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February 13, 2019

Noir Male: Jacen Zhu and Colby Tucker ride Rocco Steele’s thick, 10-inch cock in “Double Checkmate”

Noir Male: Jacen Zhu and Colby Tucker ride Rocco Steele's thick, 10-inch cock in "Double Checkmate"
NoirMale Special Offer

NoirMale.com writes:

“Naughty college guys Colby Tucker and Jacen Zhu are driving roommate Rocco Steele crazy with their wild ways! It’s time for this older daddy to teach them both a lesson!

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February 7, 2019

NakedSword: Dark Alley Media’s “Gutted”

NakedSword: Dark Alley Media "Gutted"
NakedSword Special Offer

Dark Alley Media writes at NakedSword.com:

“Dark Alley delivers GUTTED: a compilation of 5 scenes with nothing but huge cock.

Watch as these hungry bottoms try and take the biggest dicks they can while getting fucked so hard and deep they can feel it up in their guts.”

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November 12, 2018

NakedSword: Dragon Media’s “Cell Block D”

NakedSword: Dragon Media's "Cell Block D"
NakedSword Special Offer

Dragon Media writes at NakedSword:

Cell Block D is our first ever 100% bareback movie. Watch while Rocco Steele and his big cock friends take control of this prison one hole at a time!”

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November 10, 2018

NakedSword: Treasure Island Media’s “Flooded”

NakedSword: Treasure Island Media's "Flooded"
NakedSword Special Offer

Treasure Island Media writes at NakedSword.com:

“Flooded belongs to the four horsemen of Treasure Island: Shane Frost, Erik Grant, Trevor Snow and Rocco Steele. Each appear in 2 scenes starting off the movie together like a pack of rabid wolves in heat gang fucking the living daylights out of Owen Powersravishing the hole of Marcus Isaacs.

That’s not all. Lukas Cipriani succumbs to the 10-inch uncut 8th wonder of the world when Esteban fucks him. Luke Tyler takes on Jack Allen and Sam Bridle. Newcummer Kyle Ferris is truly flooded by Tommy Deluca, Luke Harding and Rob Yaeger.

And then there is the man who came too much. Eddie. AKA 3-shot Eddie. You cannot even fathom what happens when I challenged Eddie to breed a bottom until he couldn’t cum anymore.

Flooded. Flood my hole. The need to be flooded by men, cock, and sperm.”

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January 18, 2018

My10Inches: Armond Rizzo rides Rocco Steele’s massive cock bareback

My10Inches: Armond Rizzo rides Rocco Steele's massive cock bareback

My10Inches.com writes:

The scene you’ve been waiting for, hotter than even I expected.

Armond wraps both hands and his mouth on my cock, getting it nice and slick for his hungry hole. I fucked him so hard he cried out for Daddy.

Armond’s taken a lot of dicks, but he damn sure remembers mine.”

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January 1, 2018

My10Inches: Seth Santoro takes Rocco Steele’s enormous cock raw

My10Inches: Seth Santoro takes Rocco Steele's enormous cock raw

My10Inches.com writes:

“Ever since I started porn, I’ve wanted to do a scene with Seth. He has this quiet sexiness about him-like he knows a secret or something. When he agreed to do a scene with me, I was really excited.

I got a taste of that amazing and juicy ass in a show we did together last year. I was looking forward to more quality time with him… experiencing that ass in every position.

I decided I wanted him in a sling. I wanted that ass on full display in front of me… all exposed for me to rim and fuck to my heart’s (and cock’s) desire. He tasted as good as I imagined and his hole felt like a bit of heaven.

We fucked in every position you could in a sling-he even got on top and rode me-no easy feat. I couudn’t get enough and I finally had to blow.

Fucking Seth Santoro was everything I imagined. He did not disappoint and I assure you, neither will this scene. Keep your cum rag handy…

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November 8, 2017

My10Inches: Rocco Steele fucks Pheonix Fellington bareback

My10Inches: Rocco Steele fucks Pheonix Fellington bareback

My10Inches.com writes:

“Pheonix Fellington gets stretched to his limits by Rocco’s cock.

Watch him realize just how big it really is when he tries to deepthroat Rocco and can barely get his mouth around that meaty cock. He couldn’t take Rocco’s dick more than halfway sitting on it either, but nevertheless Pheonix persisted and is rewarded with a nice thick cumshot.”

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October 12, 2017

My10Inches: Mike De Marko rides Rocco Steele’s huge dick

My10Inches: Mike DeMarko rides Rocco Steele's huge dick

My10Inches.com writes:

“Rocco enjoys using the fleshjack toy on his boy’s huge meaty cock. Foreplay never looked or felt so good.

Rocco can’t resist his boy’s hole either. He slowly opens him up, easing his hard massive cock into Mike’s tight hole. After loosening his boy up to his satisfaction, Rocco picks up the speed and intensity. Mike realizes he can’t get enough of Rocco’s cock so he jumps on it and begins to ride it, letting his rock hard cock slide in and out of his now open hole.

Rocco needs to cum so he puts his boy on his knees where he can get good and deep until he finally blows all over Mike’s ass.

Now it’s Mike’s turn to cum and Rocco lays down next to him waiting for his boy’s load. Mike is so worked up that he immediately shoots a huge load for Daddy. Rocco slurps it up and thanks his boy with a kiss. There’s no better way to end a hard day.”

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October 5, 2017

My10Inches: Seth Knight gets fucked raw by Rocco Steele’s enormous cock

My10Inches.com writes:

“Rocco met up with power porn couple Seth and Chris Knight earlier this summer, and the result was mindblowing.

Seth is such a hot tatted bottom and by the time the camera’s rolling he’s already stroking Rocco, imagining that cock disappearing inside of him.

Chris captures every moment of this sucking, rimming, fuckfest, including a climax that makes Seth’s eyes roll back into his head from all the deep pounding Rocco gives him.”

– Watch the full-length scene at My10Inches.com

September 17, 2017

My10Inches: Rocco Steele drills Rikk York

My10Inches: Rocco Steele drills Rikk York

My10Inches.com writes:

“The raw, rough fuck falls to his knees for Rocco Steele’s ten inches! Rikk York’s latin ass is up for the ultimate test and Steele is ready to give it to him.

Watch as this tattooed hunk does his best to reach the base with his throat and hole, beg for his furry muscle ass’s life, and worship before the biggest daddy cock around.

This video shows how to make a man into a size queen for sure, if the pleading and moaning is anything to go by.”

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