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December 13, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 50”

Latin Leche: "Numero 50"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“Under the cover of night, our cameraman convinces a cute guy to suck his dick in the dark. But he has a friend staying over, and when he discovers what’s going on things get even more interesting. This horny slumber party comes complete with a big load of steaming leche!
(Scene Release: Dec 14)

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December 7, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 49”

Latin Leche: "Numero 49"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“A hot straight stud our cameraman picked up last week is back, and this time he is hungry for more!

He feels right at home with two hetero dicks in his mouth, before getting his asshole fucked by returning favorite, Kendro Leandro.”
(Scene Release: Dec 7)

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November 30, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 48”

Latin Leche: "Numero 48"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“Boy, did we get lucky today! We gave this cute straight guy some money to pull out his cock, and it was gigantic – even for our cameraman’s standards!

For a few more bucks, he agrees to pull down his pants, take it from behind, and shoot his juicy load of leche while playing with a returning stud’s uncut dick. How hot is that?”

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November 25, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 47”

Latin Leche: "Numero 47"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“This straight soccer stud let me touch his strong biceps and chiseled abs for a couple of pesos. For a couple more, he got butt-naked for me. Soon, he was sucking my cock and taking my dick balls deep on cam!”

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November 9, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 45”

Latin Leche: "Numero 45"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“The straight stud we picked up on the street this week has a huge cock and few inhibitions.

We introduced him to a bottom from a previous installment of LatinLeche, and for more money than he makes in a month, the breeder lets the cute hunk suck his fat cock before pounding his tight hole and cumming on his lips.”

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November 2, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 44”

Latin Leche: "Numero 44"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“This week on LatinLeche, our cameraman picks up a hot straight guy walking the streets of Buenos Aires late one evening. Eager to model, he follows the cameraman home to jerk off for some cash.

Upon his arrival, he meets an old friend of ours and agrees to fuck him on camera.

Since we’d already seen that the kid can really take cock we let him do whatever he wants, and he spread his legs and rode this straight guy’s cock until he gets the guy’s load all over his face.”

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October 26, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 43”

Latin Leche: "Numero 43"
Latin Leche Special Offer

At LatinLeche.com, the cute Venezuelan with braces is back for more!

The pervy cameraman gets two anonymous guys to pound him and cream their loads on his face.

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October 19, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 42”

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Latin Leche: "Numero 42"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“This week on LatinLeche, our camera guy manages to seduce a cute Latin boy with braces who replied to an online ad.

The boy quickly strips down naked and starts sucking our cameraman’s cock for some extra cash.

This shy boy turns out to be very comfortable sucking his first cock and having his tight hole fucked bareback by our pervy cameramen.”

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October 12, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 41”

Latin Leche: "Numero 41"
Latin Leche Special Offer

In “Numero 41”, LatinLeche’s pervy camera guy pays an 18-year-old twink from Buenos Aires some extra cash to fuck his tight hole raw.

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October 5, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 40”

Latin Leche: "Numero 40"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“Lots of guys dream about fucking a taxi driver, but few have the balls to pull it off.

Our cameraman hops in a cab late one night and asks the hot, bisexual driver if he’s ever hooked up with a passenger. Turns out the driver has a long history of fucking passengers, and within minutes he has pulled over to suck dick for cash.

When they reach their destination, the driver agrees to come inside and take his uncut dick raw.

This sexy driver really knows how to please his customers, and always goes the extra mile.”

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