October 18, 2010

ActiveDuty: Dakota busts a nut

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ActiveDuty.com writes:

“This guy is a rascal, let me tell you. He’s open-minded and got a bit of a devilish side to him. A point well-proven in the first few minutes of his scene in the War Chest, as he talks about an “interesting” time he had with a buddy of his that you’ve already met – Braden! Turns out, Dakota picked him up while jogging one day and was all, “so, how open-minded are you?” LOL. My, troops, how some things change – but some things always stay the same!

Well, as we said last week, the very same day we all met each other, Braden found himself on the end of some helpful “fluffing” from Dakota. Oh yes, we’ve got some good vibes about this new recruit. This guy can be aggressive when he wants something, and evidently that night, he wanted Braden. And we’re so glad he did. Heh.

I can tell you this: you’ll be seeing a lot of our new pal Dakota in the future, mark my words!

In the meantime, get on over to both the War Chest Update to watch his solo video and have a look at the stunning set of photos we’ve taken of him in the Gallery Updates. (The guy can’t take a bad picture!)”

– Watch Dakota’s hot solo video in Active Duty’s War Chest


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