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July 10, 2013

All-American Heroes: “Sergeant Slate’s Triple Trouble”

All-American Heroes: "Sergeant Slate's Triple Trouble"

All-AmericanHeroes.net writes:

“Sergeant Slate caught two privates goofing off when they shouldn’t have been. Slate’s a bad ass and knows how to discipline a soldier and bring him in line. He makes the men do push ups, alternating with leg lifts until they’re exhausted. He orders them to their feet.

Now he’s decided there’s a different kind of corporal punishment these guys deserve. Ordering them to bend over and take their trousers down, he explains that he’s going to show them how to be bitches.

Once their firm military asses are offered up, he probes their holes with his fingers. He orders them to use both hands to spread their cheeks, giving him better access to double finger their holes.

He tells them to get on their knees so they can pleasure him. Next Slate orders Axel onto his back, where the Sergeant sits on his stiff cock. Slate orders Jayden to suck his cock while he rides Axel, grunting and groaning each time he sits down firmly on the stiffy.

Now Jayden spins around and sits on Slate’s cock, while he’s still impaled by Axel’s wood.

Finally, both privates are ordered to their feet. Slate kneels in front of them, ready to take their loads. Axel explodes a stream of white cum into his Sergeant’s mouth and onto his bulging, muscular chest.

A few seconds later, Jayden’s giant cock finishes the job, covering Slate’s tongue and cheek with another river of jizz.”

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January 31, 2011

All-AmericanHeroes: PFC Roman bangs Petty Officer Clayton

All-AmericanHeroes writes:

“PFC Roman and Petty Officer Clayton start off with some small talk about sex. They seem careful not to mention anything specific about either chicks or dicks and instead just talk about getting laid or picking up “people” in general. Neither of them plays the straight card completely, but neither really admits to picking up men.

Once the porn comes on, the tables turn a little when Roman comments about the big titties on one of the chicks in the movie. Clayton responds that the guy has a nice dick too and Roman agrees without hesitation. The Petty Officer takes note and starts to drop hints about how hard he’s getting and then asks the PFC if he’s getting horny. Roman tells Clayton that he’s hard as a rock, which seems to make Clayton ready to rip Roman’s clothes off right then and there. Surprisingly, it’s Romanwho makes the first move and reaches over to feel Clayton’s big thick dick through his shorts. The favor is quickly returned and before you can say “any-cock’ll-do” Clayton’s pants are down and his dick is inside Roman’s open mouth.

The PFC gives the Petty Officer a nice long session of head, working the tip and shaft before his own hard throbbing cock comes out. Once Clayton gets a glimpse of how big it is, all bets are off and it’s the last time that Roman gets a chance to suck some cock. Somewhere in between taking turns at cocksucking, they make out and swordplay with their tongues, working each other up and making each of them want more.”

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All-American Heroes
September 28, 2010

All-AmericanHeroes: Petty Officer Clayton rubs one out

All-American Heroes writes:

“Hot, ripped, and tattooed Petty Officer Clayton comes to us this week with stories of hooking up with his shipmates, fucking foreign military officers and getting randy alongside his bunk mates while they were still sleeping. He is from the East Coast and says he loves to fuck! Clayton is definitely eager to show off his furry pecs, nice muscular body and the way he works out his throbbing cock…

Massaging his dick through his white shorts, Clayton plays with his hard-on until he is finally ready to pull out his thick pole. Jerking up and down, muscles bulging in every stroke, he then pulls off his pants to get more comfortable. Feeling the urge for a little ass play, he bends over and slides a couple of fingers inside his pink hole. After stimulating his prostate for awhile and getting close to cumming, he gets up on his knees ready to release his load.

Clayton beats his meat furiously, where every single vein and muscle pulses with energy, eagerly awaiting a release. His swollen cock finally blows out a glorious load of white juicy nectar all over the couch. Breathless and exhausted, he sits back on his knees completely relieved.”

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All-American Heroes
July 16, 2010

All-AmericanHeroes: Muscle hunk Devin fucks twinky lifeguard Justin

All-American Heroes writes:

“The muscular hunk Devin looks better than ever and is ready to rail some tight, young ass. Our twinky lifeguard Justin with his super lean body, tan skin and nice bubble butt, is more than ready to give it up for this sexy giant. Devin and Justin talk for a few minutes before they start rubbing themselves down, getting their cocks hard and ready for some muscle on twink action.

Lifeguard Justin pulls out his gigantic cock first, but when Devin sees it out of the corner of his eye it quickly catches his attention. He quietly says, “Let’s see if I can fit my mouth around that thing.” Devin’s wet mouth slides over the throbbing shaft nicely, taking each inch deep into his throat. However, Justin is eager to please his bulky top, and switches over to blowing Devin’s gigantic hard-on to get him ready for his eager hole. The good little bottom gets on all fours, letting Devin slam his monstrous man rod easily inside him.

