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September 30, 2009

ActiveDuty: Kaden and Conrad fuck each other in “Double Time 4”

This week at ActiveDuty: Kaden and Conrad fuck each other in "Double Time 4"

ActiveDuty writes:

“Double Time 4 is loaded with lots of really hot stuff. This week we are streaming the first scene featuring Kaden and Conrad in our Streaming Videos of the Week section for our members. Catch up with these two studs as they get down to some seriously steamy sex in their long awaited duo pair-up. I’ve wanted to see these two hotties all alone with one another for awhile now and if you’ve been wanting to see the same thing you get your wish with Double Time 4.

This scene is a hot flip-flop and both Conrad and Kaden bottom for one another. Kaden takes Conrad’s big cock on for size and masters the monster. Kaden has come quite a long ways from his first bottoming experience and if I were just arriving on the AD scene, I’d think he was a pro. But those of us that have been around since the beginning know just how far our blond-haired, blue-eyed boy wonder has come. Conrad himself dove head first into everything here at Active Duty and this scene with Kaden in Double Time 4 just reaffirms how much of a team player he can be.”

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September 30, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Lucas and Sean fuck Caleb

CorbinFisher: Lucas and Sean fuck Caleb

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Given that Caleb had confessed to quite liking the way it feels to get fucked, I figured he’d make a great candidate for being on the receiving end of a hot tag team! Two guys teaming up on his ass could certainly deliver lots of hot fucking and make his ass feel damn good!

Lucas and Sean made for good tops here, Lucas being the veteran who could guide newcomer Sean along in his first ever three-way and demonstrate just why Lucas is so good at what he does and why CF members dig him so much!

The guys waste no time in getting to it here, and Sean doesn’t show any hesitation at all despite being the least experienced of the bunch. He and Lucas eagerly make out while Caleb licks their chests and pulls their shorts down to reveal their hard cocks. In no time, Caleb is bobbing up and down on their dicks, alternating between Lucas’ and Sean’s hard cocks and getting them slick with spit while the two tops continue to kiss and feel each other up.

While Caleb is sucking one and stroking the other, we can tell he’s in for a good fucking! Both Lucas and Sean are as hard as can be, their dicks aching to fuck a tight hole and knowing full well it’s only a matter of time before they’ll get to do just that.

Sean is the first one to bury his dick in Caleb’s hole while Caleb is bent over in front of him sucking Lucas’ cock. He rims Caleb’s ass for awhile, getting it wet and ready, while Lucas encourages Caleb to deep throat his cock and suck it hard at the other end.

With Caleb spit roasted between them, Sean is pumping Caleb’s ass while Lucas is doing the same to his mouth. They pause long enough to get Caleb on to his back, and then get right back to feeding him dick at both ends, Sean grunting and groaning while he fucks Caleb’s ass and Caleb sucking on Lucas’ balls while he’s getting drilled.

Lucas really gets the royal treatment for awhile, as Caleb continues to suck his balls and Sean leans forward to suck his dick! The fun thing about these three ways is so many things are possible, and the guys take advantage of all the mouths and dicks around! All three are glistening in sweat by the time Lucas sits back and tells Caleb to ride his cock, which Caleb readily does. Fucking himself on Lucas’ dick, Caleb is getting more and more turned on before he finds his way back on to his back and announces he’s going to cum as Lucas is pumping in and out of his ass.

The cumshots here come fast and hot! Caleb blows his load first, shooting tons of cum all over his sweaty abs and chest. Immediately, Sean starts firing off his own load all over Caleb as well! Not to be left out, Lucas then pulls out of Caleb’s ass to add yet more jizz to the mess covering Caleb!”

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September 29, 2009

Raging Stallion: Dak Ramsey fucks Steve Cruz

Raging Stallion: Dak Ramsey fucks Steve Cruz

RagingStallion writes:

“Steve and Dak’s hot session begins with Dak sucking on Steve’s hot cock, his furry abs staring at him right in the face. Steve just grabs the back of his buddy’s head and moves his dick in and out of his obedient sucker’s mouth occasionally moving his hands up to play with his own nipples. Steve then shows his own talent for sucking cock before riding Dak’s gorgeous tool, his wild eyes reflecting the pleasure he gets from being severely plowed.”

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September 29, 2009

Videoboys: Pierre Fitch pounds Cliff Beltane

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Videoboys: Pierre Fitch bangs Cliff Beltane

Videoboys writes:

“Pierre Fitch is teaching his friend Cliff Beltane some basic boxing techniques. They work out on the the training gloves and then switch to heavy bag. When the action gets a little too heated, the sparring duo switch to a sport where they are more evenly matched: fucking. The gloves come off but the pounding has just begun. Pierre can’t wait to get his hands on Cliff’s nine incher and Cliff can’t wait to get his ass punched by Pierre’s thick piece. Cliff can take any punishment Pierre can dish out and the result is a knockout of a fuck session.”

