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September 24, 2012

Raging Stallion: Adam Champ pounds Marc Dylan in “Explosive”

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Hirsute muscle god Adam Champ and seething young demi-god Marc Dylan are rocking it in a tight embrace, pulling each other’s clothes off to reveal Adam’s hairy and harnessed chest, and Marc’s smooth, marble muscle.

Marc dives into sucking Adam’s fat, lip-stretching cock, savoring his foreskin as the iron hard stud mauls the youth’s nipples.

Adam spits multiple gobs of saliva onto Marc’s pristine hole, readying it for the sudden assault of his wicked tool. Marc’s simultaneously anguished and pleasured moans mount with each scorching ass-plug, until both men grab their cocks and choke out their sizzling, explosive loads. There’s man-cum for all.”

– Download the full-length scene at RagingStallion.com

September 24, 2012

MaverickMen: “Surfer Boy Cherry Pop”

MaverickMen.com writes:

“Hey there fuckers :-) We are back from our travels and it’s great to be home and settled in. We are very excited to start editing and sharing our new videos for you little piggies! We shot some fun nasty hot videos your going to LOVE them.

Speaking of hot content, we have a VIRGIN CHERRY POP video for you. Our buddy Leo is from Hawaii and he’s a tall lean surfer boy with thick curly blond hair and icy blue eyes. And wait till you get a look at that perfectly MASSIVE monster cock!

He never had butt sex before so we were all excited to get it on.

On the train ride to the beach, he kept playing with his cock and he was dripping so much pre-cum on the train that I thought we were going to drown, lol. Hunter and I flipped a coin to see who would pop Leo’s cherry. Pay attention to what Leo says about getting fucked; he is so cute and inexperienced, he didn’t even know about lube, lol. We had to train him on just about everything.

The one thing he did know was how to suck cock (and he did that well!). But don’t worry, after his four days with us, he is now a sexpert on all areas of man love!

Leo is a vers TOP but has never topped because, as he says, “I’m saving my topping skills for my first lover”. And yup he’s single and looking!”

– Download the full-length scene at MaverickMen.com
– Check out the MaverickMen’s blog for more scenes and behind the scenes footage

Maverick Men
September 23, 2012

Falcon Studios: Landon Conrad fucks Bryce Star in “Summer Lust”

Falcon Studios writes:

“Falcon Exclusive Landon Conrad’s making a snack in the kitchen, but thinks sturdy young Bryce Star would satisfy the hunger burgeoning in his cock so much more. With those watery blue eyes and chiseled face covered with sexy scruff, Landon’s a vision to Bryce, whose All-American good looks are spiced by a turn-on full sleeve tattoo.

His eyes bulge in wonder when he springs free Landon’s already rock hard monster meat, and he devours the great big knob, shines it with his spit, before Landon salivates all over his ass, loosening the fresh pucker for his sudden, strong cock plunges.

Sitting on the kingly cock and rocking it deep pushes Bryce over the brink, and his cum jets onto Landon’s pecs. He gasps for breath, clenches his teeth in agonized determination, and his cock hurls its multiple eruptions across Bryce.”

– Download the entire scene at FalconStudios.com

Falcon Studios
September 23, 2012

Broke Straight Boys: Max Flint fucks Blake Bennet

Blake Bennet gets fucked by Max Flint in this hot scene at BrokeStraightBoys.com!

September 22, 2012

ChaosMen: Solomon and Teo fuck Delaney raw

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Delaney has a tough schedule to work around. He has college and soccer that have him traveling around most of the time. I really only had a couple months window to get him in for scenes. Hopefully I can get him in over the Holidays as well.

He sure wants to come in and do porn, but the guy is seriously over-committed!

Delaney liked the idea of working with two guys and after his first time with Glenn, he thought maybe it might be a good idea to do a TagTeam video. That way if he was having problems bottoming, someone else could bend over for a while. But he really wants to bottom!

I thought for sure he might struggle with Solomon’s long cock, but he bought himself a few toys and has been doing homework. Both Teo and Solomon prepped to bottom, but once Delaney had his cherry popped he was eager to be the bottom boy the entire video. We kept to his favorite position, and I suspect in the future he will be able to try some different positions.

The guys start the scene by taking turns blowing Solomon. He always seems at peace and happy laying there getting his dick serviced. Even having someone shove a cock in his mouth while getting sucked makes him happy.

Delaney also seems in bliss when he has a cock in his mouth, and even more happy with TWO cocks in his mouth.

Delaney’s cock is barometer for how turned-on he is. His cock only seems to get hard until someone is fucking him. He doesn’t even have to stroke himself. We get some fun angles as Teo mouth fucks Delaney while Solomon gets him from behind.

And for a pint-size guy, Delaney seems to cum a quart or two!

Both Solomon and Teo breed Delaney, who left the scene with semen oozing from ass!”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen.com

September 21, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Vito Gallo and Trenton Ducati’s hot flip-fuck in “Auditions 47: Greece My Hole”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Vito Gallo and Trenton Ducati are both shirtless and horny at the beginning of their interview session hosted by Adam Killian. Both Vito and Trenton have the bodies of Greek gods: they’re ripped with tight and sculpted muscles, and when they start making out it’s an epic clash of titanic proportions!

Vito’s pants come down first, and his fat cock pops out of his pants and disappears down Trenton’s throat. Once Trenton sucked on Vito for a while, his own dick grew hard and needs some attention, so Vito wraps his mouth around Trenton’s meat and uses his lips and tongue to make the muscle man feel good all over.

Vito started out as a power-top, but he’s since expanded his horizons and now takes dick up his ass, and that’s what happens when Trenton turns him around and bends the Italian guy over and starts sodomizing him. Trenton’s in-and-out motions are sometimes too much for Vito, and he grits his teeth while he’s getting fucked. But Vito knows how to take it like a champ, and he even spins around and sits on top of Trenton’s cock for a ride.

