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September 30, 2013

Lucas Raunch: “Cum in My Mouth”

LucasRaunch.com writes:

“Get your rocks off and drop a load with Lucas Entertainment’s all-star performers in the studio’s latest title, “Cum in My Mouth”!

Get ready, because you’ll be swimming in cum with more than 400 shots of the best Lucas Men doing what they do best: reaching climax and blowing their wads.

Adam Killian, Scott Carter, Jessy Ares, Mathew Mason, Tomas Brand, Tate Ryder, Will Helm, Jonathan Agassi, Vito Gallo, Rafael Alencar, and dozens more all have one thing on their mind in this film, and that’s to “Cum in My Mouth”!”

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September 28, 2013

Dominic Ford: Jay Black fucks JR Bronson in “Black + White”

Dominic Ford writes:

“One of the hottest, most sensual films you will see all year. BLACK+WHITE is Dominic Ford’s homage to art house movies. It features two stunning models, Jay Black and J.R. Bronson, in one of the most intimate and passionate sex scenes you are likely to see.

The film is almost 30 minutes long, and follows no traditional formula. There are tons of oral, anal and rimming positions. And there is lots of body contact and kissing. The guys let us take a glimpse at the kind of masculine, lustful sex that most people only dream about.

It’s two gay men having the most intense and passionate gay sex you can imagine. Presented in a tinted black-and-white, this film is gorgeous. It is THE must-see film of the year — a stunning masterpiece.”

– Download the full-length scene at DominicFord.com

Dominic Ford

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September 24, 2013

Broke Straight Boys: Sergio Valen barebacks Kaden Alexander

Broke Straight Boys: Sergio Valen barebacks Kaden Alexander
Broke Straight Boys: Sergio Valen barebacks Kaden Alexander

BrokeStraightBoys.com writes:

“Kaden Alexander has returned to the BSB fold. The dude with enough energy to power a mid-size city has been doing a little working and working out his tight bod. Standing next to him is Sergio Valen. These two have recently been gym buddies, getting toned just for us. “This man right here, we’ve been working out together,” Sergio says as he gives Kaden a playful tap.

Kaden will be getting fucked today. While he acts like he would prefer not to, we all know Kaden’s hot backside is only happy when it’s getting tapped. The two strip to their undies. Sergio points out his skivvies have the BSB name on the top.

The two models have been going to the gym two times a day.

“After this we’ll probably work out,” Kaden says.

A video of the two fuck buddies hitting the gym would be a classic, no?

They lads have some chitchat as they work their tools. Sergio teases Kaden about how his ass will soon be stuffed.

“Cowboy up,” Sergio says. “It only hurts for a minute.”

This potential t-shirt saying cracks both models up, but doesn’t get Kaden hard. Sergio’s nasty ol’ thing is curved and ready to play. Kaden sits down and Sergio tugs at Kaden’s sausage. Soon enough Sergio swallows the tool. Whole. Kaden leans back and moans.

“Oh, shit,” Kaden whispers.”

Sergio laps away, the sounds of slurping filling the studio. Kaden hits his knees to return the favor. He laps at the tip of Sergio’s rod, getting it slick with spit.

Sergio grabs Kaden’s head to make sure he get’s every inch. Kaden reaches up and strokes Sergio’s chiseled abs and chest. Sergio has had enough. He wants some of that ass. “Let me see that black booty,” he says as he throws Kaden on the bed.

Kaden instinctively puts his legs in the air. Sergio’s sausage breaks that seal, and Kaden grits his teeth. “Work it slow,” Kaden begs.

Sergio doesn’t listen. Once he’s in, he starts to bang Kaden pulling the bottom’s legs apart so he can get more access. Kaden holds on the bed and utters filth as he gets pounded. “Take that fucking dick,” Sergio commands. “Pound that shit,” Kaden yells back. Be careful what you wish for, Kaden. LOL

“Pound that fucking hole,” Kaden demands. Sergio does, making Kaden cry out in in pain. And ecstasy.Sergio stops for a moment to leave wad of spit in that ass canal. He then puts Kaden on his side. When he gets back in, Sergio is balls deep. Each stroke makes Kaden curse. Kaden reaches back and holds on as he gets split open. Sergio doesn’t pay heed to Kaden’s cries. He knows what his bottom boy wants. Notice how Kaden has not put his hand on Sergio’s thigh to keep him from going in so deep. “Come on baby,” Sergio says. “Take this.”

