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May 16, 2012

Dominic Ford: Tristan Jaxx fucks his real-life boyfriend Cavin Knight

DominicFord.com writes:

“Passionate. Hot. Playful. These are the words that describe this amazing scene between real-life boyfriends Cavin Knight and Tristan Jaxx (who just started writing a music column for ADULT Magazine). It’s no wonder why these two stay together. Watching them have sex together is an event. Tristan’s huge (and I mean HUGE) cock penetrates Cavin’s ass like you’ve never seen before. And how does it end? With a sweet surprise ending you’ll just have to watch to find out.”

– Watch the full scene at DominicFord

Dominic Ford
January 11, 2012

Cocksure Men: Marc Dylan gets fucked by Cavin Knight

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Marc Dylan and Cavin Knight have stunning bodies with abs to die for. Of course they work out a ton so resting is important.

Normally Marc would hate being awakened from a nap, but with Cavin whispering in his ear and groping him, he doesn’t mind at all. It’s off with the underwear and out with the cocks, with passionate kissing along the way. The guys take turns shoving their rock hard pricks down each others’ throats. Cavin eats Marc’s sweet hole, priming it for his stiff dick.

Marc clasps at the bed, taking every inch of Cavin’s hard thrusts deep inside him.

The action is intense between the two studs and Marc loves Cavin’s fast and furious pace.

Cavin pulls out and sprays a huge, long load over Marc’s amazing chiseled body. Just moments later Marc shoots all over his own rock solid abs. Cavin quickly licks up Marc’s and his own cum off Marc’s rippled belly. They kiss and Marc can finally get some rest.”

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September 30, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: “Heat Wave 2”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Get ready for 10 sun-drenched men in the second cumming of summer!

With sex dripping off of their tans, ripped-bodied Adam Killian fucks blond hunk Chris Daniels at sea. Sweaty and muscled Bo Dean hammers John Magnum’s eager ass. Rafael Alencar slams Jessie Colter on the beach. Cavin Knight and JR Matthews have an intense waterfront flip-fuck. Power-top Cliff Jensen poolside plows Troy Daniels’ hungry hole.

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up and these men are forecasting loads of cum!”

– Watch all scenes from this movie online at LucasEntertainment.com
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Lucas Entertainment
September 19, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Waterfront flip-fucking with Cavin Knight and JR Matthews in “Heat Wave 2”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Strutting around a luxurious deck, the gorgeous Cavin Knight and hunky JR Matthews can’t help but show off their stuff. But they’re both truly displaying for each other, and it doesn’t take long for them to have their paws all over each other, touching each other’s sculpted torsos and smacking lips– there is plenty of tongue kissing — Cavin can barely even stay in his Speedo!

JR leans Cavin against a deck chair and starts blowing him, lapping up his cock — Cavin can’t help but throw his head back and eat up every last second! But Cavin is as much a giver as JR, and he returns the favor by falling to his knees and servicing JR’s shaft with his wet lips.

When JR thinks Cavin is ready, he bends him right over and digs his tongue into his ass, giving it a full bath before he slips into his sculpted cheeks and starts fucking him. Cavin opens wide for JR as be pounds him near the open water. With hot aggression, Cavin sits on JR’s lap and rides him, JR holding on to his hips.

Quickly after, JR flips onto his back on the dock and Cavin fucks his partner deep until he blows his load in Cavin’s open mouth!”

– Watch the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
August 31, 2011

TitanMen: “Overheated”

TitanMen On-Demand writes:

“Temperature rising. Sweat building. Biceps burning. You’re Overheated, and you need some fluids fast. Fear not: TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares, Philippe Ferro and Hunter Marx run to the rescue with a pack of hot and horny hellions ready to help you recover. So lay back and soak up the sensual sun as relief rushes to every inch of your body.

After sharing a suck session with smooth beauty Cavin Knight, hairy Hunter Marx plows Ethan Hudson over an outdoor bathtub as the buds bask in their own juices.

Dreamy Jessy Ares takes turns sucking with trim and hairy Philippe Ferro, the two then bending over for each other in an uncut anal assault that gets sweatier by the second.

After deep-throating each other’s monster cocks, Adam Killian and Damien Stone fill both of Cavin Knight’s holes in an aggressive fuck that has them grunting and groaning.”

