turns into a rimjob: it’s the perfect way for Nick to tease Adam, who is a hungry bottom when the time for penetration finally arrives. Adam bends over at first, but he shows off his true skills at getting fucked when Nick sits down in a chair while Adam straddles him. While they’re staring into each other’s eyes, face-to-face, Adam rides Nick’s hard cock until they both cum!”

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June 29, 2012

Randy Blue: Caleb Strong and Jorge Fusco’s hot flip-flop fuck

Randy Blue writes:

“Caleb Strong gets bigger and more cut every time we see him. And Jorge Fusco has such a fiery sexual energy that anyone getting within a five mile radius will get an automatic boner.

We started off planning to have Caleb nail Jorge because we could just tell that having that big muscular body pressed up against his sexy ass would be too hot but then Caleb threw us a curve ball. He figured it would be cool to mix things up a bit and get his own ass plowed by the raging, dripping, throbbing hard on of Jorge.

But first they start off with mutual blowjobs, which is just so damn hot. Then Jorge dives into that beautiful bubble butt and gives Caleb one fuck of a rim job.

Then once they flip flop fuck Jorge ends up giving Caleb a face full of spunk for a job well done.”

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June 29, 2012

NakedSword: Check out the all new site

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NakedSword revamped their site – again! And it’s better than ever…

Check it out at!

Special Offer from
June 29, 2012

Next Door Studios: Anthony Romero and Marcus Mojo pound each other in “Secret Service” writes:

“Marcus Mojo is charged with a serious duty this weekend. As an agent sworn to protect the country’s elite politicians, he cannot be distracted on the job. And with the president coming to town this weekend, he is already in position, scouting out potential problems and getting preliminary details out of the way in anticipation.

First on that list of necessary precautions is getting his dick wet. Prime objective in every agent’s agenda. So Marcus calls another sort of “secret service” provider, and shortly after, Anthony Romero is knocking on his hotel room door. Marcus is pleasantly surprised by Anthony’s soft good looks and supple lips, immediately plunging into him and then taking his pants off.

Professional that Anthony is, he immediately falls to his knees and begins to suck Marcus off, then pushes him back onto the bed and rocks his legs upward to get at his ass. Licking Marcus’ sweet hole in preparation, Anthony then slides his rock hard cock into Marcus’ high profile ass, before the switch and Marcus finds himself on the bottom as Anthony slips on top of Marcus’ cock and rides him to the point of explosion.

When Marcus finally does relieve himself all over Anthony’s chest, the country can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that our protection agents are accounted for, focused and ready to protect without distraction. Enjoy!”

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June 29, 2012

College Dudes: Angel Rock fucks Teagan Scott writes:

“Angel Rock fucks the living daylights out of Teagan Scott in this scorcher of a scene.

Both Angel and Teagan are hot and have huge dicks, which makes the blowjobs amazing. Seeing each one of these guys stuff a huge cock in his mouth and lick it up and down, then shove it down his throat – it is a surefire bet that these guys enjoy sucking a mean dick.

After Angel and Teagan are sufficiently horned up, Angel – in his typical dominant style – bends Teagan over and begins to push the head of his dick through Teagan’s tight butthole. As Angel inches in further and further with each stroke, Teagan starts moaning in pleasure.

Both Angel and Teagan are loving the fuck, but Teagan wants even more and soon he is riding Angels cock. Teagan makes sure to go balls deep with each stride down on Angel, and Angel is enjoying this action very much. Angel grabs Teagan’s waist and starts thrusting from beneath – these two college studs are in a groove for sure!

To top it off, Angel flips Teagan on his back. Once inside, Angel slam-fucks Teagan in the likes of which we have not seen in a long while. Angel pumps fast and furious, not stopping to take a break as Teagan’s balls start to ache for release.

Tegan shoots a huge load as he is getting fucking, and Angel is not far behind. The two – sweaty and exhausted – end with a hot passionate kiss. Amazing Fuck!”

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June 29, 2012

TitanMen: Trenton Ducati, Ford Andrews and Jed Athens’ hot threeway fuck in “Stud Finder” writes:

“Tan and hairy Ford Andrews and smooth and trim Jed Athens explore each other’s bods as they suck face. Jed’s shaft peeks out of his briefs, Ford soon swallowing it whole as he works the cock and balls like a pro. Jed fucks his face, then falls down and buries his nose in Ford’s pubes.

The sucker soon has another huge cock to feast on: that of muscle man Trenton Ducati, who sensually licks and touches the two throughout the scene as his undeniable energy takes over.

On all fours, Ford sucks Jed while getting fucked by Trenton, who licks Jed’s arm and pulls him in for a kiss over the bottom. Jed gets a turn inside Ford as the verbal Trenton guides him from behind. Ford stays rock hard as they continue to tag team him, balls banging against his ass as Trenton talks dirty (a hot low shot also captures Jed eating Trenton as he fucks).

Trenton then focuses on Jed, whose mouth is filled with Ford’s cock as he gets rammed from behind. Trenton shoots, licking his load off of the bottom’s ass before Jed shoots on the stud’s massive chest.”

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June 29, 2012 Tony Paradise fucks Jessie Colter in “Oops” writes:

“Tony Paradise is looking for his friend when he accidentally walks in on Jessie Colter jerking off to gay porn. Tony’s interest is peaked and he decides to check out Jessie’s hot video. When both guys get hard, Jessie takes his chance to score with his bro’s best friend!”

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June 29, 2012

Falcon Studios: Dylan Roberts fucks Micah Brandt in “Couples”

Micah Brandt gets fucked by muscle stud Dylan Roberts in Falcon Studios‘ “Couples”…

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Falcon Studios