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July 10, 2014

MaverickMen: Cole and Hunter pound Carter Jacobs raw in “Take That Cock Muscle Jock”

Maverick Men: Cole and Hunter pound Carter Jacobs raw in "Take That Cock Muscle Jock"

MaverickMen.com writes:

“Okay people, you asked for of more Carter Jacobs’ muscle-jock ass, and you got it! You’re going to LOVE this hardcore, ass-DESTROYING fuck video!”

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October 26, 2013

MaverickMen: “The Carter Administration”

MaverickMen.com writes:

“Hey guys, this is a super special video with our favorite stud muffin, Carter Jacobs. We LOVE us some Carter, lol.

For the life of me I couldn’t come up with a title for this vid so we asked our webmaster Gary and he came up with the GEM of a title, The Carter Administration.

You will love this sweat-soaked sticky fuck video; it’s a real voyeurs look into a crazy typical night out with us. We take a late-night skinny dip with Carter and some friends, have some super fun car sex, and then eventually rent a hotel room and have a hot gang bang.

YES we were a little drunk and that just added to the nasty hot sex we all had.

We had a friend or two tag along to add to the fun so you’ll see a random hung buddy of ours jump into the mix.

I love watching Carter’s straight boy persona melt away as he gets buzzed. This is particularly evident in the way he passionately kisses us both as we fuck his tight muscle butt. WOOF!

There’s nothing like watching a jacked-up, tat-covered, straight boy embrace man on man action. You will LOVE watching us fuck Carter’s sweet muscle ass and manhandle him into ecstasy.”

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Maverick Men
June 20, 2013

FraternityX: Kyle, Carter and Grant’s raw threeway in “Party Foul 4”

FraternityX: Kyle, Carter and Grant's raw threeway in "Party Foul 4"

FraternityX.com writes:

“Yesterday morning Carter hit the Vodka bottle hard. A couple of the boys woke up with morning woodys and found him passed out on the couch. Grant and Kyle went at Carter’s hole for a good part of the morning, pounding and fucking his drunk ass.

But Kyle wanted more and grabbed Grant’s tight little college boy butt and started ass pounding that too. Both the boys serviced Kyle for a couple hours. Then they both dumped their loads in Carter’s hole.

You know the rule, you pass out – you get fucked!”

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February 12, 2013

MaverickMen: “When Muscle Bears Attack! (Part 2)”

MaverickMen.com writes:

“You guys seem to really love those big hairy muscle beasts we shot for the video, When Muscle Bears Attack – its one of the most popular MaverickMen Directs videos yet! You’ll remember in that video our hot muscle bear couple gang-banged our muscle buddy, Benny G.

Poor Benny couldn’t walk straight for a week after that dynamic duo dick down.

After I discovered that these guys are a real-life couple, I wanted to see the chemistry and connection they obviously had for each other. So, we filmed them working out and they worked up a nice sweat for us. I turned the heat up by adding a few other muscle jocks in the back ground to get the bears all worked up.

Benny G and Carter volunteer to squat over their faces and let them lick their sweaty muscle asses. It was so hot that Hunter and I had to pull out our cocks during filming a few times, lol.

The big hairy Latin bull whipped out a 12” long and impossibly-thick dildo to fuck his tall handsome tattoo-covered lover in the ass. The stud took every inch up his hairy muscle hole.”

– Download the full-length scene at MaverickMen.com

October 19, 2012

FraternityX: Carter, Kyle and Shawn bareback Grant in “Fuck and Chuck”

FraternityX writes:

“We woke up last Tuesday to find Grant had drank all the booze. Carter wanted to teach this punk kid a lesson. So three frat bros pounded both holes all morning. Then we dumped our loads into his tight college boy hole.”

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October 3, 2012

MaverickMen: “Pool Party Gang Bang”

MaverickMen.com writes:

“This is the newest MaverickMen Directs video called, Pool Party Gang Bang.

It has lots of fun and funny moments with hot guys but the best part is the rough ass-fucking, throat-slamming, cum-eating action.”