He pulls out and strokes his meat over Kaden’s open mouth. His load covers Kaden’s chin in cum. Kaden has to nut also. He beats his meat, with Sergio’s encouragement. Kaden’s man milk shoots out, first landing in the middle of his chest.

The spent boys high-five and head off to the gym for a second work out.”

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September 20, 2013

Randy Blue: Justin Owen fucks Diego Sans in “Welcome to L.A., Episode 1 (Hollywood)”

Randy Blue: Justin Owen fucks Diego Sans in "Welcome to L.A., Episode 1"
Randy Blue: Justin Owen fucks Diego Sans in "Welcome to L.A., Episode 1"

Randy Blue writes:

“Justin Owen has just arrived into Hollywood from Kansas. He takes in the sites on Hollywood Blvd. It has always been his dream of becoming a big movie star. And now his dreams are about to come true. He has a big audition the next day, and a beautiful mansion to stay in that belongs to his Uncle Randy. He arrives at the house and is giddy with excitement at his new digs. But he soon realizes that he is not alone.

Diego Sans is crashing without permission. Justin catches this tall dark and handsome stranger skinny dipping in the pool. Diego begs him not to call the police, and the ever innocent Justin invites Diego to stay with him since the house is big enough for the two of them.

After hours of sunning and drinking the sexual chemistry between these two begins to smoulder. Diego sneaks a kiss at the pool and then another at the bar. Finally when they are up in the bedroom, Diego is about to seal the deal. Until Justin falls asleep. A disappointed Diego cuddles up and falls asleep next to him.

The next morning Diego is woken up with Justin hovering over him. They are finally going to finish what they started. After a ton of sucking, rimming, fucking, and three facial cum shots, Justin is ecstatic at his new found love of man sex.

He goes to take a shower and talking about their future together. When he comes of the shower, he finds that Diego has left. His first day in Hollywood ends in a broken heart. Welcome to L.A.

– Download the full-length scene at RandyBlue.com

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September 18, 2013

GuysInSweatpants: Austin Wilde fucks Arnaud Chagall in “A walk in the woods”

Guys In Sweatpants: Austin Wilde fucks Arnaud Chagall in "A walk in the woods"
Guys In Sweatpants: Austin Wilde fucks Arnaud Chagall in "A walk in the woods"

GuysInSweatpants.com writes:

“Arnaud had never been to the midwest, so we thought it’d be appropriate to take him out to a friend’s farm to check out the barn, cornfields and woods. We found ourselves in a fairly secluded area, and since these two were probably going to end up fucking at some point anyway, we turned on the cameras and let them go at it!

Austin took control by pushing Arnaud up against a tree, making out with him, and literally ripping his shirt off before going down on him. There’s nothing hotter than bending someone over a tree in the woods and fucking them silly… and that’s just what Austin did.

He fucked him doggy style. He fucked him standing. He fucked his brains out until he pulled out and came all over his back. They both came and then continued their walk in the woods…”

– Download the full-length scene at GuysInSweatpants.com

September 17, 2013

MaverickMen: “Hurricane Gang Bang”

MaverickMen.com writes:

“Four horned-up guys were trapped in a hotel room during the biggest hurricane in US history with just the bare essentials to survive: two bags of potato chips, a case of beer, a big bottle of lube, and a video camera!? Oh, and did I mention that two of the guys were MaverickMen? What on earth would the outcum be!?

Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself. Cum check out this hot Latin gang bang Maverick style.

Watch Hunter and myself tap some sweet tight ass while Little Wolf furiously beats his big uncut meat while waiting for his turn. You should definitely check out this historic Hurricane Sandy ass-wrecking fuck vid.

Grab your lube, rain coat, rubber boots and batten down the hatches to beat your meat before you get blown away.”

– Download the full-length scene at MaverickMen.com

September 16, 2013

Next Door Ebony: Rob Lee, JP Richards and Tyson Tyler’s threeway in “Birthday Surprise”

Next Door Ebony: Rob Lee, JP Richards and Tyson Tyler's threeway in "Birthday Surprise"

NextDoorEbony.com writes:

“What a deliciously hot three-way! Rob Lee is having a birthday and his boyfriend, JP Richards, has decided to give him the gift that keeps on giving…pornstar Tyson Tyler!