Getting fucked and moaning loudly, Justin pounds his ass against the civilian’s girthy pole, swallowing up all 8 inches of rock-hard schlong. Devin plows the smooth, hot asshole like never before and makes Justin yell and squirm even more. Unable to hold back his load any more, Devin pulls out and rips off his condom, ready to blow. And what a LOAD he unleashes! Spraying several gushing white streams all over Justin, Devin covers his chest, face and mouth with hot cum. Justin smiles mischievously as we get a final look at Devin, breathing heavily in the background relieved…”

– Download the full-length scene at All-AmericanHeroes.net

All-American Heroes
May 7, 2010

All-AmericanHeroes: Civilian Ocelot gets fucked by Sgt. Paco

All-AmericanHeroes: Civilian Ocelot gets fucked by Sgt. Paco

All-AmericanHeroes.net writes:

“Ocelot is a sizzling Venezuelan, with a perfectly chiseled body and flawless bronze skin. He flies out to the West Coast for his debut on All-American Heroes, making a rendezvous with Sergeant Paco to get plowed. Of course, Paco is more than willing to pop Ocelot’s hole on screen for his first time. They begin chatting about each other’s life experiences, trying to kill time before the fucking begins.

The civilian is finally ready for some fun, and he starts giving the Sergeant’s swollen cock, the blowjob it has been craving. And Ocelot can definitely suck a dick! He licks every part of Paco’s hard shaft and sucks that big schlong dry. Ocelot finishes ramming his raging hard-on in his mouth and then gets on all fours with hot muscular ass in the air. Not wasting a moment, Paco slams his thick manstick into the beautiful and eager hole.

Ocelot loves getting fucked by Paco and his tight manhole devours every inch of his penis. Ocelot bounces his hot ass back onto Paco’s ramrod, pushing him over the edge ready to blow his wad. Paco pulls out his cock, rips off the condom and cums all over Ocelot’s adorable face and mouth. Ocelot eats the glistening, white jizz and swallows it whole, with a satisfied smile on his face.”

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April 19, 2010

All-AmericanHeroes: Civilian America fucks Coast Guard Trainee Brendan

All-AmericanHeroes: Civilian America fucks Coast Guard Trainee Brendan

All-American Heroes writes:

“Sexy America debuts on All-American Heroes this week, showing off his athletic body, lovable personality and the great, uncut manhood stationed between his hairy legs. Coast Guard trainee Brendan returns thinking that he will be the top but does not yet know that he is going to be ravaged by America’s powerful thrusts. Let’s see what happens when these two are put together in the studio.

When the video is turned on and the two of them start watching, neither really seemed too interested in what the other one is doing. But not too long after, each of these hunks start to take secret glances towards one another’s packages. Brendan glances over when America pulls out his huge piece of meat from his underwear, but only for a couple seconds trying to be sly. However, moments later, America also can’t help but look when Brendan whips his out.

The guys start stroking their cocks and continue to steal glances at each others’ junk. Getting tired of just playing with himself, America convinces Brendan to suck him off. The trainee is glad to help and leans over, opening his wet mouth for the beautiful, uncut cock that is about to enter. America lets out several moans with satisfaction as his penis is covered in warm spit.

America being the dominant one feels it is about time to have a piece of Brendan’s tight hole, and turns him over for some hot plowing. Brendan resists a little in the beginning, but slowly tries to get used to the huge dick deep in his ass. America almost instantly afterwards is railing Brendan, with loud moans and groans of pain coming from his good bottom. Not slowing for a second, our Civilian continues to fuck Brendan like a dog in heat. When America finally feels the rush of cum from his balls, he pulls out and coats layers of white, hot jizz on Brendan’s face.”

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February 6, 2010

All-AmericanHeroes: Firefighter Mikey tears Devin a new one

All-American Heroes writes:

“Firefighter Mikey and Civilian Devin are two of the hottest, sexual men with an abundant amount of chemistry that would make any man want to see them fuck. Just watching them talk to each other, one can see the energy building up between them, so the sex can begin.

The men get undressed, slowly stroking their cocks in preparation for the fun to cum. Devin looks over at Mikey’s amazing dick asking if he can help him out and the cock sucking begins! He works Mikey’s cock until he is finally over it and is ready to get fucked. Devin gets on all fours sticking his muscular ass in the air, so Mikey can stick his rod in that tight hole. Civilian Devin takes it like a champ working his fine ass against Mikey’s rock hard dick.

As they both get into a fucking frenzy, Mikey pulls out of that warm ass and rips of his condom. They both stand up, jacking off together trying to out-cum one another. Both of them blow huge loads of white, thick semen all over the sheets in the studio, moaning all the while. This is definitely one of the hottest cum shots, but you can decide who wins the game…”

– Download the full-length scene at All-American Heroes

All-American Heroes
December 11, 2009

All-AmericanHeroes: Firefighter Maddock fucks Marine Sam

All-AmericanHeroes: Firefighter Maddock fucks Marine Sam

All-AmericanHeroes writes:

“A Firefighter and a marine walk into a room. They have idle chatter and walk out with grins on their satisfied faces. What happened during the time between? A marine had a wild ride on a firefighter. That’s right, when Sam met up with hunky Firefighter Maddock, Maddock was bound to have his first fuck with a guy. Who better to show this young hottie than the older, more experienced Sam?

