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June 10, 2013

BiLatinMen: Gato pops SD’s ass cherry

BiLatinMen.com writes:

“After he shot his first gay video last week, model SD called us again because he needed more money ASAP. The plan was that SD would get sucked by and then fuck slutty Gato. However, half way through the video shoot SD lost his hard on and couldn’t get hard any more. That’s when SD decided to suck dick instead.

It was so hot watching that masculine dude put a cock in his mouth for the first time in front of the camera.

Then to finish the movie, SD agreed to get fucked, and man, wait till you see the video so you can hear SD’s sexy masculine groans of pain and pleasure as he takes cock into his hairy big manly ass. That’s why you will see SD as the top in the beginning of this shoot, but then he turns into a masculine sexy hot bottom by the end.”

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June 8, 2013

Randy Blue: Levi Michaels gets fucked by Nicco Sky

Randy Blue: Levi Michaels gets fucked by Nicco Sky

Randy Blue writes:

“Levi was nervous. It was his first hard core scene. And Nicco Sky is one of the Randy Blue legends. He knew he had a lot to live up to. Nicco realized that this tall blonde drink of water was a hot power bottom in the making.

So he decided to take charge. Nicco said that a massage would definitely ease the nerves. Levi agreed and said that he loves getting a massage. Nicco then informed him that Levi was going to be massaging him. Levi obeyed and started feeling up and down his muscular body. Nicco then took his shirt off, laid on his back and revealed that he was already rock hard through his underwear. He wanted Levi and his fuzzy sculpted body to get on top of him.

The massage disintegrated into a heavy make out session. And then suddenly Levi started sucking on Nicco. Nicco had a rock hard shaft and Levi was happy to deep throat it.

Nicco then returned the favor and sucked Levi until he was moaning in pleasure. Then Nicco turned him around and ate out his ass until he was ready to shove his dick inside. Nicco made Levi beg for it. And he would not shove that dick inside until Levi begged properly.

Once Levi obliged, Nicco pulverized him in every which way possible until finally he came all over his stomach as Nicco slid in and out of him. Nicco took the cum and shoved it all over Levi, letting him gulp it all down. This turned Nicco on so much that he pulled out and nutted all over his face. Levi gulped that white hot cum down too. I think a power bottom is born.”

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June 5, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: Paddy O’Brian pounds Diego Lauzen in “Lovers in Paradise”

Lucas Entertainment: Paddy O'Brian pounds Diego Lauzen in "Lovers in Paradise"
Lucas Entertainment: Paddy O'Brian pounds Diego Lauzen in "Lovers in Paradise"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Sometimes men love each other with the softest touch and other times its rough and heated. Paddy O’Brian doesn’t know anything other than rough, so when he and Diego Lauzen run away together into the tropics of Costa Rica their love is lustfully deep.

They hike to a waterfall for some long tongue kissing by the running waters; their hands do all of the talking as they caress and rub their muscles. Paddy leans against a tree branch so Diego can pull down his red speedo and swallow Paddy’s famous cock; his mushroom head looks particular delicious on this special occasion.

Paddy then bends his furry ass over so a hungry lathering from Diego; this leads to Paddy entering his lover and showing him all the strength he has in his body as he has sex with his man!”

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Lucas Entertainment
May 30, 2013

BiLatinMen: SD fucks Fallen

BiLatinMen: SD fucks Fallen

BiLatinMen writes:

“Model SD told us he was straight, but he needed rent money badly so he agreed to top a guy for money.

He was wildly impressed and in love with the way bottom slut boy Fallen sucks. That gave SD the courage (and hard on) to fuck his first boy pussy.

You can tell by his facial expressions and body language that SD loves sex. We hope SD needs more money in the future so we can film his fuck adventures.”

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May 27, 2013

BiLatinMen: 3Trez fucks Fallen

BiLatinMen: 3Trez fucks Fallen

Latino studs Fallen and 3Trez fuck in a hot scene at BiLatinMen.com!

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May 25, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: Diego Lauzen gets double-fucked by Wagner Vittoria and Adam Killian in “Original Sinners”

LucasEntertainment: Adam Killian and Wagner Vittoria double-penetrate Diego Lauzen in "Original Sinners"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“In order to conquer jealously and strengthen their relationship, Wagner Vittoria and Diego Lauzen hail Adam Killian for him to join them in a threesome on the rocks and shallow waters of a Costa Rican oasis.

The guys make out and take turns sucking cock; their muscled bodies compete against one another to determine just who the hottest really is! It is especially hot to see Diego and Wagner have sex with each other: Diego swallows Wagner’s entire erect cock while Adam goes to town on Diego’s hole!