When the blindfold comes off and Rob sees his special present, he can’t keep himself from going right for the goods.

Rob pulls down Tyson’s underwear and takes that famously sexy cock in his mouth. While Rob sucks deep, JP eats Rob’s tender ass in preparation for a hard fucking. Soon JP is sliding his firm dick into Rob’s hole. Watch him fuck his boyfriend good while Rob slurps on Tyson’s meat.

Then you’ll get to see JP get a taste of Tyson’s dong while Rob takes a turn pounding JP’s tight bottom. It’s a wild and sexy birthday none of these hot boys will forget. Join the fun!”

– Download the full-length scene at Next Door Ebony

September 13, 2013

TimTales: Lucio Saints bangs Scott Hunter

TimTales: Lucio Saints bangs Scott Hunter

TimTales.com writes:

“Muscle hunk Scott Hunter was in town so it would be a shame if we would not have taken advantage of it and do a video! We wanted to give him a very good time so we asked extra hung fucker Lucio Saints to fuck Scott´s tasty muscle butt.

And after Lucio had given him him a big load of cum to eat, Tim stepped in and gave Scott a hot shower of his piss!!!”

– Download the entire scene at TimTales.com

September 11, 2013

KristenBjorn: Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen and Angelo’s hot threeway in “Strangers in Prague”

KristenBjorn: Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen and Angelo's hot threeway in "Strangers in Prague"
KristenBjorn: Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen and Angelo's hot threeway in "Strangers in Prague"

Kristen Bjorn writes:

“Wagner and Diego are truly enjoying their holiday in Prague. While out seeing the sights they spot a hot guy on the street and exchange extended glances with this hot guy. Trying to find their way on the map Angelo offers some assistance and directs them straight to his apartment. How convenient.

Soon the jeans are undone and the massive pieces of meat are set free. Wagner is the first to taste the musk of Angelo’s 9 inch uncut cock and is very eager to share this monster cock with his partner. Both men devour and swallow Angelo’s cock as it fills their throats and mouths completely. Sucking away at Angelo’s huge cock individually and together, Wagner and Diego worship this huge cock as an idol of great pleasure.

Angelo then takes pleasure in sucking on his guests huge, uncut cocks, each eager to feed their host with all that they have.

Wagner climbs onto the bed on his hands and knees as his partner Diego mounts him from on top with his hard cock grinding against his hungry hole. Angelo jumps at the opportunity and begins fucking Diego’s hole with his wet tongue. He works his way from Diego’s tight hole to his cock and back to his awaiting hole.

Angelo then mounts Wagner and pounds his huge cock deep inside of Wagner as Wagner moans in approval. Diego is then treated to the mammoth cock penetrating his hole and filling his ass with total pleasure. Angelo goes back and forth from one lover to the other, filling each with the same passion and pleasure.

Wagner lays Diego on his side and takes him from behind as the lovers share the pleasures of sucking on Angelo’s throbbing cock.

Angelo spews his huge load all over Diego’s face and lips and then feeds his juicy cock to Angelo. Wagner explodes his hot load all over Diego’s tight balls as Angelo continues sucking away at his cock.

Wagner then takes his cum drenched cock and penetrates Diego again as Diego shoots his load all over Angelo’s face.

A 3-way we all pray to have!”

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Kristen Bjorn
September 9, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: Colden Armstrong gets fucked by Sean Xavier and Hans Berlin in “Closing the Deal”

Lucas Entertainment: Colden Armstrong gets fucked by Sean Xavier and Hans Berlin in "Closing the Deal"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Sean Xavier returns with his business partner Hans Berlin so they can both use their power over a hapless young man looking for a job by the name of Colden Armstrong. But when Colden realizes what he has to do, he’s not upset but excited!

Sean has one of the biggest – if not the biggest – cock ever to be seen by the businessmen of Lucas Entertainment, and Hans has a strong body and hot uncut cock that he needs serviced.

Sean and Hans both take advantage of Colden and fuck his throat and ass until they shoot their cum!”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment