October 7, 2014

Maskurbate: “Zack Unmasked”

Maskurbate: "Zack Unmasked"

Pascal of Maskurbate.com writes:

“After his first scene for Maskurbate, I asked sexy Zack if he would let me worship his body on camera.

Lots of guys are very open off camera but when the right light is on, that’s when it becomes an issue. Zack though about my offer for over a month before getting back to me. Not only did he agree, but he said he wouldn’t mind doing it unmasked!”

Maskurbate: "Zack Unmasked"
Maskurbate: "Zack Unmasked"

“Zack was in an amazing shape. He started training for an upcoming bodybuilding competition and was full of testosterone. As usual, he made me hard by giving an amazing show.

Because I wanted a taste, Zack came in a condom before giving it to me. I drank the whole thing while he was taking his shower. I am very excited about this scene, hope you will be too!”

– Watch the full-length scene at Maskurbate.com


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