While Diego is worshipping Wagner’s cock Adam pounds him hard from behind. Wagner then gets on his back so Adam can pound him while he sucks his boyfriend’s cock.

But Wagner wants to see Diego go even further, so Adam and Wagner double-penetrate Diego’s meaty ass! The question is this: can he handle it?”

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Lucas Entertainment
May 7, 2013

Hot House: Angel Rock fucks Lance Luciano and Brandon Jones in “My Doctor Sucks”

HotHouse: Angel Rock, Lance Luciano and Brandon Jones' hot threeway in "My Doctor Sucks"

HotHouse.com writes:

“Lance Luciano reports to the ER in tears; he can’t achieve an erection. Nurse Brandon Jones assures the young Latino stud that everything will be fine because Dr. Angel Rock specializes in that area.

After a preliminary exam Dr. Rock calls Nurse Jones into the room to help Lance relax by probing his tight hole with a huge dildo. Dr. Rock moves in to massage Lance’s cock and determines the the therapy is working.

In his professional opinion the only way to get Lance’s cock rock hard is by sucking on it. Both Rock and Jones take turns swallowing the patient’s huge monster to the base which makes Dr. Rock’s dick hard. He strips out of his scrubs and shoves his thick cock down Lance’s throat.

While the doctor’s distracted Nurse Jones climbs up on the patient’s hard cock for a ride. Dr. Rock sees what’s going on and moves behind Lance to fuck him while he’s fucking Jones.

The 3-way fuck train continues until Rock pulls out and fucks Nurse Jones in his tight ass. Finally all three grab their hard cocks and jack off, shooting their loads all over patient Luciano’s chest and abs.”

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May 7, 2013

TimTales: Antonio Biaggi barebacks Gerald Fabiani

TimTales: Antonio Biaggi barebacks Gerald Fabiani

TimTales.com writes:

“Our friend Antonio Biaggi was in town recently and of course we had to shoot some stuff for Timtales with him. Today we show you what he did with sexy athletic bottomboy Gerald Fabiani.

Antonio’s huge cock fucking that sexy black muscle ass is truly hot to watch and I’m sure it gives you an instant boner.

He really knows how to pound a good hole and watching his big balls slapping on Gerald´s butt will make you cum right away, trust me!”

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May 6, 2013

Lucas Raunch: “Toy With Me”

LucasRaunch: "Toy With Me"

LucasRaunch.com writes:

“Open up the adult toy chest, pull out the biggest dildos there are, and come “Toy With Me”!

Adam Killian and Rod Daily dive in head first and play with a black double-headed dildo.

Jessy Ares pushes Tyler Wolf to his limits with his big uncut cock and even bigger anal toys.

Mitchell Rock bottoms for the intense needs of power-top Charlie Harding.

Luke Milan claims ownership of Mathew Mason’s ass.

And Rafael Carreras enjoys some outdoor playtime with his Latin lover Fernando Torres.

Come on: if you’re going to “Toy With Me” you better fuck me too!”

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LucasEntertainment LucasRaunch SexInSuits
May 5, 2013

Randy Blue: Jordan Levine fucks Nicco Sky

RandyBlue: Jordan Levine fucks Nicco Sky
RandyBlue: Jordan Levine fucks Nicco Sky

Randy Blue writes:

“Jordan had a terrible flight. He was grumpy and tired. He just needed to take nap before his scene. So he went onto set and crashed on the couch, pulling a blanket over his head and falling right asleep. Nicco came in a bit later and started to get his make up done. He was wondering where Jordan was. When he learned that Jordan was asleep in the other room, Nicco realized that it was the perfect opportunity to fuck with him.

He snuck in and gently pulled the blanket down to reveal Jordan sleeping underneath. Nicco ever so delicately bent down over Jordan and unzipped his pants.

It wasn’t until Nicco started sucking off Jordan, that he finally woke up. Jordan had a look of shock and wonder. This was the best possible way to be woken up from a nap after a bad day.

Now that Jordan was awake, he stripped his clothes off and let Nicco suck him some more. Soon Jordan wanted a piece and demanded Nicco stand up and feed him his cock. After face fucking Jordan, Nicco sat on his face. Jordan could not stop touching his throbbing cock as he ate out that hot little hole.

Finally Nicco needed to be stuffed. He put the condom on Jordan and sat on that hard shaft. Jordan showed no mercy as he pounded away at Nicco. He furiously fucked him on his side and then stood him up and fucked him doggie style.

Nicco could not hold back and Jordan grabbed Nicco by the dick and watched as his hot white cum spurted out everywhere. Nicco then got to his knees and let Jordan unload right onto his face.

Nicco sucked the last drops off of his dick and then snowballed Jordan. The two then collapsed back on the couch pulled up the covers and went back to sleep.”

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