March 27, 2015

ChaosMen: Pax creampies Wren

ChaosMen: Pax barebacks Wren

Pax dumps his entire load into Wren after fucking his tight hole raw in this hot ChaosMen update.

ChaosMen: Pax barebacks Wren
ChaosMen: Pax barebacks Wren
ChaosMen: Pax barebacks Wren writes:

“Well I finally did it! Got Pax to suck some cock! It really wasn’t a major undertaking, but he was worried that he might gag, or worse, do a bad job.

He does just fine. You can clearly see he is not used to it, despite having had interaction with a guy on his own time. You might remember they were very lopsided encounters with a twink, who he would fuck and get blown by.

Wren sucks Pax next, and you can tell he is a bit surprised at how big Pax is. Though I don’t think he was intimidated. He has been with some pretty big guys before after all.

The boys even get some 69 action in before Pax slides his cock into Wren’s eager hole. Pax’s cock just never wilts, and even Wren’s cock, as usual, loves the anal stimulation. They switch to a spooning position, which is hard to do, but we get to pretty much see all the action.

For the cum shot, Pax hammer’s Wren while he is doggy style. He milks his cock as Pax relentlessly fucks him.

Pax jerks his cock for a bit, then pretty much dumps his entire load into Wren!”

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