November 16, 2011

Sean Cody: Jordan and Ethan bang each other

Sean Cody writes:

“That was Jordan’s response as Ethan began pulling down his pants. Keep in mind that only the base of cock was showing!

Then the whole thing came out and just kind of swung in place.

“Holy shit…”

Jordan had a look on face like he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.

“This is normal, this is my body,” Ethan said. “It doesn’t seem like it’s strange or different.”

It was almost as if he was apologizing for having a huge cock!

I wasn’t sure what was going on inside Jordan’s head, but I got the impression he was liking what he was seeing!

Jordan got to tap Ethan’s ass first, but it wasn’t long before the tables turned.

They were both out of breath. Ethan said, “I want to fuck this guy!”

That wasn’t how we had planned it, but things rarely go according to plan around here. Also, Jordan had a big smile on his face. He was game!”

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November 16, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Carson showers Doug with cum

Corbin Fisher writes about this hot scene:

“You know when things start off in the shower,they’re only going to get dirtier as we go along! Today’s no exception as buff freshman Carson walks in on new guy Doug as he rinses off. Things get heated up quickly and not even a cold shower is going to cool things off!

Doug has a lightly furry chest and some scruff on his face. It’s an attractive contrast to Carson’s smooth, thick pecs and clean-shaven features. Carson’s letting his hair grow out and he looks sexier than ever.

Doug soaps Carson up in between kisses. Carson’s dick is rock hard. He lathers up Doug’s back, then slides his hand down to Doug’s soapy crack. Doug pinches Carson’s wet nipple. They shut off the water and Doug kisses his way down to Carson’s stiff cock.

He sucks Carson’s dick. Doug licks the head and shaft, and goes all the way down on Carson. He licks Carson’s nuts and starts swallowing his dick again. Carson fucks Doug’s face, then bends him over to eat out his ass.

Carson strokes his cock as he sticks his tongue into Doug’s hole. He lubes up his dick and slides his thick cock into Doug’s ass. Doug moans as Carson pumps his ass.

Doug looks over his shoulder so he can see Carson pounding his ass. Doug gets on his back so Carson can drill him in the missionary position. Carson tells him how good it feels.

Carson fucks Doug faster, slamming his cock all the way inside. Then, Carson slows down, thrusting slowly into Doug, then speeds up again.

Doug says he’s going to come. He strokes his cock and jerks out a big load that flies up over his shoulder, as well as splattering all over his stomach.

Carson pulls out and jerks his dick. He blows an insane load that showers Doug with cum from his cheek all the way down to his cock. I know Carson is a big shooter, but this is nuts! Doug is literally drenched in cum.

The guys kiss, and I’m sure Carson can taste his own cum as they kiss. Carson says it’s time for another shower … but I bet Doug would like another cum shower!”

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November 16, 2011

Lucas Raunch: Rafael Alencar fucks Jessie Colter in “Fuck Me Harder”

Lucas Raunch writes:

“Jessie Colter is a shameless squatter hanging out in a seemingly abandoned apartment. After finding a gay porn magazine, he makes himself comfortable and starts jerking off. But the room isn’t abandoned: Rafael Alencar is living there, and he flies into a rage when he finds Jessie fucking around in his space.

If Jessie likes cock, then why doesn’t he take care of Rafael’s, so the power-top roughs his bottom up a bit before ripping off his pants and forcing his fat, 10-inch uncut cock down Jessie’s throat, who chokes and gags on it as he struggles to open up his throat.

Rafael is sadistic and no friend of Jessie’s; to open Jessie up before Rafael fucks him deep with his cock, be first invades Jessie’s hole with his rough fingers before squeezing the handles of a screwdriver and hammer up his hole.

Jessie is defenseless as Rafael abuses him from behind! After suffering his anal assault, Jessie tries to run from Rafael, so he blindfolds and binds his whore, bends him over, and fucks him deep as his ass is thrust high in the air.

The torment reaches its peak when Rafael uses up the rest of Jessie’s body by hanging him upside down from the wall; as he hangs suspended like a used piece of meat, Rafael fucks Jessie’s ass! When Rafael is ready to cum, he busts his load in Jessie’s hungry mouth.”

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November 16, 2011

BiLatinMen: Beefy latino stud Righteous rubs one out

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“Straight model Righteous was referred to us by one of our homeboys. He has a nice face, a flirtatious smile, a big beefy body, a round juicy ass, and of course a long uncut pito. Watch him show off that uncut dick and round culo just for you.”

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November 15, 2011

Fratmen: College jock Ford

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“Fratmen Ford is a real charming boy next door type, and we just know you’ll enjoy him. He has always been a bit of a jock all through school. Ford consistently wears a letterman jacket, and was even voted the homecoming king. Today, we have Ford all to ourselves as he strips down and jerks his cock for us. After a while of hot stroking, Ford gives us a nice, hot cumshot.”