The guys flip around, and when Trenton eyes Vito’s cock he looks nervous — but Vito just doesn’t care. Vito first bends Trenton over and forces him to flex his muscular ass, but they both show their limits when Trenton thrusts his ass up in the air and supports himself on his shoulders.

Vito completely pile-drives deep into Trenton’s hole, and he doesn’t let up, not even when he switches him onto his back and pumps him more until they blow their loads!”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

September 21, 2012

Next Door Studios: Marcus Mojo fucks Caleb Colton

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“It appears our friend Marcus Mojo has a bit of company this afternoon. He’s entertaining Caleb Colton, a fellow young man he met at the gym. Marcus had admired Caleb’s strong physique and what appeared to be a light-hearted disposition.

After chatting him up for several minutes near the drinking fountain, the two agreed to go for a swim in Marcus’s backyard. After some splashing and laughing, Marcus interpreted Caleb’s wry, come-fuck-me glances to mean, well, ‘come fuck me.’

Sure enough, Caleb welcomed Marcus’s soft, juicy lips and his excited, eager tongue. They smooched in the pool, then made their way into the house. While still in the doorway, they continued making out, just before Caleb knelt down and took Marcus’s now hard cock in his mouth. He slurped and enjoyed the erection thoroughly.

Then it was time for Marcus to taste Caleb’s throbbing boner. He took it slowly first, and then bobbed fervently, feeling every bit Caleb’s firmness.

The boys moved further in, settling on the bed. That’s where Marcus turned Caleb around and slid his swollen dick into his tight, waiting hole. The passion that ensued was even more intense than either had anticipated.

It’s gonna take more than a dip in the pool to quench the fire these two have ignited.”

– Download the full-length scene at NextDoorStudios.com

September 20, 2012

ChaosMen: Vander pounds Carmine’s tight hole bareback

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Add one dominant Top, to one eager twink with a Daddy fixation, and you get an amazing video with two guys having hot steamy, all-over-the-place sex!

Let’s see, I knocked over tripods, which tore up a wall, Carmine and Vander both conked their heads on the overhead mics, tables tipped, lube everywhere – Basically these two went at it like wild animals, and I chased them around the room the best I could.

Much like Vander did with Allen, the two guys are truly into each other. No halfheartedness is this video! Carmine did his best to take Vander’s giant cock. He can suck a bottle cap of a beer bottle, but bottoming for big dicks is really not something he is used to…but I keep tossing bigger ones at him. Poor ‘lil guy!

For the initial insert, they tried some doggy-style in the chair, then they tried Carmine sitting on it facing Vander- neither didn’t quite work. Amazingly, reverse cowboy worked and you can tell Carmine’s cock really liked that position!

Clearly they both love to suck on each other’s dicks, and any time someone wilted, a little ass-to-mouth action happened. I love the shot of Vander laying on the floor playing with his giant cock while sucking Carmine’s cock and eating out his hole! Very hot!

Vander gets Carmine down on the ground doggy-style and fucks the heck out of him. Some crazy fucking action as Vander works up a sweat fucking Carmine till he wilts and needs to recharge. It is like a Work Out!

Eventually he gets Carmine up on the bed and fucks him properly. They take a break and Carmine sucks on Vander’s ass-soaked cock while Vander talks dirty in Carmine’s ear.

Dirty talking seems to be the only way to get Carmine off, and Vander says just the right thing, so Carmine flings himself back for Vander to fuck him, but he pretty much starts cumming. Vander gets it in and fucks him as he is shooting.

Vander then ramps up, squirts once on his hole, then pumps the rest deep inside Carmine, for all you Internal cum shot fans! He plays with Carmine’s hole, and a little jizz spurts out.

Vander climbs on top of Carmine, who like a good, boy, cleans his Daddy’s cock!”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen.com

September 20, 2012

Eurocreme: Muscle hunk Spencer Reed fucks JP Dubois

Eurocreme.com writes:

“Hotel manager JP is at the end of his young tether. Everything is going wrong around his reception and tough daddy Spencer is called in to save the day. Bursting from his work shirt, this musclebound brute catches a glimpse of JP and instantly recognizes him from his past. JP’s not so quick off the mark and needs a sudden, hard but passionate kiss from this hairy devil to remind him exactly what his priorities should be.

Soon servicing his thick cut cock, JP is gagging on his old friend’s shaft, getting this lad rock hard in the process! The camera definitely loves Spencer, and his perfectly formed pecs and torso, hidden mostly under a hot fuzz of fur work themselves hard as our top daddy plunges that immense dick into a waiting JP, leaving his sore and gaping, and both guys completely empty of spunk, splashing JP’s face nicely in man juice!”

– Download the full-length scene at Eurocreme.com

September 18, 2012

Randy Blue: Adi Hadad fucks Sean Zevran

Randy Blue writes:

“Two excellent performers, Adi Hadad and Sean Sevran are perfect together as they let their sexual juices flow. Even being fairly new, Adi has mastered the art of sucking cock and gives Sean a blowjob like no other.

But there is something so hot about a 69, almost like you are sucking your own dick, feeling the warm mouth engulf your rock hard member as your own mouth is filled with the taste of sweat and precum. These two are lost in their own little world while simultaneously going down on each other.

Then Adi switches things up a bit by going down on the hot bubble butt that Sean has. Licking his ass just gets Sean ready for a good fucking so when Adi plunged his hard throbbing cock deep into his hungry hole he was more than ready.

Adi fucks Sean in several positions before dumping a nice hot load all over his face.”

– Download the full-length scene at RandyBlue.com

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