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August 10, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 32”

Latin Leche: "Numero 32"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“On LatinLeche this week, a hot tattooed stud from Uruguay returns to the site to see if he can handle my two hung, uncut friends.

Obviously his first encounter has left him thirsty for more. He crams both of their cocks in his mouth at once, then they take turns pounding his muscular butt and wet mouth, until one of the blows a huge load on his ass and the other leaves a load swimming around in his happy mouth.”

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July 27, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 30”

Latin Leche: "Numero 30"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“This week’s Latin Leche stars a straight boy walking around the city on a rainy day. We asked him some questions about sexuality in Latin America. He’s so shy he actually blushes when he says his favorite thing about his girlfriend are her tits.

He came back to our cameraman’s place to get out of the rain, and before long his pretty face is staring up at him while he sucks his big cock. Then he milks out a giant load while riding dick — when It rains, it pours!”

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July 20, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 29”

Latin Leche: "Numero 29"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“This week’s LatinLeche brings you a hot straight man waiting around for his girlfriend when our cameraman offers to take him up to his room. He declines at first, but our cameraman has the money to make it happen, and this sexy stud is swept away with a handful of cash.

He strips down to his boxers to reveal his chiseled, tatted bod before sucking a huge uncut cock for the first time.

Eager for more money, he sucks dick, jerks off, gets fucked, and cleans up hot load with his tongue. Let’s hope his girlfriend never finds out!”

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July 17, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 28”

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Latin Leche: "Numero 28"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“This week’s extra hot LatinLeche brings you outdoor sex with a very cute, very young guy.

He was on his way to fuck his girlfriend, but our cameraman had something else in mind. Watch as this nasty stud jerks off, works his tongue, and tease our cameraman with his ass before he gets a money shot on his pretty face.

I bet his long term girlfriend has never made him squirt him like this before!”

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July 6, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 27”

Latin Leche: "Numero 27"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“This week’s LatinLeche features a sexy local who’s just got out of class for the day. Our filmmaker approaches him on the streets of Buenos Aires to ask him if he ever sexts.

The camera guy takes him back to his home where he learns the student is very well-endowed. The boy agrees to get fucked deep for a price, then shoots his leche while riding our cameraman!”

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June 29, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 26”

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Latin Leche: "Numero 26"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“Our cameraman is cruising a filthy public bathroom in Buenos Aires when he comes across a hot guy passed out in one of the stalls.

He gently tries to wake the guy before getting a look at his cock, and when the guy wakes up, he’s angry. But our cameraman kept his cool and convinced the anonymous stranger not only to jerk off, but to cruise another guy in the bathroom and fuck him bareback!”

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June 22, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 25”

Latin Leche: "Numero 25"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“This week we convince a horny guy on a bus in Buenos Aires to come suck off a hung straight guy who won’t show his face because he has a girlfriend.

The boy is nervous to be filmed on a crowded bus, but once he gets back to our place he sucks like a pro and rides the anonymous stranger’s raw cock until it spurts out a huge load on his back.

This young guy gets an A for enthusiasm.”

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June 17, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 24”

Latin Leche: "Numero 24"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“Our LatinLeche cameraman can’t go a day without sex! When he meets a handsome guy walking around the parking lot of his building, he’s excited to learn that the boy lives there as well.

He says he’s never had sex with a guy before, but dudes will do anything for money.

The two ride the elevator up together, and he instantly gets hard when the cash comes out. This young muscle stud rides dick, jerks off, and gets his bubble butt filled with cum.

It seems these two are going to make great neighbors!”

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June 8, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 23”

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Latin Leche: "Numero 23"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“In this red-hot LatinLeche episode, a bearded Venezuelan boy is scooped up by our cameraman and lured into an alley. His eyes light up when we offer him cash, and he’s instructed to deep throat our cameraman’s huge dick.

This bottom is so horny he doesn’t even get fully naked before our cameraguy shoves his thick dick up his straight hole.

Watch as this sexy Latin stud gets pounded raw from behind before our cameraguy covers his face and beard with cum. This out-of-towner will definitely be visiting Buenos Aires again ASAP!”

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June 6, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 21”

Latin Leche: "Numero 21"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“While cruising the streets of Buenos Aires, our pervy cameraman spots this sexy straight guy. His phone is dead and he’s far from home, so we take him inside, get him dried off, and offer him a chunk of cash in exchange for a blow job.

He tries to leave at one point, but the promise of more cash keeps him there and even persuades him to take our cameraman’s thick, uncut cock up his tight straight hole.

The guy must kind of like it, since he milks out a huge load with the dick deep inside him. I have a hunch that this stud will be back over for seconds.”

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