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November 15, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Mitch Branson and Kyle King fuck each other in “Gentlemen Vol. 3: Executives”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“CEO Mitch Branson enjoys abusing his power, which he uses to great effect against business newcomer Kyle King. Calling Kyle into his office, Mitch talks business, but he’s staring at Kyle’s cock underneath his pants the entire time. Mitch seduces Kyle into bending over his desk, where he begins with a long and heavy session of ass worship.

Mitch can’t get enough of slapping the round cheeks of Kyle’s amazing butt, nor can he stop from fingering his tight, innocent hole! Kyle is turned on by the power dynamic, so he doesn’t stop Mitch from using his power to take control of his hot body.

Mitch unzips his pants and lets his cock pop out — Kyle understands the signal and swallows it up, starting with Mitch’s mushroom head and working down the shaft.

Kyle quickly turns right back around and bends over the desk; his ass his held high as Mitch lubes up and puts a condom on. Kyle moans and groans as Mitch rams him; as they’re fucking, Mitch unbuttons his shirt and reveals his sculpted, ripped torso. He even has a perfect dusting of course, manly chest hair!

But the pair reverses the power-play, and Kyle takes Mitch’s ass for himself. Mitch hops on top of Kyle’s cock and rides him, giving over some power until they both explode cum!”

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Lucas Entertainment
November 15, 2011

Sean Cody: Muscle stud Raymond

Sean Cody writes:

“”I’m an avid gamer.”

Well, that wasn’t something I expected to hear from this hot guy sitting in front of me, muscles spilling out everywhere!

No offense to gamers, but I figured most of their time was spent sitting around with a controller in their hands and not a pair dumbbells. I guess I was wrong!

Of course I love just a little bit of dork mixed in with my jock, and Raymond fit that description quite nicely!

It turns out that he doesn’t really spend all his time playing video games — although he really enjoys them. He’s actually an outdoors type of guy who likes playing baseball with his friends, going on a fishing trip or just getting out for some fresh air.

And then there are the muscles!

I made sure to catch every angle of his beautiful body, from his bulging biceps to his big, beefy chest, to his muscular, hairy legs and ass.

Raymond also admits he’s a pretty horny guy. He manages to get off at least twice a day, every day!”

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November 15, 2011

Broke Straight Boys: Rocco pops AJ’s ass cherry writes:

“Super hot but shy AJ is back, along with Rocco. Today, AJ is going to get it for the first by a guy on camera. Luckily, Rocco is on hand to see that things go along nicely. Obviously, AJ is quite nervous but he is willing to give things a go and see how they pan out.”

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Broke Straight Boys
November 15, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Campbell rubs one out

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Southern boy Campbell is a friend of Scott’s, who convinced him to come try out for CF. Scott told us we’d like Campbell. And he was right!

Campbell has a thick Southern accent that’s insanely sexy – and a handsome face and thick body that’s just as sexy! He’s played sports all his life, namely football, wrestling and tennis. Tennis is his favorite and he likes to show off his power and form – not just on the court, but in the bedroom!

Campbell and Scott have been friends for a while. They had a blast hanging out together at the shoot. In fact, they were having so much fun, they sometimes started disrupting things. Pete even had to separate them a few times. After all – we’re have serious business going on here ;).

But watching Scott and Campbell joke around with each other so much, gave me the idea that I might be able to convince them to take their friendship to the next level. But that’s a thought for another day …

Today, after hitting some balls, Campbell heads into the bathroom to get clean – but he gets distracted when he strips down to his briefs to massage his feet and legs. Soon he’s massaging his big cock through his underwear, too.

Campbell has an impressive package – and once he strokes it, it gets even more impressive! He plays with his balls, rubs his meaty pecs and his tight abs. He kneels down to jerk his cock, then hops into the bathtub.

He squeezes his tight ass, and smacks it. Campbell bends over and shows off that delicious butt. He strokes his cock faster, then massages his ass cheeks again.

Campbell rubs and licks his nipple, then lays down in the tub. He licks his finger and plays with his nipple some more. Campbell breathes heavily as he strokes his cock. You hear his fist slapping against his balls as he jerks.

“I’m gonna come,” Campbell says twice before he shoots his load. Cum sprays all over his abs. This Southerner sure does some good tricks with his racquet!

Now I want to see if he will play well with other people’s racquets …”

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November 14, 2011 AJ Monroe fucks Kirk Cummings in “Pitching The Tent”

Big Dicks At School writes:

“Kirk Cummings and AJ Monroe have just finished their finals and to celebrate they’re hiking around the local woodlands looking for a good camping spot to get away from it all. A suitable spot is eventually found however AJ has not brought a single thing that Kirk has asked him to bring, no food, no water, not even sleeping bag.

AJ innocently asks for compassion from his friend telling Kirk that he is sorry for forgetting everything and blames it on the finals which supposedly fried his brain. Kirk isn’t happy, even less so when AJ recommends that they share a sleeping bag…

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