October 31, 2017

Maskurbate: Zack Lemec in “Obsessed”

Maskurbate: Zack Lemec in "Obsessed"
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Pascal of Maskurbate.com writes:

“Hot pornstar Zack’s number one fan has lost his mind. His love turned into hate after Zack stopped replying to his harassment messages… Pascal, the owner of Maskurbate, let Zack know that the 49 y.o. known as Etienne, found his address. Our muscled stud is not worried, he knows how to defend himself.

Etienne executed his plan to disguise himself, enter Zack’s home and worship his body during his sleep. He didn’t expect Zack to wake up but when he did, he hides in the wardrobe. Zack saw him. He texted Pascal: ‘He is here in the wardrobe. I’m going to give him quite a show’.

Acting like he didn’t saw Etienne, he started jerking his cock in front of him.

As kinky as it looks, this was a really bad idea. How will this end? How will Etienne react? Will Zack face the crazy intruder?”

Maskurbate: Zack Lemec in "Obsessed"

– Watch the full-length scene at Maskurbate.com


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