– Download the full-length scene at MaverickMen.com

Maverick Men
August 3, 2012

FraternityX: “A Hole is a Hole 2”

FraternityX writes:

“I found Grant shirtless and hammered outside our local 7-11. He was slurping on a Big Gulp and yelling obscenities to hot chicks leaving the store. Someone called the cops, so I told him he should chill at our place for a bit.

The kid was so trashed. This dude was definitely into fucking around, he kept checking out my ass. I knew if I could just keep him drinking, he would fuck my ass.

Because when you’re that wrecked, a hole is a hole.”

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June 15, 2012

ChaosMen: Booker and Carter’s bareback flip-fuck

Chaosmen.com writes:

“I had a couple goals for this video. Get Booker a “standard” size cock that he might enjoy getting fucked with, and the other, step-up the cock-size that Carter would sit on.

I know many guys prescribe to the Bigger is Better, but having a cock that isn’t overwhelming and hit’s that sweet spot just right, really can turn a fucking scene from “just taking it” to a “You’re gonna make me cum if you don’t stop fucking me!” scene.

They both start off with oral, and CJ turned nervous when he got a close-up look…and a mouthful of Booker’s cock. He suddenly didn’t think he could take it.

Booker will rim, and from previous experience, I know that will put CJ in a more receptive mood…which it did.

First though, Carter fucks Booker, who pretty much realizes he is is staying hard and struggling to not cum.

We flip-flop with Carter sitting on Booker’s cock, easing it in nice and slow, and then it was a pretty simple matter of them revving up speed. I don’t think CJ has as much fear about bottoming. Now if I can move him to the same level as Booker!

For the first time, Booker felt certain he was going to be able to nut from fucking. There is a great out take where he almost shoots too soon. He barely keeps it in. For the real money shot, Carter fucks him, though Booker does a leg straightening lock, forcing CJ to keep himself planted in him, rather than fucking him while he nuts.

But we got him to realize it feels good, and I think in the future he will use this trick to make himself cum easily. CJ was certainly surprised that he has had two guys (Jet) also nut from being fucked.

Carter juices Booker’s hole and we get some nice cum play for the ending!”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen.com

June 6, 2012

MaverickMen: “Jacked Jock Dick Down!”

MaverickMen.com writes:

“Just when we think we know your taste in men you go ahead and surprise the hell out of us by going BESERK over our new buddy, Carter! Honestly, we have received SO MUCH lust-filled mail and messages and comments over this guy, lol. Why ya’ll like him so much – is it his stunning angelic face, his big blue-green eyes, or maybe it’s his hard jacked body? Nah, it’s none of that; I’m sure it’s all about his AH-FUCKING-mazing ass!

His beautifully-bubbled ass is itself a work of art, but when you add that slight covering of blond fuzz – like a ripe sweaty delicious peach waiting to be eaten – that’s when it’s just too much for you pigs to handle!

Well, I got some news for ya; he is also an amazing kisser for a “straight boy”. Yes, our boy Carter, sadly, is straight. When I found that out, I was a bit devastated, but after discussing it with Hunter we decided to teach him how to get a hard, deep MaverickMen ass pounding.

Carter has been in a few videos before but says he has never had such great sex with men in his entire life until us – big praise from a sexy jacked straight boy. We really wanted to get in deep and I think we almost made him faint. You will LOVE this video, it’s guaranteed to make you spooge all over your computer screen and lick it off.”

– Get the full-length scene at MaverickMen.com
– Check out the MaverickMen’s blog for more scenes and behind the scenes footage

Maverick Men
June 5, 2012

FraternityX: Benny gets fucked hard and raw in “8 Dude Gangbang”

FraternityX: Benny gets fucked raw in "8 Dude Gangbang"

FraternityX writes about this hot scene:

“During a recent binge we got word Benny, this kid from ASU was talking shit about our frat. We decided to grab him off the street, and take him back to the house.

At first we thought he was a total pussy, and we would have to tie the bitch up. But this kid, was so cock hungry!

e ended up taking all of our dicks, and that wasn’t even close to enough. We fucked him FOREVER.

The video is over an hour of pure hot fraternityx gangbang action!”

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