– Watch the entire movie online at TitanMen On-Demand

August 26, 2011

TitanMen: Adam Killian, Cavin Knight and Damien Stone’s hot threeway in “Overheated”

TitanMen.com writes:

“As he waits for Cavin Knight to return to their car, Adam Killian wakes up to the sight of bearded stud Damien Stone. The tattooed Adam soon has his face in Damien’s groin, sniffing and teasing the tan and hairy stud’s huge cock before wrapping his lips around it. Adam chokes as he works up a spit-dripping mess, soon getting his own big piece worshipped.

The two cum, a huge load coating Damien’s quad as an out-of-breath Adam buries his face in his bud’s chest.

A smiling Cavin returns and inserts himself between them, sucking on Damien and getting fucked hard by Adam. With his big balls hanging low, Cavin stays hard as he gets rammed, the veins on his neck and forehead bulging as he feasts on Damien. The three grunt and groan, the two tops soon switching positions.

Cavin then sits down on Adam as Damien snaps his boner up while watching. Damien fucks Cavin from behind, sucking on Adam before squirting. Adam gets another crack at Cavin’s ass before two more loads end the aggressive action.”

– Watch the entire scene at TitanMen On Demand

August 18, 2011

TitanMen: Hunter Marx, Ethan Hudson and Cavin Knight’s hot threeway in “Overheated”

TitanMen.com writes:

“On a search for water, muscular Cavin Knight makes an unexpected discovery in the hot outdoors: hairy muscle man Hunter Marx and smooth Ethan Hudson kissing naked in a bathtub.

Ethan licks all over Hunter’s body, dropping down to deep throat his huge meat as a stroking Cavin watches. Hunter eats Ethan before the two kiss as their boners throb, Ethan soon sucking Hunter again. Cavin joins in, kissing Hunter as Ethan’s spit-soaked mouth works their dicks. Cavin licks Hunter’s pit and chest, the two soon squirting on Ethan.

Cavin leaves as Hunter fucks Ethan pubes-deep over the tub, the bottom’s sweaty ass hairs clinging to his skin. Ethan gets pounded on his back before sitting on Hunter’s beast, their arms lock around each other. The bottom bounces up and down, the two soon squirting again.”

– Watch the full-length scene at TitanMen On Demand

February 20, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: “Auditions Volume 38: Sluts”

Lucas Entertainment writes about this movie:

“Auditions 38 is pure SLUT-fucking fun! Watch as we break in fresh meat and pair them with aggressive sex-pros! Michael Lucas interrogates each horse-hung stud before their scene so we get to know the men behind the sex!

Then the hot and horned-up cum whores suck, rim, fuck and blow their loads on camera!

Starring Cavin Knight, Phillip Aubrey, Jake Lyons, Braxton Bond, Adam Richards, Cezar Dior, Tristan Jaxx, Tiko, Ivan Rueda and Michael Lucas.”

– Watch scenes from this movie online at LucasEntertainment.com

January 26, 2011

Cocksure Men: Morgan Black pounds Cavin Knight

CocksureMen.com writes:

“There’s something liberating and deeply erotic about being naked outside on a clear, sunny day. But Cavin Knight is in for a special treat (maybe trick is a better word) as he spreads out on the grass to jack off.

As he’s stroking his cock, he gets busted by Morgan Black, a hunky Gladiator-type wearing nothing but a pair of boots. Without saying a word, Morgan kneels down and grabs Cavin’s cock. As the sun gets hotter, so does the action, with stroking and kissing quickly leading to sucking and intense 69 action.

Outside under the warm afternoon sun, Cavin and Morgan work up huge loads as they passionately fuck in the grass before splattering each other with two huge loads.”

– Download the full scene at CocksureMen

December 30, 2010

Cocksure Men: Kevin Crows pounds Cavin Knight in “No Regrets”

CocksureMen.com writes about this hot scene:

“One of our biggest stars (and we do mean big!) is Kevin Crows and he’s back for an encore performance. His fuck buddy this time around is Cavin Knight, another ripped-up stud who knows just how to handle Kevin’s considerable assets.

These two studs take their time exploring each others’ tatted-up bodies before Cavin’s down on his knees, expertly servicing Kevin’s throbbing dick (and getting a close-up of the tattoo that inspired the title of this video). Kevin’s no slacker in the oral department either and loves having his butt licked while he goes down on Cavin’s cock.

Unable to resist Cavin’s hot ass, Kevin jackets up and slides those 10 inches of thick cock deep inside, resulting in one of the hottest fuck sessions we’ve ever shot.

Cavin’s cum load is one for the record books, his pool of jizz soon joined by Kevin’s ample contribution.”

– Download this scene at CocksureMen