Sam showed Maddock how to suck off a guy by putting his tight wet mouth around Maddock’s bulbous, purple head and sucking it tenderly till Maddock had a full erection. Licking around Maddock’s thick shaft, Sam tries to deep throat the mammoth sausage and gags horrifically but doesn’t quit. He tries again and succeeds in engulfing Maddock’s delicious member.

Desperately wanting more Sam begs for Maddock to fuck and of course Maddock agrees to sink his magnificent cock into Sam’s hungry hole. Straddling Maddock like a cowboy, Sam begins to ride his stallion with in a rhythmic bucking. It wasn’t until Maddock decided to turn the tables, and plow his giant horse dick into Sam that it started to get intense.

With Maddock fucking Sam like a rabid animal, Sam moaned and grunted in unfathomable ecstasy. Shivering with pleasure with each deep thrust of Maddock’s rock-hard pecker, Sam begins to clench his ass tighter making it a sheer impossibility for Maddock to hold his load in any longer.

Exhausted from his ass being fucked into submission, Sam lies on the corner of the bed awaiting the sweet retribution that will spew out of Maddock. Like a hot, steamy geyser, thick, white cum sprays out of Maddock’s throbbing cock. Showering Sam, warm jizz lands everywhere, leaving glistening white drops of cum that sparkle in the lime light. Sam’s face is aglow with sparkles of moist, creamy, cum splattered from forehead to chin.”

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November 14, 2009

All-AmericanHeroes: Special Ops Robert fucks Petty Officer Tanner

All-AmericanHeroes: Special Ops Robert fucks Petty Officer Tanner

All-American Heroes writes:

“Special Ops Robert came back to meet up with Petty Officer Tanner to talk about an extremely controversial issue, gays in the military. Surprisingly both men were for it. Robert told Tanner about how he came from a small town and that he grew up small minded until he had his first experience with a Platoon Officer who snuck into his bunker…

Both heroes got turned on by Robert’s memory and began to stroke their dicks to full hard-on. Robert was the first to whip out his dick, Tanner was reluctant to grab hold of it but with Robert’s reassurance he gripped around that cock like he was holding on for dear life. Maybe not that hard but Tanner did enjoy playing with Robert’s stiff meat.

“It’s not going to suck itself”, is all that Tanner had to hear Robert say to have him bent over Robert’s thick rod, blowing it up like a balloon. Robert enjoyed Tanner’s hot mouth a lot, who knows if he was thinking about Tanner or that one night with the Platoon Officer while he had his eyes closed, but one thing is for sure that he wants to go further.

Robert orders Tanner to straddle his hot tool and ride it like a fucking animal. Without hesitation, Tanner throws one leg over like he was straddling the world’s largest mustang and slides right on down his new friend’s member. Fucking till the sun went down, Robert decides to flip Tanner on his back, and spread his legs to better drill his raging rock, hard cock into Tanner’s gaping hole.

Barely holding out, Robert pulls out of Tanner and shoots right down Tanner’s throat. Good thing Robert is a bit sloppy, not all of his creamy, white cum was swallowed by Tanner’s abyssal throat, his first shot of sticky ooze went clear across Tanner’s face with only a streak of white cum behind. Every other ounce of thick, warm, juicy jizz was swallowed by Tanner, leaving both men out of breath and satisfied.”

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September 18, 2009

All-AmericanHeroes: Marine Sam blows Firefighter Maddock

All-American Heroes writes about this scene:

“Firefighter Maddock met USMC Sam for the first time and felt immediately comfortable with him. Likewise Sam had an immediate attraction for the young fireman and could not take his eyes off of Maddock’s growing bulge. It was like Christmas for Sam when he was allowed to gaze upon Maddock’s enormous cock. This made Sam so eager that it didn’t take long for him to offer his services. Maddock gladly accepted and let the older marine teach him a lesson or two.

After blowing Maddock intensely, Sam slowly unbuttoned Maddock’s uniform revealing a lean, toned, and sexy chest that really got Sam going.

Maddock slowly strips for the sexy USMC, making Sam beg like a dog on all fours, taunting him with his dangling shaft. Finally completely naked, Sam moves in toward his awaited treat and continues to suck on his new friend’s thick too.

Tired of being on his knees, Sam flips over on his back allowing his throat to open up more so that the Firefighter can face fuck his wet stiff down Sam’s hungry mouth.

Barely holding it all in, Maddock explodes his hot, steaming load all over Sam’s face. Shooting thick white streams of cum across Sam’s tired cheeks. Sam could hear Maddock cumming as a hot load landed in his ear. Completely satisfied, Maddock’s breathing lightens as he watches his warm, sticky cream drizzles down Sam’s rigid mug.”

– Watch the entire scene at All-American Heroes

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