– Watch the complete scene at Videoboys

September 28, 2009

Randy Blue: Cayden Ross busts a nut

RandyBlue: Cayden Ross busts a nut

Cayden Ross spent some time working out in the Randy Blue gym… and by working out I mean jerking his thick hunk of meat until he shoots a nice big load.

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September 28, 2009

Next Door Studios: Rusty Stevens bangs Mason Wyler

MasonWyler: Rusty Stevens bangs Mason writes:

“Mason Wyler has been a master of sensual touch for some time. On this occasion, he’s treating a certain Rusty Stevens to quite a sexy back rub. Mason knows an old massage parlor technique to manipulate Rusty’s muscles in such a way that his cock will become very hard and erect.

Rusty has heard stories about Mason’s great ability to stimulate and invigorate through massage. To his surprise, his sexual hunger is aroused. Soon Mason is sucking his dick and taking a good pounding from the rejuvenated Rusty. If you ever find yourself receiving a massage from the notorious Mason Wyler, be prepared!”

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September 28, 2009

MenAtPlay: Patrik fucks Nathan Lewis in “The Barman”

MenAtPlay: Patrik fucks Nathan Lewis in "The Barman" writes:

“News about the new new horned up barman at the local pub has spread quickly through the Menatplay offices, and now theyre all scrambling over themselves to get served by him.

Unfortunately Patrik is very picky and has his sights set on one very special MAP customer – Nathan, or to be precise he has his sights set on Nathan’s ass.

And when he finally gets his moment he wastes no time in locking the pub doors and playing out his fantasy with his favourite customer.”

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September 28, 2009

ActiveDuty: “Twin Soldiers 2”

Bryan and Ryan are real life twin twinks who love to show off their hot soldier bods, tight asses, and fat cocks. See them in hardcore man-sex action in Twin Soldiers 2 – at ActiveDuty!

September 27, 2009

Sean Cody: Dennis fucks Evan

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SeanCody: Dennis fucks Evan

Sean Cody writes:

“I was really, really excited about Dennis’ return visit. I’m a big fan of “low hangers,” especially when they’re attached to a really hot guy! Dennis had dropped a lot of hints that he was interested in doing some guy-on-guy stuff. He was really excited too! His only concern: he wanted someone hot. Now, everyone has a different idea of what “hot” is. I learned that early on!

“So what are you looking for?” I asked. “Maybe someone in their twenties,” he said. “Handsome face, nice body, not too hairy.” He seemed to put a lot of emphasis on the “handsome face” part. I thought about it, and I knew his perfect match would be Evan!

I was nervous when they first met, because I wanted Dennis’ first experience to be good. I could tell they immediately clicked.

Dennis was giving Evan lots of compliments, and Evan (who I know pretty well at this point) had that look in his eye (which I have also come to know pretty well). “I like his chin, the jaw,” Dennis said about Evan when asked. “He’s very good looking.”

I could tell what Evan was thinking. We had told him about Dennis’ cock! “I was a little concerned,” Dennis said.”This is my first time. I want somebody who looks good.” I think the most interesting thing about this video is how much concern Dennis shows for his partner. He’s tender but rough, and you can tell he wants to make sure that Evan is enjoying himself. Which Evan did!”

– Download this hot scene at Sean Cody

September 26, 2009

Randy Blue: Malachi Marx and Jeremy Walker fuck each other

RandyBlue: Malachi Marx and Jeremy Walker fuck each other

Randy Blue writes:

“Jeremy Walker was so excited to do this shoot with Malachi Marx. They’ve met on a few occasions at parties and live appearances. And since they got along so well they both have been after me to put them in a shoot together.

Jeremy though a little trip to his favorite nude beach would do wonders for his tan, until he fell asleep in the warm summer sun. No worries, Jeremy still looks as hot as ever, once these two got down to business you can’t really focus on anything other than the hot fucking. And when I say hot fucking, I mean these two pulled out all the stops. They were like animals uncaged and going after something they’ve both wanted for a long time.

Jeremy engulfs Malachi’s huge tool, which drives Malachi totally wild. And not to be undone he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve, and down his throat, that Jeremy wasn’t quite expecting. Take note of his little technique and try it on your next boyfriend, lover, or trick and I guarantee he’ll be coming back for more. In Jeremy’s case it just made him want to ram Malachi’s hot ass all the more, and when he did he rode him like a cowboy. And then he flipped over and let Malachi hit it. Seeing Malachi dump his load all over Jeremy’s furry chest is one of the reasons I love being in this business.”

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